The Galleys at Lepanto

The Galleys at Lepanto HistoryReligion Philosophy

  • Title: The Galleys at Lepanto
  • Author: Jack Beeching
  • ISBN: 9780684179186
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • HistoryReligion Philosophy

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    1. The Battle of Lepanto. This was without a shadow of a doubt one of the Top 4 most important naval battles in history. Along with the Battle of Midway, Battle of Trafalgar, and the Battle of Salamis.And the greatest naval battle that most people have never heard of in America especially. This book starts off setting the tone for what led up to this great battle that occured in what is the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. The forces of the Turkish Empire are marching across eastern Europe on to Vienna. [...]

    2. review: the galleys at lepanto 11/25/133 starsThis is a long winded prosaic narrative focusing on religiously driven politicsand ruler intrigue. The viewpoint is from the standpoint of the aristocracy andleading generals of the period that led up to and immediately followed thebattle of Lepanto in 1571. It narrates the Spanish position of King Phillip versus the Venetian position,in terms of political economic control of territory and empire. Backdrophistorical references of the Turkish empire l [...]

    3. October 7th is the Church's memorial of our Lady of the Rosary, formerly known as Our Lady of Victory in commemoration of the sea battle between the Holy League and the Turkish navy of Selim II. I had to preach a homily on the day, and I cobbled together some tidbits and second-hand references, with a dash of Thermopylae and Actium to taste; but I felt like a fraud, and decided to read up on the day so as not to mislead anyone as to the true nature of the conflict. A friend's recommendation led [...]

    4. Jack Beeching's well written novel was so good I had to go see him at his home in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Never in my life have I felt so intellectually dwarfed as when I met Jack.We talked in his apartment, and I met his wife, too. Jack was a Royal Navy survivor of WW II, something of a poet, and had much to tell. Unfortunately, he was on dyalisis at that time and couldn't get around. The Galleys seems like it would make a fantastic movie, and Jack and I agreed on that. Part of his earlier tr [...]

    5. Pretty good background about Spain and the Ottoman Empire before and during the Battle of Lepanto, with some very interesting information about Don Juan/John and other important figures of the time, but the author seems to have a romanticized view of "the glory of war", and some of his statements about Islam were controversial if not downright offensive. (I also found the author's references to "sodomy" and "unnatural vice" offensive, but then, I suppose I can't really criticize a book written i [...]

    6. The Ottoman Empire came a naval battle away from dominating the entire Mediterranean Sea and the coasts on both the North and the South of the sea. A failure to properly innovate their naval ships allowed the Alliance of Spain, Venice and the Vatican to destroy the squadron at Lepanto, a major turning point in the history of the Ottoman Empire and perhaps the beginning of the downfall, which took another 340 years to happen. A lesson learned-a strong navy is very important to the security of the [...]

    7. This is a tale of the great battle at Lepanto (1571) between the Turks and the Christian League composed of primarily Spain and Venice but including the Papal State. It is vividly told and represents the end of the galleys after two thousand years going all the way back to the Greeks and Persians. And the conflict between Muslims and Christians, between Catholics and Protestant England, the rebelliousness of Catalonia, the invasion of Cyprus by the Turks, and the conflict between Sunni Turkey an [...]

    8. History can often be boring, but this piece of history disguised the most important naval battle of the 16th century as an action-novel starring the almost comedically chivalrous Don Juan of Austria. Surrounded by stories of Mediterranean pirates, the epic defenses fought by the Hospitallers, and the Moorish rebellions of Spain, the tale of Don Juan builds to a climax at the Battle of Lepanto, where the Holy League Fleet smashes the previously invincible Ottoman Navy. Can you tell that I get exc [...]

    9. Complex story, well written. The author keeps to relevant tangents, and does not lose sight of the main thread of the story of the battle between Christian Europe and the Sultan of Constantinople. A continuous thread in the narrative is the life of Don John (a.k.a. Don Juan). My reason for reading this was to learn more about Pope Pius V, and his role in the history of this crusade against the Turks.

    10. A great history of the major sea battle that stopped the Turkish advance into the European world. Includes the lead-up and personalities involved on both sides of the struggle for dominance and the conflicts among the Western participants.

    11. A fine little history of one of the greatest battles on the sea that ever was -- and one of the most decisive Christian victories in the long history of the Jihad. Recommended.

    12. the meeting of two great navies makes up only a small amount of this book. The lives of Don John and the Sultans are the majority of the book. Very interesting read.

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