Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids

Tell Me Tree All About Trees for Kids Featuring a special section on how children can make a tree identification book of their own this title is a bright and colorful introduction to trees leaves and their inner workings in nature Full

  • Title: Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids
  • Author: Gail Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9780316309035
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Featuring a special section on how children can make a tree identification book of their own, this title is a bright and colorful introduction to trees, leaves, and their inner workings in nature Full color.

    One thought on “Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids”

    1. This book is packed with information about trees: how they grow, their parts, different types of trees, what trees contribute to the world, how to identify various trees, etc. etc. etc. There is also a wonderful section on how to do some art and nature/science/tree projects; they’d work equally well at home or in a classroom or other social or activity or educational group.I didn’t like the illustrations of the people but loved the illustrations of the trees and parts of trees, and the illus [...]

    2. This book describes everything a young mind would want to know about trees. It describes what trees need to grow, how they begin as seeds and turn into seedlings, and soon into big trees. It even describes the bark and layers that trees have, and the idea of photosynthesis and how that gives us oxygen to breathe. The book even has pages of identification of different trees. I would have this book in my class for students to read to learn about different kinds of trees. Maybe we would even have a [...]

    3. When it comes to learning about trees, this is the best book I've come across. This book is absolutely packed with useful information trees and the cycle of them. Kids could learn so, so much by reading this. I love that with each picture of a tree, the author provides readers of a close up picture of a leaf from that tree. I thought that was very interesting. Something else I found interesting was that there was a little snippet of the oldest tree in the world. Great way to introduce why trees [...]

    4. This book is an informational picture book about trees. I would say this book is used for younger elementary up to 2nd grade. There are plenty of pictures that go along with the words. Many pictures have labeling of the different types of the trees. I really like this book because it can help students identify different trees by showing up-close pictures of different types of leaves.

    5. This may not be a book I read out loud (unless it's for a science lesson). However, I would love to have this book available to children that love nature. The illustrations are fun and educational. I really liked the end of the book where it gives the reader a hands on activity to do.

    6. This is a fascinating look at trees. The narrative is written for children, so it's not overly detailed and has lots of pictures. I like the fact that there's a picture of each tree along with a close-up picture of a leaf from the tree. That makes this book a useful guide for identifying different trees. There are also suggestions for crafts and keeping a tree log, inviting kids to explore and make their own discoveries. It's not too long, but I would recommend reading it in parts for younger, e [...]

    7. This text has great illustrations that could really be used in the classroom to teach students about trees! I even learned quite a bit while reading the text ;). There were a lot of labeled illustrations that show the difference between different types of leaves, trees, fruits, seeds, and more. It illustrates photosynthesis, where different types of trees grow, and how to successfully plant a new tree. It shares facts about how many trees are lost and teaches readers about deforestation. There i [...]

    8. As we are beginning our tree unit in Kindergarten, I am using this book to introduce non-fiction texts. The book contains great information about parts of a tree, different kinds of trees, and how trees grow. The pictures are illustrations, but every picture is labeled and there are captions throughout the book. There are also diagrams of trees and parts of trees. It is a great way to introduce a few aspects of non-fiction, but not to overwhelm students with all of the elements, such as photogra [...]

    9. Grade 1-2, Parts of a plant, Life cycle of tree and seasonal changes-great book to show the many different types of trees-also describes the parts of a tree,such as a trunk, branches, leaves-goes into photosynthesis-animated pictures are great and colorful-also describes the inside of a tree, such as cambium, phloem, etc.

    10. This is a great beginner book for learning about trees. There are also a few common tree entries that can be used for identification. I will say, that if you are in need of a tree identification book for leaf collections, etc this one is not detailed enough for thatbut a great beginner resource!

    11. A great book for teaching children about trees. It goes through the whole process of starting from a seed to a full grown tree. Talks about how trees get food and produce oxygen. And it also has grey pictures for identifying trees and explains the differences. A great informative book. (Nonfiction)

    12. Great book for children all about trees. Goes into detail about the different kinds of trees, their leaves, and the functions of each part of a tree. Also shows how children can make their own Tree Identification book.

    13. Not bad. The leaf illustrations could be sharper, but I'm comparing it to real photos on a free poster from my state's dept of conservation.

    14. Pretty good cartoonish-illustrated books that helps with tree identification, their parts, and their importance.

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