Foxe Den

Foxe Den FOXE DEN follows Skyler Foxe and his friends through the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year s in this collection of short stories Along the way Skyler gets to inflict his mother on his boyfrien

  • Title: Foxe Den
  • Author: Haley Walsh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FOXE DEN follows Skyler Foxe and his friends through the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year s, in this collection of short stories Along the way, Skyler gets to inflict his mother on his boyfriend Keith, meets Keith s parents, and just generally tries to navigate the treacherous waters of a brand new relationship Unlike the novels, this novella hasn t any mystery toFOXE DEN follows Skyler Foxe and his friends through the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year s, in this collection of short stories Along the way, Skyler gets to inflict his mother on his boyfriend Keith, meets Keith s parents, and just generally tries to navigate the treacherous waters of a brand new relationship Unlike the novels, this novella hasn t any mystery to solve It s the sort of stuff that happens between characters once the book cover is closed a gift of DVD extras.

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    1. 4 stars!Ah, meeting Skyler, Keith and his friends is always a great adventure. In this collection of three short stories, we get a glimpse at Skyler and Keith’s Thanksgiving, Turkey Extravaganza, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Just like in Out-Foxed, Skyler is struggling with the level of commitment his relationship with Keith is about to require. Meeting the family of the respective other, moving in and finding solutions for everyday problems! I really loved getting a deeper look in [...]

    2. 3.75 stars rounded upThe four stories in this collection revolves around important holidays. It's complete fluff (no dead bodies!) and shows development on how Skyler handling (for the first time!!) being in a relationship and what entails ThanksgivingTwo gays (Skyler and Keith), a jew (Sidney), and a Fillipino (Mike) walked into a bar uhm, Skyler's mother's house for Thanksgiving dinner. The vignette tackles the question about whether Skyler is brave enough to ask Keith to move in with him. I [...]

    3. A series of short stories chronicling Thanksgiving, "TE" (Turkey Extravaganza) Day, Christmas, and New Year's with Skyler and boyfriend, Keith.Skyler is delightful as he continuously freaks out about the progression of his relationship with Keith and gets advice along the way from Sidney, Jamie, and Philip. Keith spends time with Skyler's mom, and Skyler spends time with Keith's family.All in all they're sweet little shorts that showcase the best of all the characters and Joel Leslie narrates ea [...]

    4. I really loved this one! I love Skyler and Keith together and their family/holiday time was so sweet. I know Skyler has his doubts, but Keith is perfect for him and I can't wait to see what happens next.This review would not be complete without mentioning how awesome a job Joel Leslie does on the narration. All of his character voices are great and I absolutely love the audiobooks for this series.

    5. I liked this a lot, at least as much as the mystery books! It was nice to see Skyler getting to grips with this whole boyfriend thing:) a live-in one on top of that. Well, perhaps a bit much time between the sheets, but otherwise it was a wonderful read.

    6. Nice insight and family stuff about Skyler and Keith.The only bad part is that now I'm waiting for Foxe Fire :(

    7. ***Audiobook*** TE (Thanksgiving Extravaganza!) Day with Skyler and friends, as well as Christmas with Skyler's mom and New Year's with Keith's family. Still loving this series!

    8. Now this was a nice change of pace and something to get anyone into the holiday mood. There are no crimes to be solved, bad guys to be caught or Skyler sticking his nose into things where its not wanted. Instead we have the relationship drama Skyler Foxe style.Well, it’s not really a drama but Skyler on this front likes to build mountains out of molehills. At least that is make take on it, talk about a drama queen – lol! Keith has decided to stay on at school and with Skyler after everything [...]

    9. Without a mystery to solve, the plot of these short stories revolves around Skyler's navel-gazing about his relationship with Keith. I can understand some reluctance on his part, but reading about it over and overd over, it really gets tiresome. And then, if Keith even hints that he's scared of Skyler's flakiness, Skyler gets offended and act like how dare Keith question him. What?! All Skyler does is act hot-and-cold and long suffering Keith takes it like a champ for some reason. Every characte [...]

    10. Through four short stories - Thanksgiving, Turkey Extravaganza, Christmas and New Year's - we see the development of Skyler and Keith's relationship and how Skyler is handling commitment, including moving in together, Keith's habits and meeting boyfriend's family.Yes, I was annoyed at Sidney for always pushing Skyler, though the results were good. I liked the cooking scene a lot and the fact that Skyler's kids were included in the stories. It is always a pleasure to see Skyler as teacher. Seeing [...]

    11. 3.5 starsThis was a fun series of holiday shorts that start off immediately after book #3 with Thanksgiving and takes us through New Year's. Skyler and Keith's relationship is moving right along, and commitment-phobe Skyler is understandably freaking out about it. We get to meet Keith's family and see Skyler adapt to the new changes in his life while he contemplates sharing his life with someone else. Oh, and Keith - Motown is one of the greatest music genres of all time. Get with the program, d [...]

