Scornfully Yours

Scornfully Yours This book is intended for readers who has a serious fixation for hotshot actors and playboy athletes The best kind of revenge is to let him see how strong and beautiful you are with or without him Wh

  • Title: Scornfully Yours
  • Author: Pamela Ann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • This book is intended for readers who has a serious fixation for hotshot actors and playboy athletes The best kind of revenge is to let him see how strong and beautiful you are, with or without him When Emma realized that she fell in love with the notorious womanizer, Carter Mason the badass Soccer athlete she bailed and jumped ship, knowing quite well how this will This book is intended for readers who has a serious fixation for hotshot actors and playboy athletes The best kind of revenge is to let him see how strong and beautiful you are, with or without him When Emma realized that she fell in love with the notorious womanizer, Carter Mason the badass Soccer athlete she bailed and jumped ship, knowing quite well how this will turn out if Carter ever finds out about how she felt about him Newly single, Emma parties in Hollywood amongst her friends determined to enjoy her new status Enter Hollywood s sexy heartthrob and sought out actor, Bass Cole Bass was clearly smitten when his eyes captured the raving beauty that is Emma Anderson Without ado, he pursues her Being with Bass opened a lot of doors for Emma But as much as she was attracted to Bass Cole, could she simply put her feelings towards Carter Mason aside Contains adult language and situation intended for readers 18 and above

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    1. “The man who will wholeheartedly deserve your love is the man who will be there at your lowest, the one who loves you in all your shades—the light, the hued and the dark.” Emma Anderson's life revolves around one guy, a guy she fell in love with after months of dating. The problem is, she doesn't know if he feels the same way.Meetthe guy , Carter Mason--[image error]Their university's soccer team star player. Tall, dark, and handsome, plus, a monster between the sheets. What's not to love? [...]

    2. 5 smoking hot stars!!!"When feelings of abandonment and betrayal arise with a soul mate, they do not last. Once soul mates achieve an ultimate level of symbiosis and serenity with each other, it remains forever."Emma Anderson isn't stupid- Being in a sex only relationship isn't going to work especially since Emma realises she has fallen in love with Bad boy Carter Mason.She realises she needs to end things because Carter has made it evident that he doesn't DO the love thing"I don’t do any of t [...]

    3. Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. This person is one you could forever talk to. They understand you in a way that no one else does or even could. This person is your soulmate, your best friend. Don't ever let them go, for they're your guardian angel sent from heaven above.Huh? What just happened? It was the strangest book. I'm still not sure what happened. Did it have a happy ending? Is it a cliffhanger? The next book is her friend's story, but will this love stor [...]

    4. ”What is it about sexy bad boys that were just hard to resist?”This book grabbed my attention from the start! It was sexy, funny and addicting.Emma realizes that she is in love with her impossible, hot, soccer star boyfriend. So she does what any girl would do when they face this truthe dumps him. Now don’t get me wrong she knows what she's doing and Carter realizes quick that he feels the same way. Problem is that she has met movie star Bass Cole and he is all sorts of sweet and sexy and [...]

    5. I wish I could be more eloquent, but this is all I've got. I finished it. I suspect I am perverse enough to want to know what ends up happening, so I guess I'll end up reading the next book, but it's going to be under protest. I don't really like Emma. She often sounds like Malibu Barbie, and her decision making abilities are seriously suspect. Carter is the definition if man-whore douche bag. And Bass, well, he would be the saving grace, except the way he is written is so weirdly formal, I keep [...]

    6. My inner grammar snob had a complete mental breakdown so I'm marking this as DNF. I can overlook a few typos, but terrible grammar makes me cringe! I found the writing to be messy and disjointed.I instantly scrambled to my feet and searched for the restroom to which, I had no clue where it was located.Urrrgh, the sentence structure!!!! *Bangs head against brick wall*On one page the writer goes into detail about the characters severe depression and then, a few pages later it said 'I suppose you c [...]

