The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide

The Army Wife Handbook A Complete Social Guide price change cost now

  • Title: The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide
  • Author: Ann Crossley
  • ISBN: 0759968034175
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • price change cost now 16.76

    One thought on “The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide”

    1. This is more of a reference/manual type book. A bit outdated, but practical and useful for families who are new to the military lifestyle (or those who've grown up without formal etiquette skills). For those who did this book doesn't have that much more to offer that you couldn't glean online or from finishing school. Net-net, make sure you have plenty of thank you notes, a good set of pearls, conservative clothing, thick skin, and an aptitude for being resourceful, accommodating, and patient. B [...]

    2. It is pretty old-fashioned but at the same time has some useful information regarding military etiquette. I learned some things from this book, such as stopping your car and getting out to face the American flag during retreat! This book isn't mean to be read from cover to cover; instead, it is meant to serve as a guide for the military lifestyle.

    3. I've skimmed through this handbook. A lot doesn't apply to me because we don't live on post and my husband isn't a general officer. However, it gives me a glimpse into what I'll need to do when we are in a situation where we'll deal with higher ranking individuals. They love their formailties and I would hate to embarass my husband by doing something completely inappropriate.

    4. Way too old-fashioned for me. This is definitely not the modern military wives handbook. Times have changed a bit in my opinion. I would definitely recommend just about any other book for military wives than this one.

    5. Everything you need to know about protocol, etiquette, etc. is in this book. It's not meant to sit down and read all the way through (even though I did). A very good resource book and has a teeny bit of army wife history stuck in there.

    6. needs updating for more current info. but a very good read especially for new army wives. gives a lot of information on customs, traditions and just general knowledge.

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