Rough Music

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  • Title: Rough Music
  • Author: Patrick Gale
  • ISBN: 9780006552208
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Rough Music”

    1. Patrick Gale is a prolific author but I was only introduced to his writing two years ago by my sister when she recommended Notes from An Exhibition(2007) and lent me a copy of The Whole Day Through(2009), the latter which I never reviewed for some reason, although I do remember liking it. Instantly hooked his entire back catalogue has now been added to my Wishlist. The only other title I have read so far is Friendly Fire (2005). I find that Patrick Gale is a particularly sensitive writer for a m [...]

    2. This was a thoroughly engrossing novel about relationships in all their variations and I had a hard time putting it down. The novel concerns one family but is told at two points in time, the present and thirty-two years previously. John and Frances Pagett and their 8-year-old son Julian spent a family holiday at a beach house in Cornwall decades earlier and there is an element of mystery to the novel since the reader soon becomes aware that "something" happened then that has affected their lives [...]

    3. Wow - I don't often read more than one book by the same author (apart from Classics that is). However, I loved Notes from an Exhibition and thought I'd try another from Patrick Gale. What a great read - you don't often find characters described in quite such accurate detail - each with their own, very deep issues and all intertwined in such complex ways. I really felt I got to know all of them. Yes, I did find myself turning back a few pages every now and then to remember what had happened, but [...]

    4. Julian grows up a solitary boy, the only child in a rather straight-laced family. His father is a prison governor and Julian occasionally speaks to the prisoners. The family take a holiday in a remote seaside bungalow and are joined by his uncle and cousin. It’s as a result of what happened on that holiday that a repeat of the experience, when his cousin books the same bungalow proved traumatic for all, especially his mother with her gathering Alzheimer’s disease.I’m a great fan of Patrick [...]

    5. Enjoyable enough but had trouble keeping up with the past and present chapters and names at times. I didn't find there was really a plot as such, which kind of disappointed. A childhood summer holiday gone past and 'coming to terms with uncomfortable truths about parents and himself'. They are joined one summer by his Uncle and cousin and repercussions of what happened back then come to a head in the future chapters. Affairs happen within the family. Dementia is mentioned regarding his mother, w [...]

    6. Another great novel from Patrick Gale who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors. Told as a mixture of past and present, it is full of varied interest, so much so that once the main 'twist' had been revealed, some way from the end, an astonishing number of loose ends still remained to be tied up. It wasn't quite as good as 'Notes from an Exhibition' but it wasn't very far off! Clearly Gale has drawn on his own experiences for some of the subject matter, but a great deal more of it must [...]

    7. Patrick Gale's books are brilliant. This one feels a bit personal too - there's more than a bit of autobiographical detail in Julian's character. Believable characters, two time frames and a ton of plot. Highly Recommended.

    8. Not his best work I didn't think (that's still notes on an exhibition for me) but a good read non the less.His characters always seem so believable no matter what situation they are inHas me looking to see what else in his back catalogue I haven't read.

    9. I really feel Rough Music should be a four star rating and I think it would be had I not read Notes from an Exhibition and A Perfectly Good Man earlier this year. Both of which were superb. This is good and in comparison to many many other authors it is streets ahead. However maybe my head wasn't there or it didn't touch me as the previous two did, it stays a three star. That said Patrick Gale remains by far one of my favorite authors currently. He is a master craftsman, I simply adore his use o [...]

    10. I was blown away by the complexity of this story. Everything and everyone constantly evolving and opening up. So well written. Four Stars!

    11. This book is the most overtly gay of Patrick Gale's novels that I have read so far, in that its main character is gay and the story involves his long-standing relationship with an 'in the closet' lover and the commencement of a new relationship.But the gay aspects of this story are really incidental. Its main subject is family; the scarcely-skinned-over fissures which families struggle on with over years and years, the unaddressed issues which can fester and yet which also hone us into more forg [...]

    12. Patrick Gale doesn't write about big topics - if you want to read homiletic tomes on war, terrorism, economics, political theory and so on, then you're probably better off staying away from his novels.But if you like beautifully written, intricately crafted personal novels that look at relationships, emotions, self awareness (or lack of it) and individual growth, if you like novels where the characters come alive for you, and you're left wanting to know more about how their futures unfolded at t [...]

