Winter of the Wolf

Winter of the Wolf After years in foster care Breanne Gallagher has the stable life she s always wanted living with her foster sister working as a chef enjoying her comfortable routines Then one devastating night a

  • Title: Winter of the Wolf
  • Author: Cherise Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9780983706335
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Paperback
  • After years in foster care, Breanne Gallagher has the stable life she s always wanted, living with her foster sister, working as a chef, enjoying her comfortable routines Then one devastating night, a hellish creature invades her apartment and shatters her fragile existence Shifting between monster and man, it slaughters her foster sister and assaults Bree Alone, woundeAfter years in foster care, Breanne Gallagher has the stable life she s always wanted, living with her foster sister, working as a chef, enjoying her comfortable routines Then one devastating night, a hellish creature invades her apartment and shatters her fragile existence Shifting between monster and man, it slaughters her foster sister and assaults Bree Alone, wounded, her beloved home tainted by gruesome memories, Bree flees to a tiny wilderness town, following her only clue to her past.Shapeshifting warriors, Zeb and Shay move from one pack to another, hunting the hellhounds which prey on their kind Assigned to Cold Creek, they take over management of a decrepit fishing lodge for their human cover Their first renter is a pretty human female who trembles at the sight of them yet stands her ground Furious at the hurt they see in her eyes, the protective nomads are drawn into helping her Although no shapeshifter is ever attracted to a human, her scent is oddly compelling, and her ferocious determination to conquer her fears ignites longings neither loner ever expected to face.Bree is healing, learning to shoot the biggest pistol she can find, and overcoming her fears, especially of the two deadly, disconcertingly attractive hunters Her life is getting back on track until she tries to save a little girl from a hellhound and discovers everything she knows about herself is false.

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    1. The second book of the series starts violently with a gory death and a rape. So, consider this a trigger warning.“I’m Zeb Damron. Shay and I run this place together.” He loomed over her—far too much like her nightmares—and held out his hand. “You got a name?”Breanne Gallagher (who does not understand what kind of thing attacked her) will try to run away from her old life in order to find again her inner peace. Soon, she will arrive to Cold Creek trying to discover who her real pare [...]

    2. 3.5 I was really excited to read this book. This a great author and I thought it would be awesome to read a paranormal from her. I think I would of liked this book more if I had different expectations. This isn't a witty, quick, hot read. The first half of the book is pretty slow and depressing. She's a victim trying to find a way to heal. I felt the paranormal piece had a great magical feel to it in the beginning then it seemed to flatten out later in the book. There is quite a bit on social or [...]

    3. First read - 09/01/2017 - 4 *Reread - 11/12/2017 - 4*Still good the second time around. I really enjoy this series and the authors writing. Okay yes it can be overly sweet in some places but it works.

    4. This one really hit the spot for me. This was a nice long shifter romance not just a short story to hang some sex on. The shifter world is complex and rational. The 3 main characters have complete backstories. The two men involved are fully realized and each is distinctive and different. Many times in shifter menage type books I wonder why the menage is really necessary and how there could be satisfaction for all the guys with just one woman. I wonder that really for most permanent menage books. [...]

    5. A new Sinclair! Yippee!This book was good, but it had a lot of parallels to To Command and Collar. The heroine was raped then was given to the two brothers to be mentored, then they slowly brought forth her sexuality in a way that she felt safe. I'm still processing.

    6. Erotic fantasy, with wolf-shifters, cat-shifters, bear-shifters, gods and goddesses. I wanted more scenes with the brownies, gnomes, fairies, and salamanders. Dwarves, too.3.5 or 4 stars. I don't read ménage often, but thought this one was handled well, mainly because each of the three lead characters felt fairly real to me. An absorbing shapeshifter romance, written with some creative finesse and few typos, but far too many sex scenes interrupted the flow and frankly, got boring. Still, I like [...]

    7. First read on Mar. 19, 2014Re-read on March 8, 2016I loved Winter of the Wolf just as much as I loved Hour of the Lion, the first book in the Wild Hunt Legacy series. Here we have three main characters in dire need of a home and the journey they make although heart-breaking at times, is action packed, exciting, and pretty freaking hot.Bree was found wandering the woods as a toddler so she’s never had a real family. Finally starting to find her way and make a home and career for herself, things [...]

