Reptiles and Amphibians: 212 Species in Full Color

Reptiles and Amphibians Species in Full Color Describes species of turtles snakes frogs salamanders and their relatives

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  • Title: Reptiles and Amphibians: 212 Species in Full Color
  • Author: Herbert S. Zim Hobart M. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780307240576
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Describes 212 species of turtles, snakes, frogs, salamanders and their relatives.

    One thought on “Reptiles and Amphibians: 212 Species in Full Color”

    1. I forgot all about this book when I was writing reviews on the insect and bird books that I read as a child. There must be a reason for this. While I like most snakes, I am not fond of amphibians, although I found it fun as a kid to walk slowly up to one, slowly move my hand to their head, and then be able to touch their nose with my finger. That was fun. As an adult I found Iguanas interesting, like when I was in Mexico I followed one in the hallway of a hotel, and it turned an hissed at me. I [...]

    2. Reptiles & Amphibians: 212 Species in Full Color is an excellent science book to have in a classroom science corner for the children to look at all the different animals. It gives them a chance to see pictures of reptiles and amphibians that are not in the area of your school to increase their exposure to the animal world.

    3. I'll give this 5 stars just because it is one of the first books I loved as a child. I must have checked this thing out of my elementary school library 50 times. I have not idea what it was that I loved, but now, 45 years later, i can still remember every page and drawing.

    4. The first book I ever owned! I think it was back in 1966 when I received it as a gift from my grandpa! d I loved frogs (and Herbert Zim's books) ever since!

    5. A guide to different retiles and amphibians. It contains some good photographs and drawings ae well as information about these creatures. It is easy to use.

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