Hogg: A Novel

Hogg A Novel Acclaimed winner of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime s contribution to gay and lesbian literature Samuel R Delany wrote Hogg three decades ago Since then it has been one of America

  • Title: Hogg: A Novel
  • Author: Samuel R. Delany
  • ISBN: 9781573661195
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Acclaimed winner of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime s contribution to gay and lesbian literature, Samuel R Delany wrote Hogg three decades ago Since then it has been one of America s most famous unpublishable novels The subject matter of Hogg is our culture of sexual violence and degeneration Delany explores his disturbing protagonist Hogg on hisAcclaimed winner of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime s contribution to gay and lesbian literature, Samuel R Delany wrote Hogg three decades ago Since then it has been one of America s most famous unpublishable novels The subject matter of Hogg is our culture of sexual violence and degeneration Delany explores his disturbing protagonist Hogg on his own turf rape, pederasty, sexual excess exposing an area of violence and sexual abuse from the inside As such, it is a brave book.

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    1. This is a book I can't give a star to. I need some sort of alternate system to rate it, and just sorting that out would take all day. It's both the worst book I've ever read and one of the best, but I'm not going to give it a three, because I think that's a cop out with this book. Most people should not read this book. That's not a tease to get you to read it. It really is awful. This book is to sex and masculinity what the Exorcist is to horror: it's going to be too much for most people. Rape. [...]

    2. 'tis the season13 TALES OF TERROR: BOOK 2read during my Social Work YearsI Remember: a young lad's journey into the dark side abuse & degradation, times a million droolingly graphic depictions of rape, pederasty, blood, piss, shit, the whole kit & kaboodle bikers & whores & drug addicts, oh my! is that some form of Stockholm Syndrome or is this the kid's true destiny? everything is so fuckin ugly i feel sick i suppose Delany had his reasons.i later gave this to a colleague who lo [...]

    3. The most depraved, disgusting, brilliantly sickening perversion I have ever read. Although it is worth 5 stars for its brilliance, I cannot give it anything other than a ONE STAR. Yuck.Before I begin my review, I would like to quickly share some information to those with closed minds with possibly limited understanding of the literal or alternative definitions of words in the English language.Try to open your mind just a wee bit and understand that there are words in which we have given a specif [...]

    4. Re-read: (relevant to something I'm writing at the moment :D) major skimmage. So much of the novel's hook is wondering what depraved thing is going to happen next and how far Delany is going to go. Upon re-reading, with no surprises, the story is incredibly slow. Original review:In order of necessity, what I have to say about this book:1. Have I ever felt so angry that I needed to write Hogg? Absolutely, but with almost none of the skill, and I’m endlessly thankful that I didn’t need to endu [...]

    5. As a quick game take a moment to think of the most vile and perverse sex act you can. Really, push yourself. That sex act is in this novel somewhere.(Corpses? Yes.)A lot of the criticism or reviews I've seen for this novel, written way back in 1972 but never published until 1995 (and published by FC2, whose mission is "to publish books of high quality and exceptional ambition whose style, subject matter, or form push the limits of American publishing and reshape our literary culture"), spends a [...]

    6. **Spoilers**This book is very hard to rate. It's a nasty read, it describes in full detail everything that could possibly make a person squick. This is written through the voice of an unnamed boy who we only know as 'Cocksucker.' The telling of horrible scenes is done with the stunted feelings of a child who has seen too much and can no longer work up surprise or fear. Or love. At one point, the boy misses Hogg and I thought perhaps he had become attached to the man who was kind to him in a way. [...]

    7. Context here sheds useful light, but remains inadequate to actually dissipate the deep shadows around the incontrovertibly messed-up core of this very anomalous Delany novel. The relevant context: after a prolific decade of sci-fi novels that enjoyed a surprising level of mainstream success given their often experimental devices and complicated aims, Delany closed out the decade with this relentless and "unpublishable" (until 1995, in fact) transgressive fiction, the first draft of which was com [...]

