Moonday What do you do when the moon lowers itself into your backyard When mornings are replaced by perpetual night and people sigh sleep in their eyes What do you do when the tide comes in and all the neig

  • Title: Moonday
  • Author: Adam Rex
  • ISBN: 9781423119203
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What do you do when the moon lowers itself into your backyard When mornings are replaced by perpetual night, and people sigh sleep in their eyes What do you do when the tide comes in, and all the neighborhood dogs won t stop howling You take the moon for a ride Adam Rex creates a fantastic tale that is both imaginative and beautiful one that blurs the line between dreaWhat do you do when the moon lowers itself into your backyard When mornings are replaced by perpetual night, and people sigh sleep in their eyes What do you do when the tide comes in, and all the neighborhood dogs won t stop howling You take the moon for a ride Adam Rex creates a fantastic tale that is both imaginative and beautiful one that blurs the line between dreams and reality.

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    1. This book is so light, light in a lovely, slow, dancing way. It is quiet like snow falling and branches creaking and little taps of chalk on chalkboard. It's like a nice song playing on a radio through a window down the street.But the specific things I appreciate are these: 1. Lines with rhythm and a little internal rhyme in places, but not rhyming text: "Hushed, they shuffled through slush and dozed off at stoplights."2. A mom who is up for the adventure but practical at the same time: "Okay. Z [...]

    2. Moonday by Adam Rex is my nominee for the 2014 Caldecott winner. I chose this particular book because the drawings were so colorful and electric that it draws in your attention so fiercely. When the little girl discovers that the moon has lowered into her very own backyard, the illuminus moon just shines right out of the book. The reflections from the bright moon onto the people are outstandingly drawn and really gives the reader a feel for how bright the moon really is. This illuminating effect [...]

    3. What is supposed to be an imaginative and beautiful take on a child's day with the moon, comes off as confusing, by trying to do too much in its short space. When the moon comes down from the sky it causes mayhem to the world's sleep cycle, tides, and dogs. The author mentions how important the moon is, but barely gets across how much it would be affected, in fact it makes light of what would happen. Certainly, the moon is depicted with great beauty, but even that is given little attention.As a [...]

    4. A nice whimsical story about the moon following a girl home. The star of this story is the beautiful artwork, the moon is gleaming out of the page, gorgeous. A great bedtime story. Keep an eye out for a cameo from the author as the bespectacled father.

    5. Moonday is an imaginative, beautifully illustrated book about a little girl who wakes up to find the moon has descended into her backyard. Morning never comes, and everyone at school and throughout the town is sleepy and drowsy as they go about their day in darkness. Meanwhile, the main character and her parents try to cover the moon with tablecloths before they decide to go for a drive, where they can then see the moon from afar, on top of their hill. This book is a picture book, as it contains [...]

    6. When the moon decides to hover in an admiring child's backyard, at first it seems rather cool to have the moon so close at hand. But the rest of the town, even the teacher and students, seem tired and sleepy. It even attracts the attention of howling dogs and the tides. Eventually, the youngster decides that too much of a good thing might not be desirable, and suggests taking the moon for a drive to the beach. After telling it to say there, the family returns home to a good night's sleep--presum [...]

    7. More beautiful work in this fanciful story from Adam Rex. I love the Norman-Rockwell-esque illustrations and the dedication "for Little Nemo." Definitely a sign to read more Little Nemo in Slumberland - Too Many Splendid Sundays. Moonday might be interesting paired with JOhn Rocco's Blackout.

    8. MOONDAY is the type of fanciful bedtime read-aloud that will send your child into dreamland with gusto. When the moon settles in a family's backyard, the result is a town full of yawns and a slower pace of life that is novel at first but taxing after a while. Realistic illustrations make this story even more attractive to readers young and old.

    9. A unique, lovely story in which the moon follows a girl home and stays in her backyard. While it is fun for her to walk all around the moon, the moon also keeps the next day from arriving. Very nice paintings.

    10. An interesting departure for Adam Rex--this is a more dreamy, luminous story and style than some of his previous, more madcap work. The page depicting the lullaby-crooning garage band especially tickled me.

    11. Another great picture book from Mr. Rex. Not as silly as his past works, but he did force us to have the conversation with our 4th grader of how moon could be a noun and a verb. The art is perfect and the story is magic.

    12. Quirky with gorgeous, photo realistic illustrations. If you've ever rode in the backseat of a car and watched the moon "chase" you, you will find a lot to like in this imaginative story.

    13. This book is about the moon and the colors of pages are dark because it is told at night with the moon shining. The fantasy part is when the moon actually sits just over the child's backyard almost touching the ground, the parents cover the moon, and the child stands on the moon. Shows a time when school is in but the darkness outside and the moon's presence is still there. Maybe the read aloud would be a time to question real vs. fantasy and what to believe and not to believe.