    8. Reviewed by Donna at YouGottaReadWhether you are interested in erotic BDSM, sci-fi or paranormal, Cherise Sinclair is always my top pick and number one suggestion. From her first published novel to the newest, Winter of the Wolf, she has left me entranced and unable to put her books down. Her characters have explosive energy, sex appeal, and magnetism. The plot is always gripping, leaving the reader in suspense over and over until the very end, with twists and turns even after you think you've g [...]

    9. I give this a very strong 2.5. Idk why but i wasn't overly invested in this coupling. I like Zeb & Shay & the story arc was a decent one but something about the h didn't click for me. I'm not sure if i'll continue this series.

    10. I think this one is even better than book #1. There was more drama but less angst. Wolfpack dynamics are more confusing than closed-up cougars. In addition, I thought the PTSD was handled pretty well.The build up took a bit longer in this story, but the sex ended up being hotter. There was one quasi-TSTL decision, but it was necessary for the story. And the intervention of the shifter-god was weird, which is why I don't usually like paranormal books. I got confused about the seasons and timing, [...]

    11. This review posted on Guilty PleasuresRecommended ReadIn Winter of the Wolf, Cherise Sinclair’s second in a series about a community of shape shifters in the mountains of the northwest, the reader is treated to a fun, light read about a fantasy world in which were lions, were bears and werewolves live a precarious existence among humans.After a chaotic upbringing in various foster homes, Breanne Gallagher hates change. But change comes in a big way when her sister is killed and she is attacked [...]

    12. Story and characters are good. Sex scenes are a distraction.The sex is not BDSM like the author’s other series. It’s more traditional. One of the sex scenes is cute with him warming her cold feet. I recommend reading the first four sex scenes and skip the rest. There are about 14 sex scenes, most of them very long. They include two men with one woman and back door action. I liked the way the two men were best friends in a brotherly way and not a sexual way. They were sharing sex with her and [...]

    13. It is tough for me to rate this book - and not because I didn't like it. No the reason is it was written by Cherise Sinclair and I can't decide if I'm holding her up to her own high standard, or if I'm rating the book on it's own merits. I'm aiming for the second and that's how a book should be rated. I keep thinking of chocolate - I love dark chocolate and I have my favorites. This book is like eating my second or third favorite chocolate. It's wonderful, but not my favorite.Winter of the Wolf [...]

    14. I've read a part of the first book and I was really interested. So when I gave it a shot and started reading this one I wasn't disappointed.So, Breanne has been attacked, abused and traumatised by a "hellhound" (ugly-nasty beast) at the beginning and we follow her trying to heal her wounds, learn to defend herself, and found her biological parents in Cold Creek. But she'll found much more than what she was expecting to! Zeb and Shay are wolves who doesn't like to be ordered around (Shay because [...]

    15. Fazlasıyla drama içerikli bir kitap olmu. zavallı kıza gelen vuruyor giden vuruyor yani :D cehennem köpeği tarafından saldırıya uğrayıp tecavüz ediliyor ,en yakın arkadaı öldürülüyor,yeni taşındığı yerde geçirdiği olaylar yüzünden panik ataklarla cebelleşirken kendisininde kurtadam olduğunu öğreniyor, eğer dönüşmezse ölecek, hadi kurt kıza dönüüyor bu seferde onların kanunlarıyla boğuşuyor , yeni kurt sürüsü alfası aptalolduğu gibi dişi alfada on [...]

    16. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AThis is a great example of paranormal romance. Despite the story line that was chock full of shape shifters, demons and such, the story was very much a romance. I didn't put this story on my erotica shelf even though there is more than one menage situation. Sinclair was very successful at presenting the sexual relationships as basic, loving interactions between various partners. One aspect of the story that I enjoyed was Bree's journey from being brutalized, physically and emoti [...]

    17. Ths book is an awesome read. I started reading and then could not put it down. Finally at 3 A.M. I finished! Cherise Sinclair is an autobuy for me. I have always been able to count on this author to deliver a great story. I'm so glad that she decided to write paranormal menage. She has done a great job at world building for the paranormal/fantasy fan and throw in some really hot mfm lovin'! How can you possibly lose? Sinclair can write a great story and smoking sex scenes. If this is what you lo [...]

