Aiden's Luck

Aiden s Luck Seattle Stories Book ThreeHouse sitting for a friend is supposed to be a lucky break for Aiden Daly Discovering his new housemate is the image of his first crush turns it into a nightmare Marco de Luc

  • Title: Aiden's Luck
  • Author: Con Riley
  • ISBN: 9781623802462
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seattle Stories Book ThreeHouse sitting for a friend is supposed to be a lucky break for Aiden Daly Discovering his new housemate is the image of his first crush turns it into a nightmare Marco de Luca is obviously interested in being than housemates, but his resemblance to Aiden s ideal man seems only skin deep Besides, Aiden doesn t date.Since his adoptive fatheSeattle Stories Book ThreeHouse sitting for a friend is supposed to be a lucky break for Aiden Daly Discovering his new housemate is the image of his first crush turns it into a nightmare Marco de Luca is obviously interested in being than housemates, but his resemblance to Aiden s ideal man seems only skin deep Besides, Aiden doesn t date.Since his adoptive father s suicide, Aiden s first priority has been supporting his remaining family and shielding them from the truth of their financial situation Deeply concerned for his mother s mental health, Aiden remains closeted and lonely, convinced that bad luck is the only luck he ll ever have.As if the pressure of keeping his father s financial secrets weren t enough to handle, Aiden s birth father makes contact, sending Aiden s anxieties spiraling out of control But it s a crisis at work that finally brings Aiden to his breaking point Accepting support from Marco is a gamble, but it could be just what Aiden needs to turn his luck around.

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    1. DNF at 40 %About my ratingBased on the first 40 % of the story I'd've rated Aiden's Luck with 1 star. I added a second star because I don't know if the story would improve throughout the second half of the plot. Please bear with me but I'm not in the mood to write an in-depth review. The gif relates to my decision that I might be done with this series. With that said I really don't mean to be disrespectful but Aiden's Luck was terribly, terribly boring. As I see it, the story could have been tit [...]

    2. prego, signora rileyly rewarding, despite a stiff and expositional start. i found the language loosened up into the much more polished flow of memories and dialogue that is this author's métier. as a romance, it's got it all: conflict, angst, and some very one-handed passagesllains become heroes; heroes become human; and orphans find their homes apartment is toilet-paper-town. i'm out of motherfucking tissues.

    3. After reading the first book, I couldn't wait to read about Marco. I really liked Ben's youngest brother when he was introduced near the end. I was also very curious about Aiden.So I skipped book 2 about Peter. He was an oke guy, but his story just wasn't as important to me ;)I really enjoyed this one. Marco was just wonderful and Aidenwell he seemed to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Ofcourse this was because of his own making but I still understood why he did the things h [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Aiden has been struggling to support his family since his father's suicide. He is living on the edge of a nervous breakdown, barely coping financially, working long hours, and unable to tell the truth to anyone. House-sitting for a friend gives him some much needed space until another guest, a forward, outspoken, beautiful Italian named Marco moves in with him. Marco shakes up his tightly wound world and Aiden tries to freeze him out. But as the cracks start to appear he realises Marc [...]

    5. Each book in this series has affected me personally. I thought I related to After Ben the most until I read Saving Sean and then I was all about that one and then I read this. I won’t get TMI with the review but Aiden’s Luck, well it was my luck to find him. I am a bit Marco and a whole lot of Aiden in so many ways. While I devoured the first two books, I had to take my time with Aiden’s story and not get lost in my weight of responsibility as I identified with his. Aiden, he is this large [...]

    6. I sobbed my way through most of After Ben and had a hard time picking up the pieces. In the process, I fell in love with Ben, who was a very real, visceral presence in the first book. I love how he loved Theo, how nurturing he was, how good and funny, and about perfect. I wanted Bend then when Theo goes to Milan for closurewell, I met Marco, andar god, MARCO. Of course, I had to read the third book. I skipped right through the second, because who cares about Sean?, and I wanted Peter not to show [...]

    7. I’m going to start this review by answering the long awaited question: is this book worth reading? This is tricky to answer. It’s not as good as After Ben was but it’s better than Saving Sean. It may not leave you with the same appreciation for it that the first book did, but it also doesn’t leave you as disappointed as was the case with the second. I do not regret reading it, but if I’m being honest, I think it can be skipped. I would definitely recommend it to those who liked the sec [...]

