If I Had a Dragon

If I Had a Dragon Morton s brother is too little to be any fun but if he were a dragon playtime would be greatwouldn t it

  • Title: If I Had a Dragon
  • Author: Tom Ellery Amanda Ellery
  • ISBN: 9781416909248
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Morton s brother is too little to be any fun but if he were a dragon, playtime would be greatwouldn t it

    One thought on “If I Had a Dragon”

    1. If I Had a Dragon is a cute book about learning to appreciating your siblings. If a child is struggling with wanting to play or talk to or just spend time with their sibling this book is a good match! I think how it shows all the things the boy in the book has planned for himself and the dragon just to show that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. This is a humorous book that children will find very funny. The age group for If I Had a Dragon would be no more than around second grad [...]

    2. Morton doesn't want to play with his baby brother, who he thinks is too small to be any fun. He imagines if he had a dragon instead, and, sweetly, discovers maybe baby brothers aren't so bad after all.

    3. My son loves dragons so this was right in his wheelhouse! Good combo of wording and illustrations, to create his dragon friend. This was an easy read for him, and he after reading pretended to have his own dragon which we kept in the garage.

    4. Picture Book: I got the version of the book that has Spanish and English, I think this will help ESL students learn new vocabulary. I also like that the story will help students realize that sometimes what you wish for is not always what you want (like a dragon).

    5. I would say this is certainly a book for a child who loves dragons or a child who is struggling to engage with a much younger sibling.Overall it is a cute story about a boy who wonders what it would be like to have a dragon instead of a brother, but I just was not overly impressed.

    6. kids in my storytime had a lot of fun with this one. they liked guessing what would happen each page, and i had lots of fun reading it!

    7. A wonderful, bilingual book with great illustrations and simple translations! The story is cute, too, especially for children who have siblings. Definitely a recommended read!

    8. This book has a sweet message about siblings and a lot of silly stuff but may be too subtle/weird for storytime. Theme would be siblings.

    9. Morton doesn't want to play with his baby brother - so instead he imagines all of the fun things he would do if he had a Dragon for a friend. When he starts realizing how difficult being friends with a dragon may be, he decides playing with his baby brother isn't so bad after all.Cute - good choice for a Dragon themed storytime.

    10. Basic and simple. Kids liked guessing how each scenario was going to work out though this would have been easier with a smaller crowd since some of the pages were more of a "look and understand" than expressly written. I had to make up some of my own dialogue so the kids in the farthest row back understood what was going on.

    11. A mom asked her boy if he could play with his younger brother. The boy doesn't want to because he little brother is too little to do anything fun. Then he imagines what life would be life if he had a dragon.

    12. I like that ALL of the text on every page is in both English and Spanish, and it could be fun w imaginative preschool kids. Seems to drag a little though Could read only English once and then Spanish?

    13. Check out more picture book reviews @ Perspective of a WriterMorton would rather play with a dragon than his little brother He thinks about all of the situations where a companion would be cool and none of them suit a dragonI loved this book because it really made my nephew think. We talked about each of the situations Morton proposed and whether he would rather have a dragon or a sibling. We really loved the drawings too! He didn't really understand the story at first but the drawings sucked hi [...]

    14. This book was originally written by Mr. and Mrs. Ellery, and then later translated into Spanish by Teresa Mlawer. This version retains the English alongside the Spanish text. I have heard good stories about emergent bilinguals finding success reading bilingual books, but I have actually never observed this. I have observed that providing the L1 with the L2 can often times lead to slower development of the L2. I would like to see more examples of how teachers have used bilingual books successfull [...]

    15. Morton is strongly told to 'play with his younger brother!' But Morton doesn't feel that would be fun. He would rather play with a dragon. His imaginary journey takes him on all kinds of adventures thinking about what he could do with a dragon! Until he realizes the mere size of the dragon would often be problematic, not to mention his fiery whistles! Bringing himself back through his journey, Morton arrives safely to the sandbox with his little brother, ready to play.Fun for a child who loves d [...]

    16. Ellery, Amanda and Tom - If I Had a Dragon -Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2006.**This is a simple story about a little boy who doesn’t want to play with his little brother, instead wishing for a dragon. He dreams up all kinds of fun things he could do with a dragon, only to realize that doing these things with a dragon might not be so fun after all. In the end, he realizes that he doesn’t really want a dragon and decides to go play with his little brother instead. Simple, but [...]

    17. My very-nearly-five-year-old son picked this book out from our local library last week. He picked it out because of the dragon. My son is an only child, so he didn't really understand a little boy wanting to trade his younger brother for a dragon. There are days, however, when he probably would be pretty happy to trade one of the cats for a dragon. Until he realized that dragons are even more difficult, and difficult to care for, than cats. Like the little boy in the book, he decided that his li [...]

    18. This is a book that I will need to revisit when William is a little older (he is now just shy of 3 years old). He didn't really understand the difficulties that Morton has with his dinosaur - as many of the situations require inferencing through the illustrations. And yet he did enjoy the story overall - simply for the sake of the dinosaur pictures. I appreciated the final images of Morton running home and playing with his little brother - certainly a message I like for William with Noah now her [...]

    19. This is a cute bilingual (Spanish/English) story about a little boy named Matín (Morton in English) who wishes that his baby brother were a dragon. Martín imagines all the fun things he and the dragon would do while also showing us the pitfalls about having such a HUGE dragon as a playmate. At the end of the story, Martín rushes home to play with his brother. Since some of the pages don't have words (or have few words), the story provides a wonderful opportunity to practice narrative skills. [...]

    20. This book is about Morton and how he doesn't want to play with his brother. He wishes his little brother was a dragon. A dragon seems like it would be fun to play with, but after thinking Morton realizes that he would rather play with his little brother. This book is awesome because it is in both English and Spanish. It also is something that a lot of little kids think of turning their brother or sister into something more fun. This is a silly story that will put a smile on your face.

    21. This is a wonderful book for you and your children to explore together. It is a bilingual book and it has French in it. It is a cute book to teach the children that their little brothers and sisters aren't all that bad, because after all they could be a dragon. A great book to get kids using their imagination. They could think of other animals that wouldn't make such good siblings and write about it.

    22. This was a pleasant surprise! It is the story of a little boy who wishes that his younger brother would turn into a dragon. As he considers the difficulties that could come up if he were to befriend a dragon, his opinion changes a bit.The pictures absolutely make this story--they provide ample opportunity for dialogic reading and print motivation and are a pleasure to look at. Great for kindergarten age, especially for kids with little brothers!

    23. My version of this book is awesome because it is a Spanish/English book with the Spanish translations directly underneath the English. The story is a cute story about a boy wanting his little brother to be a dragon and all the fun they could have. However, as the boy goes on he realizes it would be too difficult to have a dragon and in the end wants his brother to stay the same. The Spanish being directly under the English will help students learn either language.

    24. This book was just mediocre. It was the same story of not wanting to play with a sibling, wishing they were some one or some thing else, and then realizing you're better off with an annoying snotty brother. It was still relatable for any children out there with siblings and overall enjoyable to read, just not very origional.

    25. A little boy is told by his mother to go play with his baby brother. He doesn't want to because his brother is too little and no fun. The little boy wishes his brother would turn into something more fun - like a dragon. But as he imagines what it would be like to play with a dragon, he comes to realize that little brothers might actually be the best fun.Cute illustrations.

    26. Another book with a lot of great humor (driven entirely by the illustrations). The little boy thinks playing with a dragon would be SO much better than playing with his little brother. But then he imagines all of the various scenarios and realizes that actually little brothers can be pretty fun (and dragons can be quite difficult)

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