    7. Girls and boys, you better hold your pants in place, because they will want to fly!I'm not kidding.Not in a million freaking years would I have imagined that this book would be this amazing. What a GREAT surprise!!!"Scornfully Yours" is all about Emma, a young lady that is in college and unfortunetly fell in love with the biggest playboy EVER, who also happens to be her best friend's older brother--Carter. During her back and forth relationship with Carter-the asshole, Emma met Bass, a Hollywood [...]

    8. 4 stars"The man who will wholeheartedly deserve your love is the man who will be there at your lowest, the one who loves you in all your shades— the light, the hued and the dark."Emma"Don’t we have to kiss tons of frogs before we end up with the prince?"Emma was over being the party girl, who was out for fun, her fuck buddy relationship with Carter is not giving her what she needs, there is no denying it she was stupid enough to fall in love with the playboy, but it’s time to move on. So w [...]

    9. To say that I loved this book would be an understatement!! Obviously, I got a chance to read it early. Thank you Pam!!! The storyline pulled me in right away and kept me hooked. Carter and Bass will have you begging for more! Seriously!! Both want Emma, but Emma can't decide ( and believe me, I was right there with her!) Get ready for movie stars, globe trotting, alpha males, angst, jealousy and a fierce heroine! This book is so freaking fantastic!! To quote Buddy the ELF, "I'm in love, I'm in l [...]

    10. bitchybookblog/"Do you want a hard suctioned vacuum with a side of teabag action? Or a wet, sloppy, nasty deep throat with a side of tongue action?"Helloooo Bass Cole!! RAWR! I am so pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this book! It started off a little shaky and there are some typos but they don't destroy the story. AND holy hell was it a hot one! Emma has just realized that she is in love with her "well known for being a womanizer" boyfriend and douchebag, Carter. She fully understands th [...]

    11. OMG!!!! OMG!!!! BASS! BASS! BASS! I'm in love with this bookHeck, I'm in LOVE with Bass!! Another book boyfriend to add to my list! What a FANTASTIC read!!! But, of course, Emma who was torn between Carter(Soccer Star) & Bass(GORGEOUS Movie Star Heart Throb), couldn't make up her mind who she wanted to be with!!! I wanted to pull my hair outNO, I wanted to YANK her hair out because she chose WRONG!!! I was like "OH NO SHE DIDN'T"but she did!!! I did feel for her at times but mostly I wanted [...]

    12. Scornfully Yours (Torn, #1) I pretty much hate this book. There is no reason for Emma to be in love with Carter. Carter is an overbearing, immature, possessive, bordering on violent personality. Emma was mistaking good sex for love and she pretty much admitted that. Emma was hard to empathize with. She and her friends were spoiled little rich girls and at times I pictured the girls from The Hills and their dramatic night-club spats. *boring* The writing was immature and the dialogue didn't fi [...]

    13. This book was terrible. The writing was terrible. The grammar was terrible. The characters were terrible. The plot was . . . you guessed it--terrible.

    14. 5+++ Amazing, Fabulous, WonderfulALL OF THE ABOVE!!This book just did it for me. It pulled me in on the first page, and did not let up until the very last word, on the very last page. This was just my kind of book. I love to read about love triangles. I guess I'm just glutting for punishment, but those types of books are just my thing, and Scornfully Yours had everything I was looking for and then some.Emma was a college student. She seems to have it all. She is popular, beautiful, lots of good [...]

    15. 3.5 Maybe 4 Stars!Hmmwhat to say, what to say. Honestly, I LOVED the first half of the book. It was great--I was glued to my Ipad! The fist half earned 5 Stars easily. The story begins with Emma dating Carter Mason--the University soccer stud and resident player. He doesn't do love. But oops, Emma finds herself in love with Carter. So what does she do? What any normal person would doe breaks up with him! Ha! The following night Emma meets Bass Cole--Hollywood heartthrob. He begins to persue Emma [...]

    16. okay so I got to read the first 19 chapters thanks to PamelaWOW is not even an accurate word to use for what I got to read so far. once I finish reading the book I will give a full review! all I can say right now is WOW ;)NOW that I have read all of the book I can definetly say that this book is amazing. I am not sure which guy I would like Emma to be with but Pamela you did amazing making me want her to be with both!!! Not sure that has ever happend in a book, normally I choose 1 guy for the gi [...]

