Breakaway As a member of the most powerful family history has ever known thirteen year old Dan Cahill has been shot at kidnapped and even thrown into a pit with a deadly snake He s survived it all due to luc

  • Title: Breakaway
  • Author: Jeff Hirsch
  • ISBN: 9780545521420
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As a member of the most powerful family history has ever known, thirteen year old Dan Cahill has been shot at, kidnapped, and even thrown into a pit with a deadly snake He s survived it all due to luck, smarts, and his older sister, Amy, who always sticks by his side.Now Dan and Amy are facing their greatest threat yet, an enemy who has found a way to use the source of thAs a member of the most powerful family history has ever known, thirteen year old Dan Cahill has been shot at, kidnapped, and even thrown into a pit with a deadly snake He s survived it all due to luck, smarts, and his older sister, Amy, who always sticks by his side.Now Dan and Amy are facing their greatest threat yet, an enemy who has found a way to use the source of the Cahill family power against them To stop him, Dan and Amy must set out on a desperate mission that will take them from one of the world s hottest regions all the way to the frozen blast of the Arctic Circle But with the enemy closing in , Dan finds himself facing the one terror he never imagined being betrayed by his own sister.

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    1. The reason I didn't give it five stars is because I'm worn out on behalf of the poor characters. I wish they had let this series go. It was bad enough when they were just being run ragged and in danger all the time. Now they have to be falsely maligned and publicly humiliated, too? The books are still exciting and clever, but I just want all the problems to be solved and over with.

    2. BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD!Yay. Another terrible book in the 39 Clues series. I honestly don't understand why couldn't have made Into the Gauntlet the last book (of course, with some Amian added in to make it canon). But no, they find random unknown authors to write some angsty nonsensical action romance drama, further deteriorating the 39 Clues canon. And worse, THERE'S NO HOPE FOR AMIAN!The Good:I'm drawing a blank here. Time to go look through the book again1) The hacker subplot.Both April May a [...]

    3. Have I mentioned that I HATE AMY?! Probably yes!The book generally was interesting, but it was so much tedious and dragging thanks to Amy. There wasn't any real adventure except when Amy locked in the vault. The best part for me was Pony and April May POVs as they gave something different than usual stuff.

    4. Review based on ARCPlease note spoilers!!!!(view spoiler)[Breakaway picks up right where we left off, with Amy and Dan on the run from Pierce's men and on the way to find the next ingredient, silphium, in Carthage. The attacks on the Cahills have become more extreme as all known associates of the Cahills are slandered in the media. Amy finds herself consumed by guilt and is forced to take decisions with devastating consequences- even if it means abandoning Dan.I have to say that Hirsch has done [...]

    5. Okay, look. I absolutely love the The 39 Clues series. I've read all of them. But Jeff Hirsch fell short in this book. Really, my rating for Breakaway is a 4.5.Pros:Jeff Hirsch did sorta rekindle the flame between Amy and Jake.Jeff Hirsch wrote an excellent middle.Jeff Hirsch answered a lot of questions of mine, believe it or not.Jeff Hirsch emphasized on Amy's doubt and grief on Evan Tolliver.Cons:Jeff Hirsch wrote a horrible, atrocious ending.Jeff Hirsch forgot a very important thing: AN EPIC [...]

    6. I am getting tired of Amy Cahill always feeling that she has to do everything herself to protect others. I understand why the authors do that, but I am getting tired of it. Glad the series is almost done. Starting to get tiresome.

    7. I am going to kill Amy before Pierce does! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO JAKE?!?!?!???!?!? And then she was going to make things all happy happy good good and then SHE DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what's up with Fiske? What sort of meds is he on?

    8. In a nutshell: more discoveries, more clues, more twists. Notes: I'm starting to think the unstoppable series is quite forgettable.

    9. 3.5 starsWas about to drop out of this series, the ending hit me and now I have to know what will happen next. Ughhhhhhhhh, good job Jeff!This is such an improvement from the first one. More action, less pointless conversations. Best part must be the chapter in Pony’s and April’s povs. I want to know more about these two geniuses.The thing is, I don’t know if I can stand Amy and Jake for another 200 pages. Both of them are annoying and behave in a i-know-what-is-best-for-us way.

    10. ARC provided by NetGalleyAmy and Dan Cahill have survived, no mean feat given how many family and friends have passed on around them. But a new threat has emerged, one that has power over the media, who will stop at nothing to overthrow the Cahill’s and create his own army. And mass produce the serum to make the world his own. The challenges are greater than ever before for Dan and Amy and to protect those around them…Amy may have to stand alone before an unstoppable enemy. I missed the whol [...]