    8. This was not very good - and a disappointment after the strong first installment and the ok second one. I thought about why I didn't like it much and the most prominent reason is, that it indeed was boring. I think I would have liked it in fact better if I hadn't read the first two books. It felt very repetitive and the whole story was predictable and there was no development at all that came as an interesting turn. I think the main problem for me was, that Aiden's and Marco's story was too thor [...]

    9. I enjoyed this more than I expected to, it took me a long time to warm up to Aiden though. I found myself really frustrated with him for long chunks of the storyhis anger, his martyrdom, his disconnection. I wanted someone to shake him. I was glad to see him begin to let go of his issues and accept that he can't do everything by himself. It made him a much more likeable character for me especially when he got over his Joel snit which has been bothering me for two books.The story jumped around a [...]

    10. 2.5This is the third book in the Seattle Stories series. Like with After Ben and Saving Sean, there are many things to like about this book.These are the things I thought worked well:1) The author delivers clever, well-written sentences, that make the imagery and emotion shine off the page. 2) The characters are mostly very likeable and three dimensional – not always perfect in their decisions – in this book you see a clear arc in how Aiden approaches his life. 3) Marco has a wonderful livel [...]

    11. DNF at 50% (skimmed to the end). I didn't hate it, and I'm not sure I can articulate why I stopped reading, so bear with me. The narrative structure is frustrating. Chapters break before crucial moments, important stuff happens off page, then we read about it later in flashback. (Why?) Halfway through, I just wasn't warming to Aiden and there was too much going on yet nothing was progressing at a satisfying pace. On the plus side, I did love Marco's pushy sweetness.

    12. Why am I not surprised? This story took off, just like the others in the series, and I flew with it. I love the hardship and the problem-solving that happen, I adore Marco and his obnoxious, in-your-face-loving-ways, and I love that Aiden manages to finally take a step outside himself, and let the rest of the family help HIM, for once.I adored Marco walking around in Ben's footsteps, trying to get a glimpse of all the things Ben had experienced in Seattle. It actually brought me to big snotty te [...]

    13. This might be my fave of the series so far. I wanted to take Marco home with me. I totally loved him. He was up in Aiden's grill ALL THE TIME and it was great!Aiden we know from the past two books, and the dude is uptight, not very friendly and has been ambiguously gay as wellEspecially since he's always hating on Joel his brother Evan's guy.The thing is Aiden is dealing with a clusterfuck of MAJOR proportions. He has saddled himself with every kind of problem so that Evan and his mom never have [...]

    14. Book 3 in Con Riley's Seattle series and like Books 1 and 2, I loved it. Both protagonists in this novel were introduced to the reader in Book 2 as minor characters, its now a guessing game as to who will be the protagonists in Book 4 (please let there be a Book 4). My bets are on Joel the store assistant with the alcoholic brother and the muscley, buzz-cut policeman who's had a previous encounter with Aiden in this novel.These novels are of a really decent length, superb character analysis and [...]

    15. I've had this ebook for a long time and something kept me for picking it up. Maybe it was the fact that Con Riley is very accomplished at breaking your freaking heart with her books and I was trying to save myself some pain. I did pick it up, though, and got everything I was expecting and then some. First things first. I absolutely hated Marco in Saving Sean. I thought he was annoyingly perky and his complete disregard for boundaries put me off. But, his character meshed with Aiden's so well tha [...]

    16. I just glanced at my friends list and of those who read this book, they seem to be a hit or miss on rating and enjoyment. So, take my review for what it is, just my opinion, you may or may not have the same reaction.First off, I read this book hiding in my bedroom during the holiday while family was visiting. I stayed up until 3am, turning the pages furiously. I am very grateful for this book in keeping my sanity.I loved the first book of the series, After Ben, there was just enough angst and co [...]

    17. I LOVED this one, even as I found this a stressful read. The enormous weight Aiden carried on his shoulders was so overwhelming, I found myself almost ill from it a time or two. It made me edgy enough I had to take a break right in the middle of it. I want to say that I love how the subject of mental illness, depression, and even addiction is handled throughout this series. Something that could easily have been read as capitalizing on real life tragedy instead read true. The storys managing to h [...]

