Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals

Wonder Woman Vol Gods and Mortals Collecting WONDER WOMAN featuring the young s origin and her introduction to Man s World Before she has a chance to fully assimilate into her new home Wonder Woman must battle the chaos of the G

  • Title: Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals
  • Author: George Pérez Len Wein Greg Potter Bruce Patterson Tatjana Wood John Costanza
  • ISBN: 9781401201975
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collecting WONDER WOMAN 1 7, featuring the young s origin and her introduction to Man s World Before she has a chance to fully assimilate into her new home, Wonder Woman must battle the chaos of the Greek god Ares, as he plans to bring upon World War III This collection, the first in a 4 volume series reprinting the first two years of George P rez s run on WONDCollecting WONDER WOMAN 1 7, featuring the young s origin and her introduction to Man s World Before she has a chance to fully assimilate into her new home, Wonder Woman must battle the chaos of the Greek god Ares, as he plans to bring upon World War III This collection, the first in a 4 volume series reprinting the first two years of George P rez s run on WONDER WOMAN, also features an introduction, rare art, and a new cover by P rez.

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    1. Storyline: 3+++Artworks: 5+++I hated very much the "Man of Steel", "Batman v Superman" and "Suicide Squad" Warner/Legendary movies, but it seems the Wonder Woman one is going to be good.So, when I found two days ago the whole George Pérez run of the character at a comic convention here in Rome (destiny, fate or who knows?), it seemed to me it was almost time to read some Diana Prince graphic novel.Maybe storyline and dialogues aged as not much well as Frank Miller's and John Byrne's Batman: Yea [...]

    2. Very few comic book stories or story arcs delved into the character of Diana in the way George Perez had. A sort of "Year One" reboot following the events of Crises On Infinite Earths this volume introduces us a warrior culture called the s from the hidden (though its more like "rarely-visible-to-mortal-means-of-perception) island of Themyscira and their complex history amongst mortals and the (Predominately Greek) Gods of myth.Born into this, as a gift from the gods, from clay to be raised as t [...]

    3. George Pérez's Wonder Woman is a fascinating read from a historical perspective, but this is a mid-80's comic, and today it feels very dated. It's exposition-heavy, extremely wordy at times, and full of clunky, cringe-inducing dialogue. However, it doesn't seem fair to criticise the comic for all of those things, because this is just the way comics were written back then, and it's still quite readable compared to a lot of other stuff from that period. And to give Pérez some credit, he is doing [...]

    4. 2.5 stars. Decent reboot of Wonder Woman character after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earth mini-series. This appears to be a really difficult character to make into a compelling series but Perez does a pretty good job with this reboot.

    5. Crisis on Infinite Earths wiped Wonder Woman from existence in the mainline DCU. This was her (literal, in fact) rebirth. This particular trade (issues 1-7 of the rebooted Wonder Woman) is exposition heavy in the extreme, but it really has to be. George Perez laid down a fairly comprehensive mythology that would stick with Wonder Woman pretty much right up to the reboot. That much is fantastically plotted, and from what I've seen so far, he seemed to be doing a pretty good job writing Wonder Wom [...]

    6. De cómo se crearon las as, cómo luego fueron expulsadas a la Isla Paraíso, donde nació Diana, y cómo luchó contra Ares en su primera misión en el Mundo de los Hombres y sus primeros pasos como super heroína. Genial.

    7. SPOILERS The word rape culture comes to mind. The amazons are brutally raped and the author is like "well, revenge is not the answer and it's your own damn faults you dumb chicks because you failed blablabla". If you pretend that never happens the rest is good. What else? Oh yeah because you ladies took revenge on your rapists and want to go after the monster responsible for it you forget how pure you used to be because lol you were raped and got upset about it lol you bitches failed. Good god. [...]

    8. Wow. Just stunning and unexpected, and a great remedy for the bad taste that Wondie's been leaving in my mouth since the New 52 reboot. Rich and complex, with beautiful artwork. Instead of rejecting or trying to change the character or her origin, Perez fully embraces it, proving you can make Diana compelling in her own environment and, fancy that, can even include the goddesses and other female characters! A joy and a welcome palate cleanser.

