Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit Pastries Paris and romance Lexi s adventure has just begun Lexi Stuart is risking it all Saying au revoir to the security of home her job and could be boyfriend Dan Lexi embarks on a culinary adve

  • Title: Bon Appetit
  • Author: Sandra Byrd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pastries, Paris and romance Lexi s adventure has just begun Lexi Stuart is risking it all Saying au revoir to the security of home, her job, and could be boyfriend Dan, Lexi embarks on a culinary adventure in France to fulfill her life dream of becoming a pastry chef As she settles into her new home in the village of Presque le Chateau to study and work in a local bakeryPastries, Paris and romance Lexi s adventure has just begun Lexi Stuart is risking it all Saying au revoir to the security of home, her job, and could be boyfriend Dan, Lexi embarks on a culinary adventure in France to fulfill her life dream of becoming a pastry chef As she settles into her new home in the village of Presque le Chateau to study and work in a local bakery, her twenty something optimism meets resistance in the seemingly crusty nature of the people and culture around her Determined to gain her footing, she finds a church, meets a new friend, and makes the acquaintance of a child named Celine as well as Celine s attractive, widowed father, Philippe Even Patricia, the gruff pastry cook, shows a softer side as she mentors Lexi in the art of baking.As Lexi lives her dream, the only thing she has to do is choose from the array in life s patisserie display window her familiar home, friends, and family in Seattle or her new life in France Lexi discovers that as she leans on God the choices become a little clearer and making them, well, c est la vie

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    1. “…whichever family you were from, it is a vitriol part of your life” –Mario BataliListened to this by Audible. Reader was excellent! She portrayed the perfect French accent and language.The beauty of these reads is that it helps remind me how I was brought up and the Faith that I have but sometimes slip up and life takes over. Lexi is working for a French Bakery in Seattle and the owner offered a job to her to take in Paris to work for his sister’s bakery and meanwhile they will put he [...]

    2. Bon Appetit reads like a memoir but is a light and entertaining work of fiction about an aspiring chef from Seattle who travels to France to work in bread and pastry bakeries in the village of Presque le Chateau. Throw in some recipes, descriptions of trips to Paris and Versailles, a budding love affair that could turn into a love triangle, and you have a Bon Appetit of a book! I copied the recipes for french Onion Soup and Simple Apple Galettes and promised myself to try them. There is also a t [...]

    3. by Andrea Renee CoxThis is a difficult review for me to write. The rating is no easier to decide upon. While I enjoyed the journey Lexi went on in this book, there were a few content issues that, sadly, dragged down my level of enjoyment. If I read the third book in this series, it will only be to see what the finale of Lexi's journey will be.Things I liked:* The characters were unique and creative. I loved how they played well off each other, whether it be in positive or negative ways.* The set [...]

    4. Visit France the easy way Lexi wants to be a pastry chef and is thrilled to be in France working and going to school. She is lonely though until she makes friends and is surprised by some US visitors. I felt like I had gone to France myself after reading this book. Enjoy!

    5. Lexi Stuart is risking it all. Saying au revoir to the security of home, her job, and could be boyfriend Dan, Lexi embarks on a culinary adventure in France to fulfill her life dream of becoming a pastry chef. I am the first to admit modern christian romance is not my favorite genre, but Sandra Byrd's second book in the French Twist series captivated me as much as the first. Filled with great characters who feel like they could be good friends, a wonderful faith thread, and a good plot with a to [...]

    6. Lexi gets the opportunity of a lifetime! She's going to France to study cooking and work in Luc's family's bakery. This doesn't come without a price, though! She's leaving her family and friends. It's especially difficult being away from her best friend, as things progress very quickly with her boyfriend. Lexi feels guilty not being there for her. Then there's Dan. Lexi doesn't know if she's leaving something special uncovered or not.While in France, Lexi meets new people and friends. She even m [...]

    7. Following on the heels of Let Them Eat Cake, Book 2 in the French Twist series Bon Appetit is just as good--if not better! Picking up almost immediately where Let Them Eat Cake leaves off we once again follow Lexi, this time in France. If you're like me you expect a book set near Paris to be fun and this book definitely is. It still has that chick lit feel so there isn't loads of romance. I could definitely see the change in Lexi which is must in a series that follows a character book to book. I [...]

