Conceal No one said going home would be easyBlack sheep and all around trouble maker Betty Jo Barker is back home and hoping for a do over Things are finally looking up until Beau Simon comes to town The man

  • Title: Conceal
  • Author: Juliana Stone
  • ISBN: 9780988138551
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • No one said going home would be easyBlack sheep and all around trouble maker, Betty Jo Barker is back home and hoping for a do over Things are finally looking up until Beau Simon comes to town The man pushes every button she owns and manages to awaken long dead emotions she d rather leave buried Beneath the surface she knows she s a wreck her scars run deep and sheNo one said going home would be easyBlack sheep and all around trouble maker, Betty Jo Barker is back home and hoping for a do over Things are finally looking up until Beau Simon comes to town The man pushes every button she owns and manages to awaken long dead emotions she d rather leave buried Beneath the surface she knows she s a wreck her scars run deep and she can t help but wonder, is Beau Simon the one who can fix her Beau Simon, the brightest star in Hollywood has come to New Waterford for one reason only He s determined to have Betty Jo Barker star in his next film He knows she s perfect for the part, but a past encounter might prove than a little difficult to overcome As Beau turns on the charm, hoping to win over this complicated woman, he realizes it won t be easy.Only time will tell if what lies beneath can ever be overcome Or if love can heal all

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    1. This book has been a very emotional read for me. I have really enjoyed all three of The Barker Sister books but I have to admit that I was not a fan of Betty-Jo in the first two books, she was so hateful and angry that I thought someone really need to beat her down a notchwell I learned a thing or two in this book. Her story broke my heart and she ended up being my favorite sister. I started to suspect what happened in her past but it still didn't stop me from being knocked on my butt when my su [...]

    2. Such a tortured heroine in Betty. *wiping away a tear* When reading romance, we are used to meeting tortured heroes with pasts, memories, and deeds that haunt them and turn their hearts cold until the right woman comes along to save them. Well, in CONCEAL by Juliana Stone, it’s not a tortured hero that brings our emotions to a crest, and tugs at our heartstrings, making us wish we could do something to ease the pain. No, in this final book of the Barker Triplets trilogy, it’s a tortured, hau [...]

    3. The best book in this trilogy. The character of the female protagonist, Betty Jo, is extremely well written. I started off hating her but as I turned each page, her true nature was revealed bit by bit, and I can't help but fall in love with her. A character full of angst, despair, hope and love. I cried so many times while reading this book. The way Betty Jo dealt with the experiences in her life is very relatable and true. Loved the way she bloomed and came out of the horrific event. It's true [...]

    4. Wowjust,wow. My heart ached for Betty in the earlier books, but this book broke my heart. So much pain, hurt, and anger is covered up with crazy behavior. She tried to numb herself from the effects of a painful past. I loved that the ending was full of hope and promise.

    5. Very nice serie. Loved the characters. Keep thinking of Matt I would like to know his development and what happended to him. Are you with me?

    6. I knew two books ago I would love Conceal when Ms. Stone finally wrote it. I’ve been patiently waiting for Betty Jo’s heartbreaking story because I knew it couldn’t be anything less. She had way too much bottled up, often pissed off, emotion seeping out of her at every turn. Her striking outward beauty could only be masking the turmoil she felt especially once she came back to her hometown penniless and trying to climb out of the hell that had become her life.Years ago Betty fled her home [...]

    7. I’ve enjoyed this trilogy by Juliana Stone, and have been waiting to see how the author would handle the wild sister, Betty Jo. Betty isn’t that old and has already had a rough life. Once a popular model and dipping her toes into acting, she is now back in her hometown working as a bartender. Her fall from grace took many hits. She drank too much, did too many drugs, received a bad reputation for sleeping around. Whether that is deserved or not, it is firmly planted in the minds of the town [...]

    8. I was just about to mention that I hope JStone makes a spin-off about the Simon's. My prayers have been answered long before I asked! Can't wait to read The Simon Family's series, those brothers are mighty interesting.==============================Braine's Talk Supe reviewI loved how the series wrapped up with Betty's story. Hers is probably the most difficult to read not because of the writing or anything but because Betty's path to rediscovering herself is long and hard because Betty's stubbor [...]

    9. I love The Barker Triplets series! I read the first two and really enjoyed them and this one was no exception. I was unclear as to how the author was going to redeem Betty Jo in my eyes because she was pretty damn unlikeable in the first two books, but I have to say, she did it. While I didn't end up loving Betty Jo, after reading this book I can honestly say that I understand why she was the way she was and ended up at least liking her. As with the first two, the hero in Conceal, was smoking ho [...]

    10. Final MatchBetty Barker crashes into the love of her life one morning, literally. Betty is known for trouble and to be the easy triplet, but as she is trying to turn her life around trouble comes crashing into her again. Beau Simon, the only man she ever connected with, was in town and rammed right into her car. She hated just the thought of him. Beau was the guy who had stole her heart for the night then stomped it on the ground. He was in town for a new motorcycle, and Betty. He had just wante [...]

    11. This is my fave book of the series. There is some history that is brought to light in this book that I did not see coming but found that it really added an emotional impact. Betty-Jo had past experiences that let her to feel the way she does and react to certain people in the way she does. From the experiences you start to understand why she is the way she is. The relationship between her and Beau is healing for both of them. This is a great book that I highly recommend reading as a part of the [...]

    12. The 3rd and final book in the Barker triplets trilogy was as good as I'd hoped. Finally got to see what makes Betty tick and how she overcame some of her demons. Beau was a great match for her. Bobbi's story is still my fave of the series but this one didn't disappoint. There are so many NA novels out that follow such a cookie cutter pattern that it's boring and frustrating but Juliana Stone managed to make these books fun and memorable. The female characters are strong and independent instead o [...]