    8. Yikes!!!Ok, I have to admit that I haven't read much Delany yet; I have a bunch of books on my shelf, tried to read Babel 17 once but sort of gave up (although it was pretty interesting and I vowed someday to return), and remember enjoying a number of short stories over the years. Still, I grabbed this because it was on a list of "unusual books", and while there wasn't any information given about it there, I figured, "Delany's pretty interesting; why not give this a try?"The book opens with the [...]

    9. "You gonna remember Nigg for a long time, ain't you, cocksucker? Tell you what. Ah'm gonna stick my black dick up your ass an' we gonna tongue some more. Then I'm gonna make you suck the shit off it. An' I'm gonna bust my nut again—" His scummy hand kept working down between my legs. My top button pulled loose from the worn hole. He began to push my pants down. "Shit, come on and sit on this nigger dick, white boy!"Just. Fucking. No. Five minutes. Took me five minutes.I'm done = the cover is u [...]

    10. Incest, rape, murder, scat, watersports, lack of basic hygiene plus foul language can all be found in this book. Hogg is a rapist for hire who is into man/boy love. His attraction to an eleven year old boy is supposed to be shocking. The taboo of an eleven year old boy enjoying all the sexual depravities of Sodom and Gomorrah is supposed to be an erotic stroll through the gutter. This book is supposed to be the high classic literature with its gritty look at sexuality. For me, this book was bori [...]

    11. I started reading this book ages ago, but then I found I couldn't actually take it and I stopped and sort of forgot about it. I picked it up again today, thinking that it can't have been as awful as I remembered. Oh boy. It was worse. This book is a study in disgust. I feel like Delany went and canvassed a bunch of people and asked them what the most revolting sex-related thing was that they could think of. He then wrote a book about it. He has absolutely gone out of his way to be crude and offe [...]

    12. Try-hard trash. I'm not opposed to someone writing filthy, perverted things, but at least make the story interesting. I wasn't repulsed or appalled; I was bored. Pedophilia, rotten teeth, and scat for almost three hundred pages. It's not a raw look into depraved minds—it's the result of a talentless author desperately trying to shock you. Go read The End of Alice if you want a well-written book that deals with dark subjects.

    13. An important work of literature. Unlikely to make too many quaint book club reading lists. The quality of the writing is outstanding only slipping into self-indulgence during the section where the action is being portrayed live and simultaneously via a time delayed radio report such literary devices are just lame.

    14. Rated this preemptively, it would appear, having now finished the final few pages. It's at least the equal of Dhalgren, if not as masterful in the minutiae. It uses its length very well. I know some people will think I'm being pretentious, but goshdarn is its protag relatable.

    15. This book is unfairly judged by most people. yes it's one of the nastiest books I've ever read but it's also one of the best books I've ever read. The Character development is phenomenal and the fact that so many people are disgusted by it should go to its credit on detail. Do I recommend this book to anyone, absolutely not but, I do recommend it to anyone who is willing to dive in to the disgusting perverse pages if they are willing but, be warned the warnings are there for good reason. It's a [...]

    16. 20 pages from the end and it's been like battling my way through the Trenches of Gallipoli; minus the mustard gas and the Germans!! but with more filth, gore and moral degradation !! All I can say is that the authour is one twisted man(?) who I wouldn't leave alone with a child or even my own g!!! he is criminally abhorrent, with a capital "F" !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .d I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with himd jus [...]

    17. This is not necessarily a novel that most people are going to 'get'. It depends on your tastes and experiences how disturbing you'll find the subject matter, but it is undeniably violent, dirty and rough. It is not a book that is worried about your comfort. If anything, it seems at first to exist just to test the reader's limits: how much squick can you take in one sitting? However, by the time you finish reading it becomes obvious that it has been working all along to pull you into the head of [...]

    18. I didn't give this book one star because it was poorly written. I did not like this book because I could not stomach it. I did not want to picture what was happening, in my mind. It takes a whole different kind of person to be able to read it and not be affected by it. After the first chapter, I had enough.