    17. I absolutely loved this book and the characters are amazing! Pamela you ROCK! I didn't want it to end and I'm looking forward to the second book and see where they go from here. I am so TEAM BASS!

    18. I was given the most amazing gift of reading quite a few chapters from this novel. This review will most definitely be incomplete until the novel is edited and published as I absolutely refuse to give away anything from this wonderful novel.I need to be honest and say I was absolutely astounded that Pamela blessed me with a peek into this novel and her world. She is full of talent and in this novel it really shows.If you've fallen in love with her Chasing Beautiful series or any of her other pub [...]

    19. Got this as a recommendation for a "sexy" romance and I will just say if you're thinking of reading this book, don't.My biggest issue was the editing. I think this book had a great premise but the execution was horrendous. I don't know much about the author but I actually have a suspicion that English may not be her first language, it was that bad. The dialogue was so ridiculous, I imagine that this is what someone THINKS young people sound like. Examples: When Emma thinks to herself "The sexual [...]

    20. I am so upset and frustrated right now. This book had so much potential, such a good story line. I forced myself to read the whole thing, but I found myself skipping lines and sometimes pages just to make it to the end. If this writer just had a good editor, instead of a two star review this would have been at least a great four. The writing style was just so off and confusing at times that I had to go over some of the sentences more than once just to make some kind of since. I think the author [...]

    21. LOVE LOVE LOVEDthis book!!!!From page 1 I was hooked. Emma was in a relationship with soccer star and player Carter. She knew their relationship was not for love because Carter doesn't do that. When she realizes she is in love with Carter she has to end it. Carter doesn't do emotional relationship so he doesn't treat her well when she ends it. Carter's past doesn't allow for him to do love. That night Emma goes out with her friends. Her best friend and roommate Lindsey is Carter's sister. She is [...]

    22. Please PLEASE let me tell you how much I loved Scornfully Yours.I LOVE L. O. V. E. THIS DAMN BOOK!!!!I totally have book hangover right now, you fellow readers must know what that means. This book was spectacular!!!!I took a shot at this book, it popped up on and I said hey why not, And wow I was wonderfully surprised by an awesome scorching red hot, sweet, sultry, angsty book.It's is a bit of a love triangle which normally I always have a front runner in my pick for the guy but this one, nope [...]

    23. Holy freaking hell! I devoured this book!!!! I could not put it down until I was finished. But now I'm dying to know what happens next. I give this one 5 fantastic stars!!

    24. DFN @ 50%. Baffles me that this has a 4.26 average! Started off at a 4 and then slowly but surely rolled downhill to a 1. Gah.

    25. ★★★★1/2 STARS!!" I am one confused woman loving one man and lusting/caring for another"Emma Anderson I know how you feel.College student Emma Anderson isn't stupid, so when she realizes that she's fallen in love with the campus player Carter Mason she knows she has to call it quits before she gets any deeper. After a somewhat successful breakup with Carter, Emma and her girlfriends head to Hollywood for girls night. But when sexy sweet talking Bass Cole enters into her stratosphere a nig [...]

    26. Lots of torn hearts and decisions to be made…where do I start with this review????I finished this book some days ago and still cannot put my thoughts into words. Let me start with what is important and then I will go through some other stuff.I love Pamela Ann. I think her writing and stories are awesome. I felt so many emotions with this book. Some I could see where Emma was coming from, some I thought “NO.”Emma is not “dumb”, even though she may make wrong decisions here and there. Sh [...]

    27. This book just grabbed me and rocked my book world. It took me on a ride like I wasn't expecting! This was a twist on a love triangle that I haven't experienced. Emma is a college student who is dating her best friends brother, Carter, Mr. I don't do I love you hearts and flowers and I definitely don't commitment. But what he does do is HOT and Sexy. "The man didn't even try to look hot. He just is. Like air equals breathing water equals drinking. Carter Mason equals SEXY-ing."Emma finally decid [...]

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