Pantaloon A poodle with a sweet tooth proves he really can be of help in a bakery shop despite being a hungry dog Color illustrations throughout

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A poodle with a sweet tooth proves he really can be of help in a bakery shop, despite being a hungry dog Color illustrations throughout.

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  1. A re-illustrated classic Golden Book that was first published in 1951, this book gets a charming new look. Pantaloon is a dog that loves to eat baked goods. So when a job opens at his local bakery, Pantaloon thinks he will be perfect for it. But the baker doesn’t. He thinks that Pantaloon will eat more than he bakes. Pantaloon even tries a disguise to get the job, but he’s discovered. While Pantaloon is in the barber shop getting his hair cut and trying to come up with his next plan, the bak [...]

  2. Adorable book with bright pictures about a poodle in pants who likes to wear hats and eat the pastries in the bakery. One day the baker has an accident b/c of Pantaloon's bicycle and he takes over, decorating and delivering the baked goods all over town. He leaves the baker but everyone wonders where he has gone so the baker bakes an enormous cake to get him back and they live happily ever after.

  3. Maybe I should stop reading books because I think the title is cute. This one wasn't for me. Sometimes the text rhymed, but mostly it didn't. That threw me off. In some ways the story dragged. In some ways it didn't flow as smoothly. Some other things that bothered me would probably sound even more picky, so I'll leave it at that.

  4. While the illustrations for this book were cute, I must confess that I found the story not as inviting for what is basically a classic children's "picture" book. It had the feeling of "and then", "and then" to me.

  5. ** spoiler alert **Pantaloon seekor anjing pudel hitam yang menyukai kue. Saat Baker membuka lowongan kerja di bakery-nya Pantaloon tentu tak menyia-nyiakan kesempatan itu. Tapi Pantaloon sangat suka kue. Baker berpikir, Pantaloon nanti bukannya memanggang kue tapi malah asyik menyantap kue-kuenya. Malang nasib Baker, sedang sibuk-sibuknya dia malah ditimpa halangan. Dia tersandung sepeda Pantaloon yang diparkir di depan tokonya. Merasa bersalah, Pantaloon segera menolong Baker. Tak berhenti di [...]

  6. I was prejudiced toward the stylized illustration that appears dated. The baker looks oddly familiar like the Sunshine Baker brand character. When I recognized that the story was copyright 1951 and I was looking at a Golden Book "reissue" with recent illustrations by Steven Salerno, the feel of the book took on a different character for me. The story is good. The illustrations are fantastic, however iconic. Endpapers worth the ride.

  7. This the story of a poodle with an insatiable desire to become a pastry chef. The baker, however, is prejudiced against dogs and refuses to hire Pantaloon as his assistant because the bake thinks he will eat more than he bakes. Then one day the baker takes a tumble, and Pantaloon seizes the opportunity to prove himself. This was one of the most beloved books of my childhood. There is a reissue, but it doesn't have Leonard Weisgard's illustrations, which are a vital part of the story.

  8. New 2010 retro-classic illustrations added to this circa 1951 Golden Book about a bike riding poodle who wants nothing more than to become a baker. The illustrations look great & the story is age-appropriate fun.

  9. I'm not what the story is on this re-illustrated re-issue but it's great. Pantaloon wants to be a baker, but the baker is concerned he might be more than he bakes. After a series of mishaps the baking bonding is in high swing!

  10. This is text from the beloved Golden Book of my childhood, but these are not the illustrations. These illustrations by Steven Salerno are whimsical and modern.

  11. When in doubt, hire a poodle. And don't, whatever you do, read any edition other than the one with illustrations by Leonard Weisgard.

  12. My students really enjoyed this story! They enjoyed the fact that the dog was trying so hard to be a cook- and didn't give up. I actually thought it was a great story as well!

  13. Cute, but not in a "you-must-buy-this-book-right-now" way. I think kids will get a kick out of Pantaloon's disguises. (I sure did!)

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