One thought on “नाझी भस्मासुराचा उदयास्त”

  1. If you want to know Adolf Hitler truly you should buy this book. Kanitkar sir takes us into the history and we get lost into it while reading this book.Must read for a Marathi Readaddict.

  2. निवेदनाची शैली अप्रतिम आहे. इतिहास वाचत आहोत कि अनुभवत आहोत या पातळीवर प्रत्येक ऐतिहासिक पुस्तक जात नाही, जे या पुस्तकाबाबत नक्की होतं, आणि गुणांकन ४ दिले कारण ४. ५ देता येत नाही. ५ दिले असते प [...]

  3. This is one of the best books I've read on the history of WWII from a perspective that tells you what an Indian should learn from it. I wish there was an English translation so that I could recommend this to more of my friends.

  4. नमस्कार मित्रांनो,मी बरीच पुस्तके वाचली आहेत. "नाझी भस्मासुराचा उदयास्त" हे वि.ग.कानिटकर यांचे त्यापैकीच एक अतिशय उत्कृष्ट ऎतिहासिक पुस्तक आहे.अलिकडेच मी या पुस्तकाचे वाचन पूर्ण केले.अनेक [...]

  5. This is an intriguing book based on the life of Hitler.Hitler's childhood, his role in First World war, his entry into political realm, his Journey to become the Chancellor of Germany, World War 2 and his death is presented in this book.The fact that the author has presented the conversations which happened during those times takes the book to new levels. And this is the most fascinating part of this book. Must read if you want to know about the devil's rise and fall.

  6. One of the amazing books that I have read on the years of Nazi Germany. Gripping war descriptions, a view of world politics then, candid explanations of atrocities, and wonderful insights on the life of Adolf Hitler from his birth to being at helm, his strengths and weaknesses, and as the title says - the rise and fall of Nazi rule. A must read for a history lover.

  7. Apratimgalyanne vachave ase book. Hitler var vachlele majhe pehle book.Yanantar Hitler var books vachane ani documentaries baghne ha veglach chhand jhala ahe. The most fascinating personality of the 20the century.

  8. Awesome book. Author has also explained the better side of Hitler along with the weaknesses. He was true and great patriot. Book give very good idea about the political situations in 2nd world war.

  9. An interesting read. As it is said, "History is written by survivors". This is the other side of the WW II story.

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