    8. enjoyed the story but it was. so . slow. Not sure if I can h andle reading the next one if it goes that slow.

    9. This French Twist series intensifies the Parisienne influence for Lexi and for all descriptive patisserie items for this reader! Ms Byrd adds to the influence of France on the world's palate! This story can certainly be read as stand alone, as Ms Byrd does make the connecting links for any mentions or references to book 1, Let Them Eat Cake.Culinary school struggles, cultural resistance to outsiders, homesickness, just some of the hurdles Lexi must overcome to make the most of her life dreams of [...]

    10. this series is epic! I mean, cooking, romance, God.what more is there? Well written and easily likable. This is one of my favorite series!

    11. I like the series. The descriptions of France were great, having never been there I appreciate the detail she put into them. I like that, despite the fact we are on a different continent in this second book, characters from the first kept popping up.The relationship with Phillipe and Celine was nice as was the complication that Daniel's arrival threw into the mix. I like the recipes but feel they could have been at the beginning or end of the chapter, not in the middle.Now for the things I didn' [...]

    12. Do you like good food? Do you like romance? Are you a Francophile? Bon Appetit, by Sandra Byrd, neatly packages up these three treats into a delightful and revelatory look at the demanding world of surviving a classic French baking/pastry academy.Our ambitious young heroine, Lexi Stuart, does just that as she leaves the French family owned bakery in her hometown of Seattle for the military-like training of a baking school south of Paris. Being naturally friendly and sociable, she struggles with [...]

    13. This one of the readable books I downloaded on Kindle Unlimited. Though it is a second novel in the French Twist series, it was easy to follow the story. Lexi is in France to learn to be a Pastry chef. Her employer enrolls her in a prestigious pastry school and while she goes to school she also works at the village bakery. I loved the food descriptions and the recipes that suddenly popped out of the novel. The ideal place to read this book is at a bakery! You could devour cake after cake as you [...]

    14. This is the 2nd book in Byrd's series, but it's been 2 years since I read the first one and I didn't remember a lot. This is all to say, I don't really think this series HAS to be read in order. But if you are a series fetish-ist, by all means disagree with me.I liked this book. It's Christian fiction but doesn't necessarily read like it. This is good and bad. If you want to read Christian fiction, you might be a little frustrated with this book. If you don't want to read it, you might not like [...]

    15. This Christian Chick-lit novel is about what you'd expect from the genre--a quick sweet read, with a splash of romance and some religion thrown in. Lexi is from Seattle and works for a French family-owned bakery. They send her to France for a year to study at a famous culinary school, and to work in their bakery there. She leaves behind Dan, an attorney to whom she is beginning to become attached. While in France she becomes close to Phillipe, one of the owning family, and his young daughter. Th [...]

    16. Bon Appetit is the second book in the French Twist series, and continues the adventures of Lexi. In this book she travels to a city right outside Paris and attends a cooking school there while working in the family bakery of her previous boss from Seattle, Luc. It was nice reading this again after having the background from the first book. It was actually enjoyable and could be read either way, but background info is always nice.While Lexi is in France she meets Phillipe and his daughter Celeste [...]

    17. This was a sweet audiobook that I enjoyed because it reminded me of my own experiences. I was a little older than this heroine (27/28 instead of 25) and in a different country (Finland), but it very much reminded me of a wondrous time of living and working overseas. Because I'd lived it, I found the parts rang true as Lexi worked with natives and tried to find a place for herself. She also relied on her faith, especially when she was on her own.I have not read many Christian inspirational books. [...]

    18. Bon Appétit is the second novel of the French Twist series by Sandra Byrd. Lexi Stuart is working at a French bakery while also attending school. She finds out that she has to graduate with honors to keep working at one of her employer's bakeries. During her school, she completely botches her first cooking assignment, but she doesn't understand how she could have weighed out the ingredients wrong. Along the way, some of the students’ cooking seems to be sabotaged by a fellow student. While wo [...]

    19. Light fare for chicks,riddled with erroneous French expressions, but still enjoyable to read. A young baker from Seattle trades job with a French woman for a year, to study at a prestigious Parisian baking school and to work at a couple of boulangeries. A fresh, credible story wends its ways through hackneyed cliches of the American moving to France, finding first isolation and culture abysses but eventually some balance and delicate romance. Best of all, the female character is Christian; she i [...]

