The Secret Chicken Society

The Secret Chicken Society When Daniel s class hatches chicks as a science project he adopts them When he finds out that his favorite bird Peepers isn t a hen but a rooster and therefore illegal to keep in the city of Portl

  • Title: The Secret Chicken Society
  • Author: Judy Cox Amanda Haley
  • ISBN: 9780823427659
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Daniel s class hatches chicks as a science project, he adopts them When he finds out that his favorite bird, Peepers, isn t a hen but a rooster, and therefore illegal to keep in the city of Portland, the Secret Chicken Society is quickly formed to save Peepers This warmhearted chapter book about an environmentally conscious family will provide plenty of clucks and lWhen Daniel s class hatches chicks as a science project, he adopts them When he finds out that his favorite bird, Peepers, isn t a hen but a rooster, and therefore illegal to keep in the city of Portland, the Secret Chicken Society is quickly formed to save Peepers This warmhearted chapter book about an environmentally conscious family will provide plenty of clucks and lots of chuckles for young readers.

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    1. The ups and downs of raising poultry. Daniel's city has a rule that is ok raise hens, but not roosters. What happens when he discovers his hen is actually a rooster? Will he be able to find a home for it before it it is too late? Raising chickens is in right now, so this should appeal to many. Animals lovers will enjoy this, too.

    2. I read this book in 30 minutes or less. It's a good starting chapter book, and it would probably make a decent younger grade read aloud, especially if the class has chickens. I know there's an audience out there for this kind of straightforward, cute, realistic fiction, but this one just didn't grab me as special.

    3. MHL 2016 - '17With the right audience, this would be fun. Daniel's class raises chicks and must decide who will keep them. While it has scientific facts sprinkled throughout, I found the plot to be lacking. It didn't focus much on the "society," and felt flat to me.

    4. Before I even start this review I feel obligated to admit that I am biased: I don't like chickens. I wasn't looking forward to reading this particular book. I will also admit that my dislike of actual chickens faded to the background as I read Judy Cox's The Secret Chicken Society.It begins with Daniel, a student in Mrs. Lopez's 3rd Grade class. Daniel is an animal lover and already has a pet gerbil, a rat and a parakeet. When Mrs. Lopez reveals to the class that not only will they be hatching c [...]

    5. Daniel’s third grade class wraps up their unit on life cycles by incubating eggs and raising chicks. Five of their eggs hatch, and the chickens are supposed to go home with five different kids, but Daniel ends up taking them all when, one by one, families back out. Daniel’s family is happy to have the chickens (well, everyone except his mother, who just needs a little convincing), and they have space in their yard/garden for them to exercise and hunt for food. There’s a bit of a crisis, ho [...]

    6. This is a 2014-2015 Virginia Readers' Choice book for elementary students.Mrs. Lopez's 3rd grade class is studying life cycles. They have a incubator and twelve eggs. Daniel loves animals. In fact he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. Right now, he has a number of pets: a hamster, a rat, a parakeet and several guppies. Once the eggs hatch Daniel definitely wants one of the chicks. Five of the twelve eggs hatch. When the other classmates who signed up for one of the chicks back out. Dan [...]

    7. This is a quick read that is great for the youngest chapter book readers. Daniel loves animals and is excited about chickens hatching in his classroom. His wish comes true when the family votes to bring a chick home and he actually is chosen to adopt a class chick! Then, all others who planned to take a chick home back out and Daniel's dad says "Sure, we will take all five of them home." Now Daniel gets the family involved in caring for the chicks and learning how they help in the garden. The on [...]

    8. Read for Summer Reading Club Animal lover Daniel's class is hatching chicks for a science project. Once the project is done each chick will go home with one of the children. Daniel is so excited to have his own chick to raise and when it turns out that no one else can take them he's thrilled to find out that five hens are coming to live with him and his family.The only problem is one of the hens turns out to be a rooster and it's illegal to have a rooster in the city limits. Can the quickly form [...]

    9. Genre: contemporary realistic fiction, humorAnnotation: When Daniel's class hatches chicks as a science project, he adopts them. When he finds out that his favorite bird, Peepers, isn't a hen but a rooster, and therefore illegal to keep in the city of Portland, the Secret Chicken Society is quickly formed to save Peepers. This warmhearted chapter book about an environmentally-conscious family will provide plenty of clucks and lots of chuckles for young readersThemes: humor, family life, followin [...]

    10. The Secret Chicken Society by Judy Cox, illustrated by Amanda Haley - What a hilarious book! I loved how caring and persistent the main character is and how information about hatching and raising chickens is naturally integrated into the book. If I was at my old school, this would be on the shelf immediately since my Kindergarten class hatches eggs and many colleagues have their own chickens. I think that many children would enjoy successfully reading this lovely book. Imagine if your class scie [...]

    11. Daniel's class is hatching chicks. This will be a culmination of their study of the life cycle. Daniel is a boy who LOVES animals! He already has several small pets, and hopes his parents will allow him to adopt one of the chicks once the class is finished with their studies. Luckily for Daniel, his parents are into the sustainability movement, so they are "willing" to let him take a chick. This is a well-written story, with believable characters. Young readers will enjoy following Daniel's triu [...]

    12. Somewhat cute but predictable story. It starts out as a class project about life cycles: seeing chicks hatch. But the teacher will only do the project if enough students volunteer to adopt a chick after they have hatched. Daniel, an animal lover and future veterinarian, just has to have one of the chicks. Instead, he ends up with all five of them. He's okay with that, but it causes some trouble at home both with his mom and their next door neighbor, Mr. Graffalo. Things get worse when they figur [...]

