Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays Charles de Lint is a thirteen time finalist for the World Fantasy Award and eight of his books were chosen for the reader selected Modern Library Top Books of the Twentieth Century His best selli

  • Title: Waifs and Strays
  • Author: Charles de Lint Terri Windling
  • ISBN: 9780670035847
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Charles de Lint is a thirteen time finalist for the World Fantasy Award, and eight of his books were chosen for the reader selected Modern Library Top 100 Books of the Twentieth Century His best selling and award winning work has always featured teenage characters Here, at long last, is a collection of his stories about teenagers a book for teen and adult alike From theCharles de Lint is a thirteen time finalist for the World Fantasy Award, and eight of his books were chosen for the reader selected Modern Library Top 100 Books of the Twentieth Century His best selling and award winning work has always featured teenage characters Here, at long last, is a collection of his stories about teenagers a book for teen and adult alike From the streets of his famed Newford to the alleys of Bordertown to the realms of Faerie, this is speculative fiction that will tranfix and delight, that will make readers think and feel and keep reading Waifs and Strays is a must own for de Lint fans, and an ideal introduction to his work for newcomers.Contents Merlin Dreams in the Mondream WoodThere s No Such ThingSistersFairy DustA Wish Named ArnoldWooden BonesThe Graceless ChildA Tattoo on Her HeartStickMay This Be Your Last SorrowOne ChanceAloneBut for the Grace Go IGhosts of Wind and ShadowWaifs and StraysSomewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box

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    1. ♦Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood 7/13/2016♦There's No Such Thing RE-read 7/29/2015♦Sisters RE-read 7/27/2015♦Fairy Dust 4/23/2017♦ A Wish Named Arnold 6/23/2015♦ Wooden Bones RE-read 7/10/2015♦The Graceless Child RE-read 7/27/2015♦A Tattoo on Her Heart 04/21/2017♦Stick 6/23/2015♦May This Be Your Last Sorrow 4/26/2017♦One Chance re-read 7/4/2015♦Alone 4/26/2017♦But for the Grace Go I RE-read 7/29/2015♦Ghosts of Wind and Shadow 8/12/2000 REread 11/10/2006 RE-REread 7 [...]

    2. Why do I go so long between readings of de Lint's works? Every time I pick up one of his books, I'm quickly left in awe of his style, depth, and imagination. Waifs and Strays was no exception. This is a book that is about teenagers, but is by no means a book simply for that audience. The stories explore some of his familiar settings like Newford and Bordertown, and to other places entirely. There are some definite themes--the title makes the foremost one clear, as this is a novel's worth of tale [...]

    3. Mythic fiction is at its best in this anthology of stories of memorable heroines, rooted not in a secondary world but in an urban environment. The author introduces each selection, providing insight and interesting biographical information. I was very excited to get a hold of this one, since I've always seen de Lint's name among the fantasy anthologies I've read, such as "The Green Man" but I'm not ready to invest in his novels yet. This collection was a perfect opportunity for anyone to be intr [...]

    4. I save Charles deLint for very special times. I tore through many of his books when I first discovered him, but I slowed down and began to savor him as the number of unread books diminished. I now read one of his books as Christmas Eve blends into Christmas morning, the starting of it a treat to continue through the days as a reward for all the work I do for my family each Christmas. My dreams are magical as I walk with the citizens of Newford and other magical places. The man is an internationa [...]

    5. Very readable! Easy to pick up and put down. Great for those times when you have a half hour to fill. The short introductions to the stories are personal and relevant and help put the stories into context. Somehow as I was reading I was thinking about how I would've written this, or how I might spin off it, or how I could get into some aspect of it. I'm half interested now in creating my own little world and writing about who I discover there

    6. I believe this is my first foray into the works of Charles De Lint. I was pleasantly surprised to find it included some short stories set in Newford as I had planned to get my teeth into the series later this year. I also hadn't known he was a Canadian author and it was fun reading some "mythic fiction" that was set around Ottawa. While not living exactly in Ottawa, the culture, the sights and sounds, etc. were all comfortably familiar as a native Canadian myself. I was never much for the medium [...]