    20. Bon Appetit picks up where Let Them Eat Cake left off. Lexi is headed to France, to learn more about baking, but also, to learn more about herself and God. Book 2, hooked me in right away and had me flying through the pages. In fact, I am so eager to start Book 3, that I am feeling like zipping through this review and keeping it brief! (Smile)One thing you have to admire about Lexi is her hopeful, optimism. Which at times can bless her, while at other times her expectations can let her down. Wat [...]

    21. What a wonderful trilogy! I 'devoured' the entire trilogy in about 10 days but I really wanted to 'savor' them longer! "Bon Appetit" is my favorite of the three books. In this book, Lexi Stuart moves to Paris for 6 months to work for her boss's family and to go to pastry school. She's left behind a man she thinks she's falling in love with, and possibly falling in love with one of her bosses. She doesn't seem to fit in with the 'stiff' French people and the school's chef doesn't like American ba [...]

    22. This series is really impressing me. Byrd has created characters that feel totally real and situations that are believable. I even think I enjoyed this second book more than the first. Lexi is now in France and living a life-long dream to become a true French chef. Along the way she realizes that even dreams-come-true are better shared with someone. Sometimes that someone needs to be God himself. She becomes happy in her new life and still misses her old one at home. Here's where I think the boo [...]

    23. Bon Appetit is the continuation to Let Them Eat Cake. Lexi goes to France for her dream job and to work for Luc's family and do chef school so that she can become a professional chef and open her own bakery one day. Someone keeps sabotaging different individuals food that they have prepared and they aren't quite sure who it is. Meanwhile Lexi is trying to stay in contact with the guy she likes that lives in Seattle and she's also starting to develop feelings for Philippe who has a eight year old [...]

    24. I absolutely loved Bon Appetit! This novel is the 2nd in Sandra Byrd's French Twist series. Let Them Eat Cake is the first, and Piece de Resistance is 3rd. As much as I enjoyed Let Them Eat Cake - I enjoyed Bon Appetit even more. It's really unusual for a second novel to be better than the first, but in the French Twist series - number 2 was fantastic!In Bon Appetit, we move forward in the life of pastry chef wanna-be Lexi Stuart as she is training at a French pastry school. I enjoyed the descri [...]

    25. This was evidently the second book in a series which I didn't realize when I started reading it. I missed some plot points from the first book a little but otherwise, it was a very good book. I liked it well enough to pick up the third installment at some point to finish the storylines. There were a few times I felt like the main character Lexie was feeling sorry for herself, over some perceived slights, a bit too much. I think by the end she was not as sensitive and taking things more in stride [...]

    26. I read this while on vacation (and right after starting a bakery business), which was absolutely the perfect time. This is an entertaining sequel to "Let Them Eat Cake", which I have not read; there is a third book in the series, Pièce de Résistance, which I do plan to read when in the mood for some fun/fluff. In this book, Lexi Stuart leaves her life in California behind to follow her dream of becoming a pastry chef by entering school with an internship in Paris. With light Christian underton [...]

    27. Lexi receives the a chance to fulfill her dream of living and working in France and in the process go to school to earn a baking diploma. It was interesting to see how Lexi adjusted to life and if it was everything she hoped it would be. I felt Lexi grew while in France she learned to lean on the Lord more and trust him. I enjoyed the relationships Lexi had with Anne, Patricia and Celine. I especially enjoyed the part when Dan visited. I am not into food and don't know much French so there were [...]

    28. 3.5 stars. I picked this up randomly at the library. I had no idea it was considered Christian fiction and I still had no idea once I finished reading it. I am not sure why it matters to anyone either way esp those who are critical of this aspect. I actually enjoyed those aspects of the book immensely as I am not a religious person and just plain enjoy learning about different religions. It is a huge part of the human experience and history just like everything else. Anyway, I enjoyed the book f [...]

    29. This was a quick and sweet read just like the first novel. I can't wait to get my hands on the third. I am the same age as Lexi and it is crazy to see all the similarities between our lives (unfortunately I did not get the chance to study baking in France). Personally I really understood all the confussion sourrounding faith, finding the first job after graduation, and all the questions about what the future holds. I also find it funny that I finished the novel on January 6th, which is where the [...]

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