    13. This was a cute story, definitely good for midway readers transitioning to traditional chapter books. It's about a boy who loves animals and desperately wants to bring home the chicks his class hatches. Adventure ensues! :) The story wasn't overly complex and had a nicely wrapped up happy ending. The environmental message was more than obvious but slightly covered by the nature of the father and the family being so involved in local produce and growing a garden, etc.Overall an nice, sweet, short [...]

    14. I found his book humorous and predictable. Daniel's third grade class had been studying life cycles. They set up an incubator with twelve eggs, in hopes that some would hatch. Daniel, a pet lover and future veterinarian, really wanted a chick. Daniel ended up with all five of the hatched chicks. The city code allowed chickens, but no roosters. Can you guess what one of them was? The Secret Chicken Society was created to keep it a secret. The back of the book provides vocabulary and information a [...]

    15. Pet and animal lover Daniel can't wait for his class' next project: hatching baby chicks! He hopes that he will be one of the lucky students chosen to take a chick home afterwards too. Would raising a chick be all it's "cracked up to be?"This book is appropriate for a wide range of readers: both boys and girls, beginning readers, or readers who want a quick read. It also makes a great read-aloud containing humor mixed with great educational content. Thank you Holiday House for recommending this [...]

    16. This is a fabulous early chapter book that kids will really enjoy. Daniel's class hatches some eggs, and for a number of reasons, Daniel ends up with all 5 chicks. Mom said he could have one as long as it wasn't a rooster, but she softens when she sees how cute the chicks are. Unfortunately, the cranky neighbor next door is not at all pleased with the chicks. And then one of the "hens" starts trying to crow. It is great fun to see how Daniel and his siblings try to fix the mess, and the resoluti [...]

    17. Cute story in which Daniel gets to bring home the five chicks that hatched in his classroom's incubator. Hens are allowed in his neighborhood, but roosters are not. Daniel and his siblings (The Secret Chicken Society) try to hide the fact that Peepers is a rooster and not a hen in order to keep him. But he just won't stop crowing!Nice read for girls or boys who are reading beginning chapter books.

    18. Okay, I loved this one. Perfectly silly chapter book, with lots of misadventures as a family (some of them begrudgingly) adopts five baby chicks. Follow along as these city folks attempt to become farmers, with somewhat mixed success. All would have been okay, except for the grumpy neighbor, and the noise, and . . . Young readers will delight in watching Daniel and his siblings work things out to save the chickens.

    19. A boy's class hatches eggs at shcool and he takes home the brood to his suburban family. A grumpy neighbor, and the realization that there is a rooster in the group (which violates town ordinances) creates the conflict. One of this year's MCBA nominees, it is much too young to be on the list. The protagonist is a third grader and the action will delight first and second graders, especially if they are hatching eggs, but this one isn't of much interest to grades 4-6.

    20. I'm a 4th grade teacher and our school recently decided to keep 2 hens in a chicken coop. I felt this would be the perfect first read aloud for the year. It's also a Maud Hart Lovelace nominee. We even did an outdoor classroom observation of the chickens as the students sat in a circle and the chickens ate cantaloupe. Overall, the students seemed to enjoy it. I found it to be pretty good. Each student gave it a score of 1 to 5 and our class average was a three.

    21. My son's summary of the book: There was a rooster in the book that almost got took away. Peepers and Daniel are the main characters. Peepers is a rooster and Daniel is a boy. They met at school. Daniels wants Peepers and all the other chickens. He takes them to his home. He does not want to eat them. He wants to keep them as pets. Peepers is a rooster and it's against the law to keep a rooster as a pet. The police came to the house.

    22. I really enjoyed this book and I think it’s perfect for early readers. Daniel’s love for his pets is a common feeling in children this age, they will love the attachment he has for his chickens. I like the sibling interaction in this as well, done very realistically. Judy Cox is a fantastic writer who writes silly stories that are appealing but not dumbed down.

    23. Daniel loves animals, so when his teacher asks for volunteers to take home the chicks the class has just hatched, he's only too happy to oblige. But, with a bunch of siblings, a prowling cat, a grouchy neighbor, and one of the chicks hiding a secret, chaos ensues.This is a nice, easy read for 2nd to 3rd grade animal lovers.ough they may wind up asking for chicks of their own.

    24. 2nd grade-ish book. It's a fairly ok story about hatching chicks at school, and the main character ends up getting to take them home. One is an illegal rooster, and the kids try to keep it a secret, which of course doesn't work. I found the details that were focused on a little strange at the beginning, but overall, pretty good for the chicken obsessed.

    25. Cute story, but a touch wordy for the audience, I think. A solid chapter book with illustrations about a boy and his family as they try to keep their rooster's identity a secret. Neatly wrapped up in the end.

    26. This book is cute if you are a 3rd grader. It is simple, easy to read and cute. It is a Virginia Readers' Choice title for this school year. It will make a good read-aloud for our classes that hatch eggs in the Spring. The summary on says it all.

    27. Joey and I enjoyed researching facts in the book such as "Do chickens really lay green and blue eggs/" (The answer is yes by the way.ough apparently you know this if you buy locally from someones backyard!)

    28. This was actually not at all annoying, like I thought it was going to be, and it was even educational. It's one that I picked up just because I thought kids would think the title is funny, but the story is also entertaining and written well enough for adults to stomach.

    29. A wonderful early chapter book about raising chickens. I like the reality of the book (the class starts with 12 eggs, but only 5 hatch), and the problem of having a rooster in a suburban neighborhood. A must read aloud for primary classes hatching eggs. A great book for kids who love animals.

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