    7. An interesting collection of unique, captivating, and varied tales. 4 starsTAMSON HOUSE ****Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood * * * * *In this delightful tale, a young girl remembers fondly her old friend, in the tree, in the garden, in the center of her home. A promising introduction (for me) to this author!OTTAWA AND THE VALLEY ****There's No Such Thing * * *Apparently, Sisters (the work that brought Charles de Lint to my attention) was a sequel to this story. I quite like these sisters!Siste [...]

    8. This was an excellent collection of stories. There are stories from DeLint's various major settings and characters, all of which prove to be fairly interesting. The two stories about vampires are especially good. I sought out this collection specifically to read them again and they are just as good as I remember. The Bordertown stuff was good and has reminded me I need to read the early anthologies in that series. The Newford stories were especially enjoyable. The characters were all well writte [...]

    9. This was my first real brush with Charles de Lint's work and I have to say, I'm hooked. He has this way of telling a story that really immerses you in whatever he has to tell and making you really want to care about what happens next. There are several great stories in here, although I'll admit that I liked some more than others. I absolutely loved the one about a wish with its own identity and personality. It was really well written and helps show exactly why some of the things would unfold the [...]

    10. This is my first time reading Charles de Lint. He is splendid.The stories all have to deal with girl protagonists around the age of 16, and therein lies the collection's biggest problem. With all of the main characters being so similar in age and sometimes even situation, once I was nearing the end of the collection I found myself having a hard time differentiating between the characters of the various stories. It started almost to feel like a novel and that each story was just a separate event [...]

    11. I wasn't sure what to expect with Waifs And Strays, but I liked it more than I was expecting.I really liked the elements of fantasy and myth and how well he blended them with the real world. I also liked how the main characters were all teens. Towards the end, they all started to blend together because they all seemed pretty similar to each other. And this was after reading a couple stories at a time. Since this book is short stories, it's easy to have a couple other books going on at the same t [...]

    12. Welcome to the wonderful world of Charles De Lint!Have you ever wondered what happened to all the magic in the world? where did all the mythical creatures go? and why? Well if you open up this book serious open up this book you will find out! To start with i will say i just love De Lint he is an exceptional writer and his stories hold an imagery that is rare in writers. good ones anywayWaifs and strays is a wonderful collection of 'De Lint’s' short stories that are based around where he lives [...]

    13. Maybe it was because of all the praise on the book calling Charles de Lint the best modern fantasy writer, but I was kind of severely disappointed. Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy the stories. There were some great parts, and even though I occasionally felt like the stories were dragging on (probably a side effect of reading The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God right before thisI got used to reading two-page short stories) they were for the most part memorable and engaging. Sometimes the [...]

    14. De Lint's books are hit or miss with me, this book is a hit. I just adore his short stories and they always leave me wanting to read more about every single character he writes about.You know how some authors can't really get away with writing the opposite gender? Not the case with de Lint. It doesn't make a difference with him if he's writing from a female character's point of view or a male's.I also enjoy being able to read the author's asides at the beginning of the book and at the beginning [...]

    15. The thing I like about short story collections is that I don't have to read them all in one go. I can pick up the book , read a tale or two, go read another book, come back This has been very useful while I am in the midst of tackling a couple of much more dry books for work.Waifs and Strays is a wonderfully rambling retrospective of DeLint's work, spanning work from Tamson House, to Ottawa, to Newford in terms of settings. All of the stories involve younger characters, and while I like Jilly Co [...]

    16. Charles De Lint, in my mind, is what Stephen King is to the horror genre. De Lint is accredited to being the creator of the Urban Fantasy genre, and he seems to renowned in this area. Waifs and Strays is a short story collection full of wonderful stories about a variety of things ranging from a hippie girl freeing Merlin from a tree, a girl how finds a fairy in a jar, and a story of two sisters, alienated from the world because of their vampirism. (this perhaps is my favorite.) Each story is ast [...]

    17. De Lint's endings have a way of feeling too pat at times - all in all, though, I really enjoyed this collection and liked the way the stories put magic into the world and made me feel comforted, even though they were oftentimes about down and out people making the best of things. I really like that de Lint is a musician writing about music - especially old folk tunes. So even though the endings are neat, the characters are struggling with complex personal problems in a fascinating environment, a [...]