    9. This combined two of my most favourite things - Wonder Woman and Greek mythology - and was involving to read from beginning to end. The art work was fantastic, story arcs engaging and was an all round joy.

    10. Bloody expensive purchase well spent.It was only a matter of time before I took a look at George Pérez's rewriting of Wonder Woman's origin story after the 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' event, which was made to reboot and retool the DC Universe in 1985. My collection of the superheroine's comics is growing more and more, and though I feel I already know her inside and out and as intimately as any fangirl can dream of, without worrying about not being considered a "true" fan or some such bollocks [...]

    11. This is so very much a creature of its age - mid to late 80's with the cold war still on and the threat of quick annihilation still in the air - that it's difficult to judge it beyond that. Perez artwork is at it amost detailed, which is just bordering into too much, but it is still beautiful and distinctive and iconic of the age. He was probable the best artist they could have put on this reboot to make comics reads sit up and take notice. He's not a great plotter, so there's a little more tell [...]

    12. Back in the late 1980s, I mostly read indie and underground comics, but one the few mainstream titles I picked up was The George Perez run on "Wonder Woman." At the time, it was mostly for the astonishing artwork, but now, revisiting it thirty years later I can really appreciate the wonderful storytelling here as well. A rebooting of the WW legend, this is an exciting, if verbose by today's standards, story full of action and old-school goodness. If you are looking for some comics to read before [...]

    13. I shouldn't have started this, because as far as I know my library carries none of the other George Perez Wonder Woman volumes. But then again, it is a wonderful introduction. There is none of the wish fulfillment crap I've come to associate with WW, and it's a coherent origin story. Ares is her main villain in this volume, and even though he comes to his senses too late according to me, he does come to his senses. All in all, a great origin story.

    14. This was a book I read as being highly recommended as one of the better story-arcs of Wonder Woman after Crisis on Infinite Earths. I had no real exposure to Wonder Woman outside of the DCAU, so I was very impressed with what I read and how she was very well written by Perez. This book is the first volume and of the most acclaimed (and I can safely say) best interpretations of Wonder Woman ever. George Pérez does his best to modernize William M. Marston's original origin with a more pragmatic, [...]

    15. This is the definitive Wonder Woman story. With a Wonder Woman movie coming out, I would recommend that everyone who wants to see the movie read this graphic novel. This reintroduction of Wonder Woman by George Perez, Greg Potter and Len Weiner is like the blossoming of the seed planted in popular culture by William Moulton Marston and Harry Peter back in 1941. The weaving of Greek mythology into this story is phenomenal. It brings the primordial aspects deeper into modern times and leaves reade [...]

    16. Took me a while to get into but once I did, I read the remaining 4 or 5 chapters in one sitting.I get why they made Wonder Woman able to fly, but it still seems strange to me since I grew up watching Lynda Carter pilot her invisible plane. Also, there's no alter ego Diana Prince here. Maybe she'll be created in a later volume.Gods and Mortals is a pretty thorough (and somewhat disturbing) origin story that sets Diana's involvement with "Man's world" in the 1980s during the Cold War. I like Steve [...]

    17. I am so happy to finally read this series in a TPB! As much as I love classic Wonder Woman, George Perez's relaunch of the character is what made me fall in love with her. These early story arcs are definitely the best and I highly recommend that Wonder Woman fans read the pre-Infinite Crisis Wonder Woman comics (that is when the story truly went downhill in an almost irreversible death spiral. "Agent Diana Prince"? Really?). The only downside is that these four trade paperbacks do not collect G [...]

    18. In the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earths many of the DC heroes received major revamps. Byrne did Superman and Miller reimagined Batman. Here we have George Pérez' incredible take on Wonder Woman, making her the warrior she was meant to be. Even the recent relaunch of WW in the New 52 is simply expanding on this origin of WW. Enjoy.