    13. Wonderful story, and a great end to the series! Looking forward to her new series & Tucker's story. I would really love a story for Matt as well (hint hint) it should be told.I have absolutely enjoyed The Barker Triplets series! Can't wait for more books by Juliana Stone :-)

    14. I enjoyed all 3 books in this series but this was my least favorite. My only bad comment about these books would be all the grammar and spelling mistakes. She needs a new editor!

    15. The third and final book in The Barker Triplets, Conceal knocked me on my but and glued to my Nook for hours. Conceal is about facing demons, finding oneself and love, and the bond of sisters.Summary:Betty-Jo Barker has been home in New Waterford for several months, now, and it's the same as it's always been. She's always been the black sheep of the triplets, the one always up for a party, the one that would do anything, and the one that opens her legs to anyone. But Betty-Jo knows deep down who [...]

    16. Loved,loved loved this series!!!!I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this series. I loved the story and the characters. If you haven't read it. You must!!! Juliana just moved to one of my top five favorite authors!!!!!

    17. I decided that seeing I had the three books in this series, I would read them back to back and do one review covering them all. The series is about the Barker sisters, Bobbi-Jo, Billie-Jo and Betty-Jo, but they aren't just sisters, they're identical triplets, or as Gramps refers to them ,"twins". Identical in looks maybe, but certainly not in personalities, these girls couldn't be further from each other in the way act if they tried. Offside.Billie-Jo BarkerLogan ForestThe first book is Billie's [...]

    18. When Betti Jo Barker left town, she had no intention of ever returning, save for a quick visit to her dad or maybe a tension-filled holiday dinner. But her fast-tracked modeling career crashed and burned, and she had little choice but to return home to a father who didn't remember her and two sisters for whose judgement she had no use.Beau Simon's career couldn't be going better, but when he gets the chance to pick up his new custom bike in New Waterford, he knows he's going there for an entirel [...]

    19. 3.5 starsCONCEAL is the third and final installment in Juliana Stone's contemporary New Adult series The Barker Triplets based on the lives and loves of three identical sisters Billie-Jo, Bobbi-Jo and Betty-Jo Barker. This is Betty-Jo and Beau Simon's storyline. Betty-Jo has been one of the most unlikable characters in this particular series but like all storylines there were obviously some issues with this character and her relationship with her sisters.Betty-Jo is a burned-out, has been cover [...]

    20. Il libro soffre di due svantaggi: è il terzo di una serie e non è che si possono inventare tante cose nuove quando la tua ambientazione (familiare e locale) l'hai già definita nei primi due volumi, e il protagonista maschile non convince (almeno me).La Stone si tiene per ultima la più interessante delle tre gemelle Barker, Betty Jo. Sui nomi delle protagoniste mi sono già espressa, quindi non infierisco, ma già dal nome si può notare lo sforzo di dotare la protagonista di caratteristiche [...]

    21. I was so excited when this book popped up in my inbox. I’ve disliked Betty since she let that bombshell drop towards the end of Offside. While I disliked her I knew there had to be something going on that she didn’t share. I just knew there was more to her than what she let people see. Betty was a fascinating read. It makes so much sense why Beau would be interested in her starring in his next movie. Betty is an amazing actress. Beau gets to see just how far her emotions run, how well she hi [...]

    22. I love the Barker Triplet series. I have read Bobby Jo and Billie Jo's books, an anxiously awaited this one.I wasn't a big Betty Jo fan in previous books, honestly she made herself hard to like, but now, she just might be my favorite Barker! Betty Jo uses her attitude to protect herself, after her first encounter with Beau years before he told her what he really thought about her (it was not nice), it broke her, although hell will freeze over before she tells him that My heart hurt for her in th [...]

    23. Okay, yeah, still horrible editing, all the same issues, constant and pervasive. Why did I read all three int he series? I got the bundle. And the stories and overall voice is good, I just wish wish wish these were edited better. I'd really enjoy them so incredibly much better if they were, but alas… Stuff like "They 'ooed and awed.'" And something I never quite got a good image or idea of is where these stories took place. I know Michigan, I know a smallish town, but I never got a grip on pla [...]

    24. 3.5 StarsThis is the third installment of the Barker triplets. This one was about Betty the SI model who has returned home after hitting rock bottom. Betty is the angry one of the triplets and no one can understand why a beautiful young lady that had such a promising life could throw it all away for drugs and alcohol. Apparently Betty's dark side is because of something tragic that happened in her past. She has a love, hate relationship with her family and everyone in their small town sees her a [...]

    25. (view spoiler)[I would have rated this book higher had Betty 's repetitive internal monologue not strained my nerves (as well as the constant lump in her throat), and had I better understood Betty holding Billie partially responsible for being gang raped in high school. Betty 's rape was the result of sick and twisted boys using her sexual reputation as an excuse for their predatory behavior. Billie posing as Betty when sleeping with Logan had nothing to do with Betty 's rape, and while I can un [...]

    26. Juliana Stone is a wonderful writer. Although she pens romantic fiction--she crafts her characters with an uncommon ability. We her characters frequently in the grips of real raw emotional pain. She illustrates extremely well both the complex dynamics of family life and the feelings of home (home town).This last installment in the Barker Triplets trilogy ties together the unresolved story of the most puzzling of the Barker girls--Betty. Betty is the least understood of the three girls (now twent [...]

    27. Wow, I have to say that this book was really good & I think my favorite. I didn't like Betty-Jo much in the other 2 books, she was a real bitch to her sisters & the people of her hometown. I thought that her attitude came from her being a celebrity until I really got to learn more about the character. What happened in her life to her at a young age had definitely set the stage for how she led the rest of her life. Beau Simon, famous actor comes to town to get Betty to play the lead role [...]

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