    18. Charles de Lint is a treasure for fantasy readers. The patriarch of urban fantasy, his prose in this collection of short stories enraptures the reader and draws them into the often tragic stories of his protagonists. de Lint writes about the outcasts, and tells modern folk stories without pathos or pity, while reminding the reader that these lost children are everywhere, and most of them aren't lucky enough to find the Trickster, or the key to happiness, or even an escape. I found myself profoun [...]

    19. Back to the good de Lint books. :) This one is a collection of stories about kids (mostly teens) that he wrote for various collections. Some of them have been reprinted in other collections, but most of them were new to me, and I enjoyed them all. Some were better than others, but most of them stuck with me, and showed what a great storyteller de Lint is. Included are some random stories, some Newford stories, the seven sisters stories, and (entertainingly) a couple of vampire stories he wrote f [...]

    20. de Lint can be hit or miss for me. This particular collection is a hit - I read all of them, and liked all of them. Notable on this readobably, 'A Wish Named Arnold', because I love the idea of wishes, how they really work and how this one turned out; 'Stick', because I really like the Bordertown world; 'But for the Grace Go I', because it reminds me that the definition of success is subjective.

    21. This collection of short stories is delightful. I nearly put it down after the first story when I realized it was written for the young adult audience, but I'm glad I didn't. It is filled with magic in modern forums. You can't help but become enraptured with De Lint's characters and style. I especially enjoyed his "Bordertown" stories. I will definitely read one of De Lint's novels for adults now.

    22. As if de Lint could do any wrong by me with his short story collection, which delicately weave their way throughout the pages, intertwining within each other in unexpected places and bringing the lives of the characters together, whether they are aware of their connections or not. With this we the readers can look at Newford as omnipotent gods, knowingly smiling at the interconnectedness of that fantasy world, and pondering the similarities to our own.

    23. This was my first time reading any of de Lint's work, and while I enjoyed it, I felt that the difference in writing style varied a bit too much for me. The stories came from all points in the author's timeline, and that messed with the flow a little. Still, the stories were entertaining, and a few of them really hit home with the characters. What I loved most about the writing was de Lint's beautiful way with imagery.

    24. As a compilation of short stories this was good. Charles de Lint never disappoints me and I say that as some one who has been disappointed a good deal lately when picking up new books. With many of the stories I was left wanting more but that is the problem with short stories. Though it has been years since I read any of his other works I was able to slip easily into his worlds and recognize many old friends. Charles de Lint always gives his all to his writing and I appreciate that.

    25. This was my first book by Charles De Lint. He writes with such clarity that these fantastical stories are easy to follow. This collection features teenage characters, so that may explain the simplicity in part but nevertheless, I really enjoyed them all. I know he's a titan among fantasy writers and I can see why. Haunting cover illustration by John Jude Palencar too.

    26. This is a collection of fantasy stories about adolescent women. I'm sort of new to Charles de Lint, and I love what I've read so far, but I don't know if I would recommend this book as a good place to start. While each individual story is wonderful, many have a similar emotions and they seem to run together if you read the stories back-to-back.

    27. I'm never sure how to rate short story collections. anyway, as far as this one goes, its okay. not great. it's a broad overview of stories from different settings. I just couldn't get into the characters. They seemed to be earlier works of his, because the writing style is okay, but it has become much better. Go with "Dreams Underfoot" for a good de Lint collection.

    28. A collection of various short stories from the different worlds that the author writes in- Bordertown, Newford, and a few others. Sometimes the magic is obvious- sometimes it’s in the subtle connection between friends… but the magic is always there. I love the way that the stories transport me from our solid reality into a more fluid dream- just the way a fantasy should.

    29. Fantasy short story succeed much better than SF ones do, and de Lint is one of the best urban fantasy writers around. He's got an outsider's perspective and writes about the misfits, the broken kids, and their counterparts in the faerie world. Really ace, so you should check some of his stuff out.

    30. As usual, I'm captivated by Charles de Lint's writing. Each story is its own and they don't feel like short stories. The bring you in and hold you long after you've finished. I loved the characters and their adventures. I would recommend this book.

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