    19. After seeing Batman vs Superman I felt the need to go back and read my favorite Wonder Woman books. This is just as good as I remember!

    20. A movie is coming, and you know what that means.I know Wonder Woman indirectly. Unlike Batman—and the amazing set of characters that live within his almost self-contained universe within DC that pretty much stands on its own—, whom I met by reading every single comic book I could grab, to only consume other adaptations later, my experience with Wonder Woman has been through her appearances in Infinite Crisis and Crisis on Infinite Earths (I know, it's complicated), the occasional Justice Lea [...]

    21. Puedo afirmar sin miedo a equivocarme que es el mejor comic con Wonder Woman en la cabecera que he leído hasta el momento (algo no demasiado complicado cuando generalmente no me han gustado). Un reinicio para dar forma a un personaje más moderno y que ayuda mucho a entender su figura, sus mitos y a los personajes que la rodean.Eso sí, es un comic un poco durillo de leer a día de hoy, y no porque tenga una mala trama o esté mal desarrollado. Es durillo de leer por el exceso de texto que tien [...]

    22. When friends noticed that I was reading Wonder Woman, they steered my rudderless ship to George Pérez, and I have been blessed by both my choice in friends and in reading this volume. This comic lives in a feminist space, though it's lack of characters of color fail to make it fully intersectional. Pérez returns to not only Wonder Woman's origin, but also the origin of the s in this volume. The writing style harkens back to ye olden times, but instead of coming off as corny, Pérez pulls his s [...]

    23. There's a reason this is considered a classic and seminal comic, not only for Wonder Woman and the DC Universe, but also within the comics genre in general. Perez's story and art in re-launching and telling the origin of the race of s on Paradise Island and of Princess Diana are impressive! I read this in anticipation of seeing the new Wonder Woman movie as I had read that it was one of the sources they used for the screenplay. While a few things within the story seem a bit dated (it is from the [...]

    24. This was an excellent reboot of Wonder Woman's origin story. I really enjoyed how it adapted Greek mythology and made use of cold war era tensions, seamlessly embedding the fantastic into the mundane in a believable fashion. The art, very 80s in style was creative, vibrant and beautiful. Olympus seemed to take some inspiration from Escher. Another aspect making the story stand out from its contemporaries was the use of creative and unexpected solutions to the conflicts Diana faces. The themes oc [...]

    25. Most of this was good some of it was a little implausible, but then again- none of this is in any way plausible so I don't think I can be too mad about it, but there are different kinds of plausability if you know what I mean? Either way, better than most DC stuff I've read and I also recently saw the wonder woman film and that was pretty great too.I think I read an article about the best places to start with reading wonder woman and this was recommended and I agree with that. It shows her origi [...]

    26. This reboot of the character from the 80's was considered to be the official origin for Wonder Woman up until the New 52 (long story.) George Pérez provides excellent artwork here and overall the story is good. However, comics at the time had plots that were pretty convoluted, extremely wordy, and far too many characters to keep up with. This coming shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths, (even longer​ story) had many of DCs characters go under a reboot for a new audience. A good story, but [...]

    27. George Perez and Wonder Woman were a match made in heaven. He can draw the ladies and even write the ladies. I thought that this was a wonderful read. I really enjoyed Perez's use of Greco-Roman mythology. His Ares I think was scarier than the movie Ares and a straight steal for the villain of the excellent Wonder Woman movie. I loved the fact that they set Wonder Woman up in Boston and not the classic New York too. Everything about this book was special.

    28. Ha sido increíble introducirme en el mundo de DC Cómics empezando por aquí. La historia de Wonder Woman y la leyenda previa referente a los dioses griegos. Ilustraciones geniales con un contenido muy entretenido y acertado. Al final, además, se añade una historia paralela del nacimiento de Wonder Woman pero con estilo y nombres romanos. Personalmente me gusta más el entorno griego y el desarrollo de la historia así.

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