    11. The Atlantis part of the book was kind of (just kind of) cool. Honestly, anything to do with Atlantis would gets me interested. However, leave it to to write one series too much and ruin the whole goddamn idea. Seriously, most parts of this book were really boring, and it seemed as though the writer wanted you to go like "Wow this is so twisted and cool" when in reality it was like "That don't make no sense." Essentially, the book consisted of Amy's horrible decisions. Amy was a complete idiot [...]

    12. Actually I'm kind of bummed. I've read all the books in this series and am self-admittedly probably the only person over 40 who has read each of them in one sitting within the first week of publication. I haven't been able to explain why I like them so much since they are the same thing over and over - how many times can Amy and Dan just barely survive and why are they so smart that they've continued to outsmart all the bad guys? This one might be my last. I've got no problem with the book itsel [...]

    13. I am not sure why I still try with this series. I guess its because I sort of liked the first and then it turned into a money grabbing empire. I can't stand most of the characters. The stories are inconsistant with the previous books. Amy just pisses me off because she's a moron who has become some love sick puppy dog who thinks she knows it all. Everyone else is just as frustrating there is Jake who is a smirking jerk 90% of the time and I just sort of want to slap him a few times to knock the [...]

    14. After the trainwreck that ended the last series? Why the fuck are they still coming out with more books. Not even the promise of Ian could get me to pick up this series again. Also is that Thor's hammer?Have we gone from 'magical elixers that sort of have something to do with science' to Thor's hammer 'myth myth fucking myth' so quickly? Christ who is writing the plots for this series again? Do you even care anymore?

    15. This was really pretty awful. Prepare to be beyond annoyed with all the characters. The only moment of greatness was when Nellie channeled Ian. I've always been fond of the two of them (though Ian took awhile), so no surprises there. Our main characters though, particularly Amy? The WORST in this book.

    16. Title: The 39 Clues - Unstoppable Book 2 - BreakawayAuthor: Jeff HirschPublisher: Published: 1-28-2014Pages: 193Genre: Children's FictionSub-Genre: Mysteries & Detectives, Action & Adventure, Families & Siblings; Family LifeISBN: 9780545521420ASIN: B00ESIVYNWReviewed For NetGalley and Reviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.5 StarsA Nightmare Come TrueAs a member of the most powerful family history has ever known, thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill has been shot at, kidnapped, and even thrown into a pi [...]

    17. Ми то всичкото хубаво, ама много се разводни цялата история. Добрите бягат, лошите ги преследват, най-накрая нещо се нааква, клифхенгър и хайде към новата книжка. Хубаво е да се къртят кинти, спор няма, ама чак пък такава сапунка не е на хубаво. Плюс това в тази книга специално [...]

    18. More of this adventure series for kids. I didn't like how one of the main characters, Amy was stressed out for the entire book!

    19. This book is a fun adventure, but honestly, I think the story is getting too unbelievablebut my kids still enjoy the adventures of Amy and Dan, so we will keep going

    20. Breakaway was intense but amazing at the same time. Will the Cahills be able to save the world? It was written with an emphasis on action, with a bit of character development in the introduction. I related with the character Dan because

    21. The excitement and adventure continues with siblings, Dan and Amy Cahill, along with their family and friends. A new enemy is creating a lot of dangerous havoc in their lives. Amy is facing a foe who has amazing connections around the world, as well as, unusual strength. Travel along with them as they try to figure out the who and why, while trying to stay alive! A great continuation of the 39 Clues.

    22. Another entertaining book in the 39 Clues series! I feel bad for Amy. She is rather infuriating sometimes, but she is clearly cracking under the pressure, which really isn't her fault. She doesn't really have a choice. She's the leader of the Cahills and they are apparently in charge of saving the world. I feel like she should pass on the responsibly to someone else, but no one could really handle it. Maybe Dan when he is older, but he would have to change his mind about leaving. They could make [...]

    23. I think I'm done with The 39 Clues.After—what is it, five, at this point?—unnecessary spinoff series of the original group of ten books, I've just grown tired of reading the same plots over and over again. The books became so repetitive it was ridiculous.I think this continuous "series" ran its course after Vespers Rising. In my opinion, the start of the second series, Cahills vs. Vespers, was when everything started to go downhill. Amy and Dan's story was over at the end of Into the Gauntle [...]

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