    18. As with the author's first installment in this series, I found myself reading a story I had (sort of) read before. This was a fan fiction too but the writer has changed quite a bit and improved the story. Unfortunately it was kind of a disappointment, too long and not particularly interesting to read.

    19. This book was so incredibly frustrating. I wanted to love it, or even like it, but ended up barely being able to tolerate it. My predominant thought throughout was: where the heck was the editor, and why hasn't she been fired? And while I've resisted, I'm gradually coming around to the commonly accepted viewpoint about this publisher and editing. Because no editor anywhere should have let this book go to press, so to speak, as it is: with the vast majority of the important, or even interesting, [...]

    20. Following the heartbreaking story in ‘After Ben’ and the tumultuous events in ‘Saving Sean’ (where Aiden first appears), it was clear to me that this third book was most likely going to be equally emotional and heart-wrenching. I thought I was ready for Aiden’s story, but boy, was I wrong. Some of the unsolved interpersonal issues from the first two books resurface and new ones are added. While both main characters have personal and family problems, Aiden is the one who really suffers [...]

    21. I just finished Saving Sean a day ago and found out that Aiden's Luck was coming out the next day, to say I was happy is a gross understatement! I started this book about 12:30AM and couldn't put it down until I finished it about 6:45AM.Aiden pulled me in from the start, grabbed me by the heart and said 'sit down and pay attention to my life' so I did. I *love* Aiden, like uncontrollably. I thought Peter was the most unselfish, loving, giving character I'd really read about in a long time but I [...]

    22. I totally agree with this review, so I just want to add a couple of other points.- Riley makes excellent use of Seattle's weather to reflect the confusing and conflicting issues Aiden is dealing with. It was lovely.- The disconcerting social issue of abuse against men is dealt with most profoundly in all of the Seattle books. Riley wants it be acknowledged and shows us what positive steps can be taken to help people. It also challenges readers to fight pre-conceived stereotyoes about not seeing [...]

    23. I really loved this book mostly because Aiden is one of my favorite characters. I understood his prickly, and defensive personality. I understood why Joel and Marco upset him, and I understood why he felt he had to do what he did. Ok, maybe the reason I liked him so much is that we have many of the same personality traits, and having someone push me in the way Joel does Aiden would have gotten the same reaction out of me. It was nice to see Aiden's growth over the course of the story, and I real [...]

    24. I knew I was saving the five for something. I could not be more enamored of Aiden and Marco.I think the slow revelation of the hole Aiden had dug himself was masterfully plotted. A true look into the psyche of so many.Marco was beautiful inside and out. And hilarious.Looking forward to reading more about Drew and Jack and Levi in the future. Hoping for some cop and librarian loving. Unf.As always, my biggest complaint is: NEEDS MORE MORGAN.

    25. I liked Aiden and Marco's story a lot. I thought Riley's dealing with the aftermath of a parent's death to be particularly well written and Marco's European sensibilities shone through everything he did for Aiden.Their relationship was a good buildup and ultimately, knitted together into a tight give-take. Con Riley consistently delivers a good story, dealing with both loss and resurrection of spirit. Lots of intimate scenes and exploration.Seriously a good read.

    26. Aiden's Luck is by far the BEST of the series. The series continues to get better. Con Riley is an excellent story teller!!!! I can't wait for the next book - I want more of Aiden and Marco!!!!!!

    27. One of the things I love about Con Riley's Seattle Stories series is that you don't need to read the books in sequence to fully enjoy them. Each installment stands firmly on its own. My having read the entire series to date might make one question how I can say that since I know the whole story and could quite possibly fill in any blanks with what I know of earlier installments. Yes, I have read the first three books—but I actually read Aiden's story first. I got to pre-read Aiden's Luck befor [...]

    28. Perhaps one of the strongest human instincts is the desire to protect the people you love, from harm of all kinds. Aiden has been taking care of his mother and younger, adopted brother, ever since his father's death. He's protected them from the knowledge of his father's feet of clay, and from finding out that the money that should have supported them all was long gone. He puts all his time and energy into shielding the two people he cares for from stress of all kinds, running his own business i [...]

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