    14. Creative premise but the execution lacks focus. The unquestioning zombie-like people in the story, including the parents and the teacher, overtake the book, rather than concentrating on the boy's wondrous adventure with the visiting moon. For a picture book, there is way too much attention given to adults.

    15. I loved this book, although the illustration style was mixed for me: I loved some of the illustrations, especially the way the moon was depicted; but the way the people were shown was a mixed bag (in my opinion.)However, I LOVED the story and the sweet strangeness of it, and the perfectness of it for a nighttime story! Ergo the five stars!

    16. I loved this little surreal story. When the moon turns up in our protag's backyard, what happens next? The artwork was lovely, too. This is a perfect bedtime story, and just the thing for my first read of 2018!

    17. Review first posted on LiterariTea as a Picture Book of the Week feature:I was blown away by this book, and I knew nothing about it before picking it up off the store shelves a couple of weeks ago. WOW. I mean, look at that cover!The storyline is, on the face of it, rather simple: the moon follows a family home one night and "lands" in their backyardwhere it stays. The next "morning," there is no morning because the moon is still there. Everyone goes throughout their day wearily and sleepily. Fi [...]

    18. Moonday is a lullaby, a dreamscape, a quietude, a meditation. This is a perfect bedtime read. And perhaps it will prove a viable alternative to that well-timed and -traveled route to lull the little one to sleep. (Natalya and I had a route for a time, once upon a time.) Send them off to bed wondering if the girl in the story only dreamed her moonday, or if it really happened.For all its dreamlike qualities, the whimsical is restrained in order to allow for that blurred line with reality. The sto [...]

    19. This luminous picture book answers the question about what would happen if the moon lowered itself into your backyard. The boy in the story finds the moon so slow in his yard that he can not just touch it, but climb around on it and into its craters. The rest of the world though, stayed dark as night. The children had to go to school in the darkness and everyone was tired. Back home, they tried to hide the moon under tablecloths and blankets. But then the tide entered their yard and the dogs gat [...]

    20. Fabulous illustrations, but the story is a little confusing. The illustrations alone make this story. Being that this is a children's picture book, that is a huge thing for me. I feel that illustrations need to capture the attention of the child who's reading the book. The illustrations alone tell the story, and I love the children can use the illustrations to come up with their own story. The story itself is good, but left my kids wanting to know more about the moon. When the story starts, the [...]

    21. Moonday by Adam Rex is a wonderful picturebook about what would happen if the moon lowered itself into your backyard. The changes in day and night, the tide, and everyone's lack of sleep would quickly become a problem. In a tale where a young girl takes the moon for a ride, Rex blurs the boundary between dreaming and reality.I really loved the artwork in Moonday. It is what caught my eye and made me open the book. The art is amazing and would make the book something you should read even without [...]

    22. In a strange way that I can't explain, this book reminds me of something Audrey Wood or Nancy Hundal might write. The illustrations were beautiful, as illustrations by Adam Rex always are, but I was just as impressed by the deft touch with words that he showed here. I suspect that he was the father character in the story. If it wasn't him, he at least bares a striking resemblance to that character in real life. There's a subtle touch of humor sprinkled throughout the story, from the yawn whose p [...]

    23. The moon follows a family home one night, like a lost pet, and takes up residence in their backyard. "Morning had missed us. In darkness, the town awoke and went to work." In this state of constant dark, the boy knows he must find a way to get the moon back where it belongs. "So we drove with the moon in our window that night then I told the moon to stay."A story for any child who has ever felt like "the moon is following me". Since it starts with the child falling asleep and ends with the chil [...]

    24. The images in this book are extraordinary. The illustrations are so lifelike and draw the reader into the story quickly. I could not wait to finish one page so I could view the drawings on the next page. This book was a fun and imaginative story about a family who loves to watch the moon at night. The next night the moon mysteriously ends up in their backyard. The moon being so close to their town causes there to be no sunlight for the whole town and everyone is sleepy. The family must fix this [...]

    25. An interesting homage to McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland - Too Many Splendid Sundays. The only other title that I read by Adam Rex was The True Meaning of Smekday and I found that book to be rambling and nonsensical. I can feel the same style at work here--with a sense of surrealism--but to a much more successful result.

    26. What is this book trying to be?It starts out being rather poetic and sweet,the suddenly seems to turn into a David Wisniewski tinged sort of whimsy, with perhaps a touch of Judi Barrett.And lovely as the art is, funny as moments in it are, there is just one word to sum it up:Mishmosh.

    27. A girl watches from the car window as the moon follows her home. She falls asleep and is lifted to bed by her parents. When she wakes, the moon is hanging out in her backyard, just as luminous and beautiful as ever. So is she dreaming this? Morning bypasses the town, so they are all stuck in nighttime until a solution is made. The story has a weird logic, just like dreams do. This book has beautiful illustrations and makes a quiet and whimsical bedtime read. It's a nice way to tap into your imag [...]

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