    19. This is a stunning and disturbing work, significant because of its uncompromising views of humanity and its long denied place in classic gay fiction. The underlying current of Delany's writing is subtlety captivating, even while its surface content is nauseatingly offensive, challenging us to continue yet another page farther to see if we’ve become inured to` the horrors we face on the page. So continue I did, without so much as a thought of how hooked I was getting. In fact, it wasn’t until [...]

    20. This has got to be one of the most polarizing works of fiction ever written. Five stars or one star across the board. Completely understandable given the subject matter. I read this book after an advanced copy was sent to our bookstore in 1995 and have never forgotten the book, its content and the crushing void left in the ending. There is no way to describe this book that would make it sound worthwhile, appealing or anything other than the vilest depravity ever given publication. And yetd yet i [...]

    21. I got to meet John Waters at one of his book tours we chatted a bit about the JT Leroy hoax. I told him that knowing the events depicted in "Sarah" never happened made me feel a bit better. He said "There's a book called Hogg by Samuel Delaney that makes "Sarah look like Alice In Wonderland. I felt like I needed a bath after reading it." Now that was an endorsement of sorts I bought a used copy off of it was kinda pricey, but I felt like the bastion of bad taste had dared me to read this book, [...]

    22. There's unquestionably a lot of social commentary and critique running through all the vile stuff happening in Hogg. Others have pointed it out more eloquently than I ever could, especially Heidi Cullinan's review here:/review/showd Leo Robertson's review here:/review/showThis book worked for me on a differend, more personal level, too.I went into it with the immature mindset of not going to be defeated by a oh-so-controversial, oh-so-disgusting book. I mean, I've seen it all already, haven't I? [...]

    23. Otherwise known as "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs." This is basically the most offensive porn imaginable. I don't think my friends appreciated me reading some bits of this out loud to them. Absolutely disgusting rape, child molesation, shit, rape, more rape, shit and rape. I liked it; 3 stars. More seriously: I don't think it has much of a point other than to make you confront pornography and extreme sexual sadism, which is important work, actually. Nasty porn is either not talked about or t [...]

    24. This has to be one of the most disturbing books I’ve ever read. I can understand why it was so difficult to get published. Even Olympia Press refused to publish this book because of its sexual content.I’m not sure how audiences might have responded to this work in the early seventies. I imagine it would have been even more shocking to them. But since then we’ve had decades of depravity (fictional: American Psycho and historical: Abu Ghraib). There were moments when I had to mentally distan [...]

    25. Probably the most disgusting book that I have read to completion (although I did have to skip over a few passages), comparable to or possibly worse than some Dennis Cooper - but then I did not manage to finish most of his. But whereas I found nothing in Cooper's novels there was something in Hoog that kept me going, mainly I think the relationship between the characters, and the the narrator himself, the very young c**ksucker, his innocence or naivety in his depravity. I find it difficult to giv [...]

    26. Another book that immerses itself in violence and sex in an attempt to be edgy. Utterly fails and is merely pornographic with an extra dose of misogyny. The subject is not off-putting, I find such different perspectives interesting and challenging. The book manages to take an interesting character and makes him flat out boring. It reads like a five year olds 'how gross can you get' contest. This novel wasn't hard to read because it was gross- it was hard to read because it was so boring. Call it [...]

    27. This book is a landmark, no doubt about it. It's sole principal is to test the boundaries of how much filth one can get through in one sitting. His style is superb, the subject matter is a little off-putting for my taste (can't believe I actually admitted that) but this is a true test for the reader. Every time you put it down you feel dirty. Every time you pick it back up, you feel dirtier. That's what I love about this book!

    28. First of all I seriously DO NOT recommend this book. on account of it's about a rapist-for-hire and is graphically violent. nevertheless, it's one of the best books I've ever read. in part because samuel delaney's prose is pure brilliance. i'm still figuring out the other parts.

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