    12. I am very glad that the author wrote these Holiday shorties. I especially needed Thanksgiving since it was a bit part of book 3.Now I need a break from Skyler but I will be back!

    13. This is a bunch of smaller stories put together by the author to go between books. If you aren't reading the series they aren't much. I think they are well written shorts. Skyler and Keith are well portrayed you can actually see a lot of the characters for shorts. I will admit Skyler isn't shown in good light in these shorts. He is constantly doubting his relationship but getting angry about others doubting it. Keith is Keith. He is almost portrayed as "Saintly" in these stories. In the end it i [...]

    14. Skyler's parents divorced, his father abandoned the family, and Skyler bares the scars. Still weighed down by doubts, he takes baby steps in opening his life and heart to Keith.In this novella, they both face every new couple's worst nightmare - meeting the family. I am happy to report that both survived, and for once no one was trying to kill Skyler.

    15. I love Skyler Foxe and Keith Fletcher. I am also very appreciative that I was offered the opportunity to do a review on this book.There is no mystery here. At least not a murder. What is a mystery, though, is why Skyler has a hard time committing to Keith Fletcher. His first real 'boyfriend' after years of one-night stands.Keith is very nearly perfect. He's sweet, attentive, and an amazing lover. Sure he's got his issues (he's kind of a slob) but the good outweighs the bad! So why is Skyler havi [...]

    16. Audio book review:This was a great addition to the story and apparently a set up for the next book. I loved that the author explored Skyler's "issues" a little more. Skyler and Keith have moved in together and, as is his way, Skyler is freaking out. This takes us through Thanksgiving with Skyler's mom, TE day with his friends, Christmas with mom and friends, and New Year's with Keith's family. Throughout each occasion Skyler has to determine whether he will let his fears ruin what could be the b [...]

    17. 3.5 stars--The first 3 Skyler Foxe books made one story—it was just a three part serial. This book, # 3.5, is said to be a book of short stories. I found it, however, to read like a single story. It’s just under 100 pages and starts just before Thanksgiving (mere minutes after book 3 ended) and goes through New Years. I like Skyler. I like Keith, and I really like Sidney and the SFC guys, but by the end of this book, I was so tired of Skyler’s relationship insecurities/phobia. I mean over [...]

    18. This novella is basically a collection of well developed venettes. It grows Skylar and Keith's relationship by watching them take on the holidays. We watch them at Thanksgiving with his mom, Sydney, and Mike. We join them for TE day - Skylar's big Thanksgiving todo for his friends. See them celebrate their first Christmas together. Finally, we watch as Skylar meets the "in-laws" over the New Years holiday. There really isn't a lot of plot other than watching the relationship and listening to Sky [...]

    19. ***audiobook review***i listened to this book over the thanksgiving holiday - it was absolutely perfect for that. this might be my favorite story of the series so far! i love how far keith and skyler have comed cannot wait for more from them! i think i had a smile on my face through the whole story!joel leslie's performance was absolutely perfect as always. i cannot even imagine anyone else performing this series - he just nails it!

    20. Wthout the mystery element this was different. No interruptions for the relationship stuff. It was a wonderful collection of holiday vinegettes. I'm a huge fan of Skyler Fox by now. He's absolutely one of the funniest and cutest characters I've ever read. i can so understand why Keith is so smitten with him.Meeting the in-laws was a blast! It brought depth to Keith's character too, till now he's been a bit mysterious.

    21. These are a series of novellas that follow Sky and Keith thru the holidays. We follow Keith and Skye taking the big step of living together. Skye is the constant perfectionist and loves his orderly life, he wonders if he's really ready for Keith who is in. A short word a slob. I love how we witness watching both men compromising and also finding time for hot sex. I love this book, it's a nice fun read and anytime with Skye, Keith and his friends is a pleasure.

    22. I jumped into the middle of the Skyler Foxe series because this audio book fit the time I had to listen. I loved hearing the growing relationship between Skyler and Keith as it plays out over the holiday seasonTE: I received a free ebook for an honest review for "Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast."

    23. This is three short tales about the characters from Thanksgiving through New Years. No mystery in the story except if the two lead characters will work out in a relationship.Fun read, but not as fun as the mystery stories. Looking forward to the next book Foxe Fire which came in the mail yesterday.

    24. i like this one i gave it a low star rate only because it move too fast i would like it be a bit more information on how his holidays went some flashbavks of perivous but this book is a must to read because you can see how keiths family reacts to sky

    25. Like, others it was good to see Skyler learning what it takes to be in a relationship, Keith is good for him. Also, good to meet up with his friends and there are some great family members on both sides. Good fun.

    26. I'm dissapointted because of Skyler! I love Keith.I adore Keith. He's going fine in the relationship but Skyler look like he hadn^t have relationship! Everything on Keith!!

    27. A collection of cute snippets where Skyler & Keith celebrate the holidays and stumble over friends, family, and starting a relationship.

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