    18. Are we getting more of this series? I sure hope so. Cherise Sinclair delivers a panty dropping sexy tale full of magic, shapeshifters, and fantastic characters. The character are memorable and thoroughly developed. The story does not lack at all for the steam factor. Another great story from an author that has won her spot on my auto buy list over and over again!

    19. 4.25 stars*taps mic* um, hello. My name is Ivy and I’m a book hoarder. *looks around abashed* yes, I’m the reader who has twenty million books on her kindle and yet still trolls , looking for the next shiny and pretty. I’ll even click on links for books, excited to buy it, only to realize I’d already bought ito years ago. Honestly, thank goodness for kindles because if not, I’d start looking like this:With slightly more hair and curves, but you get the idea.All of that to explain that [...]

    20. Winter of the Wolf written by Cherise Sinclair Monsters are in the closet and under the bed!! I still can't go to sleep with the closet door ajar.Cherise Sinclair shines the bright light under the bed for you and there are monsters abound. Winter of the Wolf is the second book in her new series The Wild Hunt Legacy. Ms. Sinclair has a very strong energy in which she directs all of her stories.In Winter of the Wolf Ms. Sinclair her lead heroine is Breanne Gallagher who resides in Seattle Washingt [...]

    21. One of the hero is sitting in a bar with the herione. And the ow (yes he has fucked her before) is the waitress there. The ows mate is the bartender. Seeing the ow the hero's thought“A shame Vicki (the ow) had already bonded to Callum and Alec when he met her; she’d have been a delight to mate.”He is thinking this in front of the heroine. Uhoh.What a turnoff!!!This is Slow Romance. Both the heroes are attracted to the heroine. But they try to deny their feelings because she is human. Later [...]

    22. Great story, h is raped at start, and the 2 Hs help her to recover physically and mentally. They are god touched, hunt evil creatures and can't mate or lifebond. She finds out she is a shifter, bravely builds her strength to fight the evil creatures that so frighten her. To add to hs woes, her new pack is in disarray with bad leaders who pick on her, and while the Hs protect her, she hides from them and they can't commit. Love the ending.

    23. ReviewThis story to a while to get going. And I mean a while. There was just so much in this story it made my head spin at times. But in the end it was a decent book. I've liked some of her other books more but I still liked this one.

    24. This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderIn Winter of the Wolf, the second book in The Hunt Legacy, we meet Breanne Gallagher right before a tragic event happens that alters her life into a different direction. Breanne has survived foster care after having been found as a young child wandering the woods. She is now an accomplished pastry chef celebrating her accomplishments and living with her foster sister. She sticks to a routine and never wants to move having never had a stable ho [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so it was with anticipation that I started reading this one. I remembered meeting one of the main characters, Zeb, in the first book and was very intrigued so that just amped up my interest.This one starts with a human girl, Breanne, who lives in Seattle with her best friend. Her life is ordered just how she likes it with their shared home, stable environment and her job as a pastry chef until one night when her world is shredded apart from a monste [...]

    26. You know what is irritating? I love this author. Her Shadowlands books are interesting and very emotionally intense. But this series just leaves me irritated, and yes, angry.First off, I should say that my problems with the series (and specifically this book) might have to do with my personal preferences and not with the writing quality.(view spoiler)[But here are my problems:1. Once a month the females go into heat and have to have sex no matter what. To every man. REALLY? That's your plot devi [...]

    27. This is the second book I've read by Cherise Sinclair and I was EXTREMELY happy with it! She writes such fun, erotic and fully satisfying works that I've yet to be left wanting more. There is nothing as cherished as an author that gives you even more than you expect and do so with such greatness.Bree has not had an easy life at all. But she is such a strong and determined woman that she continues on even after seeing the death of her very close cherished friend and foster sister murdered in cold [...]

    28. This book proved to me that Cherise can write any genre she wants and do it in a spectacular fashion. I'm just sorry I waited so long to read it, as it didn't fit my BDSM challenges, but my craving for a good paranormal romance finally had me choosing this story.This is a full length novel that allows you to gradually come to know and love the three main characters. Breanne was raised in foster care and has no idea who her parents are, but she has a bright future now, her own place and a foster [...]

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