No Strings

No Strings Out of printBroken Strings is a six part series featuring five band mates and their separate stories Due to sexual content and language this book is recommended for Genre Adult Contemporary Women

  • Title: No Strings
  • Author: Jo Briggs Adalynn Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Out of printBroken Strings is a six part series featuring five band mates and their separate stories Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17 Genre Adult Contemporary Women

    One thought on “No Strings”

    1. I loved it tells u about their lives but not in to much detail so that u have to use your imagination not too much sex I love it couldn't put it down

    2. The characters in this novel intrigue me. As a reader you get to know them quite well. Interestingly enough, the characters don’t get to know each other nearly as well. It adds for some very unique interactions. I also appreciate how unique the characters are, while still being very real individuals. You can’t help but love them and want them to succeed. Also, because we get to know the characters so much better than they know themselves and they know each other you can see where things will [...]

    3. Indi Day needed to escape from her painful past while Grey Bailey needed time alone to figure something’s out before the announcement of his upcoming nuptials. Will Indi let down her guard enough to let Grey in? Will their holiday affair turn out to be true love or will it end in disaster? Even though the book started off slow for me once I actually got into it I enjoyed it. And just when things were getting interesting the book ends leaving you wanting more. I am looking forward to see what i [...]

    4. I won a copy of this book on a giveaway and i'm super excited to win it!!It sounds amazing!!!!!!When this book arrived in the post, I was super excited! It's only a small book with less than two hundred pages, which makes for an easy read.First of all, the spelling and grammer wasn't incredible! It was extremely noticeable but I haven't regarded that whilst rating the overall book.The character of Indi is just incredible, she's been badly hurt in the past and has very little trust for men, part [...]

    5. I might have made a mistake of reading this not long after the great Sinners and Sole Regret of Olivia Cunnings world therefore I was rather disappointed. I had a few Issues!1) The spelling and Grammar were awful and that's coming from a dyslexic! Have a word with the Proof reader or invest in spell check professional!2) I had a hard time imagining Grey as some big Rock Star. He speech was stilted and made him sound like a professor rather than a young hip musician. 3) The length of the story an [...]

    6. Unimpressive, over the top formal speech, too short and not enough connection with characters because of all of this. Some characters are mentioned and they never appear, and loads of characters never mentioned are crammed in at the end. Overall disapointing, I gave two stars because it had a good premise.

    7. Grey is rock star who had his solace vacation. For the rock star, I guest he must be very sexy hot guy. but no, not at alland Indi is a music college student. And in Grey's view, she is very beautiful & gorgeous.But I am not see any sparkle between this two lead character at all and that made it very hard for me to finish this book.This book got 2 stars because it is just okay.

    8. The book started off slow for me and it seemed to be rush in their meetings. As the book went on the story seem to develop and make an interesting story. Both of them seem to have a of my problems. I want to see what happens.

    9. God where to start with this book, along with the crap load of spelling errors, grammar mistakes and coming off a high from the Queen of rockstar books (Olivia Cunning) this was difficult to rate and even finish, such a shame because it could've been a really good book

    10. Really it was just OK, dont think i'd read any more in the series though!I did not feel any real emotions coming through the book, it did not grip me and i love these types of rock star books!

    11. Review to followDoes anyone know when Broken Strings will be available for the Kindle? I know it's available in paperback today :)

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