    13. Wrong genre for me again. This book is about all in the family adultery, both heterosexual and homosexual, and Alzheimer's disease. Not that one leads to the other or anything. But one doesn't prevent the other either; commit adultery and avoid alzheimer's, it doesn't work that way. Anyone can get alzheimer's, chas v'shalom. OK, whatever, I think I am avoiding writing this review because I really didn't like this book very much. Patrick Gale writes well, if you don't mind reading the content. I [...]

    14. 4.5 stars.This is my first introduction to Patrick Gale and I really enjoyed this novel. When Will takes his parents, brother in law and nephews with him on a holiday in Cornwall, they also take with them a family secret which will blow up in their faces. While there it becomes apparent that their holiday house is the same one Will stayed in when he was a child on holiday with his parents and his glamorous American relatives. At that time, too, a secret which was uncovered changed the course of [...]

    15. This book was a complete unknown to me - never having heard of its title or author before. I thought it was a thriller, so I picked it up as a holiday read, not expecting anything overwhelmingly good in terms of the writing. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. 'Rough Music' is a very well put together book. The chapters switch between present day and a recollection of a family holiday from the protagonist's childhood. During the present day he visits a similar holiday cottage with his elde [...]

    16. I think the thing i don’t like about Gale’s books is that they are character driven. There is no main plot or storyline, per se, but an exploration of the characters and their lives. I’m sure others would argue that the characters’ lives is the storyline, but i see it more as a series of events. Semantics, but there is a difference. Regardless, Gale is brilliant at what he does. He shaped these vivid and flawed and realistic characters, he made me sympathise and despise all of them in tu [...]

    17. This book was ok, not really my type of novel.The book switches between the present and a period 30 years or so earlier.In the past the story follows Julian and his parents whilst holidaying in Cornwall. They are joined by his uncle and cousin from America. The story is very predictable. Julian's mother has an affair with her brother in law.Thirty years on Julian (now called Will) is given a birthday present of a week in Cornwall, back at the same cottage (although initially no one remembers the [...]

    18. I read this for my Queer book club and initially I found the beginning rather boring but as I read on I started to really enjoy the story and get engrossed in it. The story is about the gift of a family holiday gone very wrong. The trip awakens old, painful memories and bursts open new, startling secrets. Love, family dysfunction and relationships all rolled into one. It jumps back and forth between the past and the present with quite a few interesting twists to it. The protagonist, Will, is gay [...]

    19. Immensely gripping family drama in which runs two concurrent storylines - one the childhood Cornish holiday of Julian and his parents, joined by two estranged American relatives, and the second a return to the holiday home as an adult, accompanied by his parents again (this time with mum suffering from early onset Alzheimers) and his brother-in-lawAll of the characters are incredibly well-drawn, and the pace was masterful - the reveal of what happened on the first holiday, along with the dramati [...]

    20. I go more and more into liking this writer. He possesses the ability to create a sustained tension,an inner dynamic of the events and thoughts. I hardly could put the book down. There were some small flaws in the plot,for example, I wouldn`t expect someone so reserved like Francis to fall so easy into a love affair and demonstrate her feelings so openly before the children. The reaction of John was not mentioned. Judging from their restrained relationship,I would like to see more foundation for [...]

    21. A cleverly crafted plot which moves deftly between two separate periods in time and reveals the troubles and turmoil of characters who are completely convincing. This has such a ring of truth- some passages seem to come straight from the heart- that I was not surprised to hear that this novel has many autobiographical links. I loved it.

    22. I feel as though I am standing on a train platform, waving dearest friends goodbye. Tightness in my chest as they are wrenched from me as the train screeches and churns out of the station. I will watch it until it disappears from my vision, but I will not forget.

    23. An excellent Book, and a very interesting study of people and their behaviour towards one another. At times difficult to follow, but well worth persevering with. I rarely read books twice but this one might be the exception.

    24. This book was very well-written and the characters were brilliant but I'm afraid it just didn't draw me in. It's a shame that I was never excited to read it but I still wanted to know how the story came together at the end.

    25. God, I loved this SO much.The intricacies and emotions that are embedded in this story of a family coming-of-age will stay with me for a very long time. I'm very excited about reading more by Patrick Gale.

    26. Patrick Gale shows particular insight and sensitivity into the mother who is losing her memory and integrity of mind.

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