What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?

What Noise Does a Rabbit Make As the sun came up COCK A DOODLE DO trumpeted the cockerel and then all at once the farm rang out with the noises of the other animals Amid the ruckus Raggety Taggle quietly nibbled the grass and wo

  • Title: What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?
  • Author: Carrie Weston Richard Byrne
  • ISBN: 9781849395595
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As the sun came up COCK A DOODLE DO trumpeted the cockerel, and then all at once the farm rang out with the noises of the other animals Amid the ruckus, Raggety Taggle quietly nibbled the grass and wondered just what noise does a rabbit make

    One thought on “What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?”

    1. A little rabbit with a lot of relatives is trying to figure out what sound a rabbit makes, after he hears all the sounds that the other farm animals make.

    2. The kids love all the animal sounds. And its even more fun when they have to act like those animals as well.

    3. In this adorable picture book a group of rabbits are out in a field next to a farm. As the farm wakes up for the day the rabbit hears all sorts of noises coming from the animals. However, the rabbit wonders what kind of noise a rabbit would make. The young rabbit then starts “thump-thump-thumpety-thumping” to see if that is the type of noise a rabbit would make. But as the farm’s cat comes along (possibly in response to the rabbit making noise), the rabbit realizes that perhaps being a qui [...]

    4. Age: Toddler-preschoolAnimals: Farm, rabbitAs the farm wakes up, noises fill the air. Mooooo! Neeeigh! Woof-Woof! But what sound do I make, wondered the rabbit? As he stomps his foot (thump thump) he doesn't realize that this sound attracts a hungry cat. As the cat chases after the rabbit, the dog chases after the cat, and the rest of the farm animals join in the chase (not sure why they join, though). A fun exploration of animal noises with a plot.

    5. My five-year-old son picked this book out from the local library this week. I absolutely, completely adore the bunny end-papers. Um that is kind of the best part of the book. The text is OK. The story is so simple that there really isn't one. I had my son make the animal noises so that helped to stay engaged, but nothing was as good as the bunny end-papers.

    6. I got this book at the Youngstown Public library. I saw this book and thought what noise does a rabbit really make. After reading this book I really enjoyed how it taught the readers what nosies other animals make. I also liked how it taught that you don't always have to make a noise to be something special.

    7. Cute book, not a lot more to say about it. Expect to make animal noises when reading it (and go all out, and really MAKE those animal noises). Though truth be told, I've heard bunnies make all kinds of noises and not just thumps. Just saying.

    8. Cute book and fun for storytime, but it implies that the only noise rabbits make is foot-thumping. I used to have two pet bunnies who got into a fight one time, so I can tell you for certain that when they're upset, bunnies make a terrible shrieking noise. They are not silent animals.

    9. Very cute story with barn yard noises and a fun chase scene at the end. The pictures weren't as cute as Suki the Very Loud Bunny. Stupid Fox, making music videos on YouTube. What does the Rabbit say? -- that's the real question!

    10. A very cute book, with the age old question (at least for me) in its title. Very colorful illustrations and opportunities for listeners to join in and make animals noises while being read to. The ending, reminds me of the old saying: Silence is golden.d so is this book.

    11. My mother works in a school library and she recommended that I read this. I read it to my younger sister.The story was quite lovely. It was about a rabbit who wonders what kind of a noise rabbits make. The illustrations were beautiful and certainly my favourite bit!

    12. You'd think that we had enough "animal noises" picture books, but we don't! This one is unique and fun for storytime :)

    13. This is a fun story for a read aloud with the repetive language and colorful illustrations. But as something that is a stand out, this is not one of those books.

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