Riz Meet Riz Riz is a Been There Done That a veteran of the UK jihad scene He joined al Qaeda as a young man got lifted by Counter Terrorism Command and then made an offer he couldn t refuse Now Riz wo

  • Title: Riz
  • Author: Charlie Flowers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Riz Riz is a Been There Done That , a veteran of the UK jihad scene He joined al Qaeda as a young man, got lifted by Counter Terrorism Command and then made an offer he couldn t refuse Now Riz works as a contractor for the shadowy Kinetic Training Solutions Ltd Riz s new boss is Colonel Mahoney, the man who gives him carte blanche to continue on the street MahonMeet Riz Riz is a Been There Done That , a veteran of the UK jihad scene He joined al Qaeda as a young man, got lifted by Counter Terrorism Command and then made an offer he couldn t refuse Now Riz works as a contractor for the shadowy Kinetic Training Solutions Ltd Riz s new boss is Colonel Mahoney, the man who gives him carte blanche to continue on the street Mahoney has asked Riz to investigate disturbing new leads coming from the data on the July 7th attacks Now all Riz has to do is to uphold his connections to his previous groups and his wayward cousin, Bang Bang Kirpachi, keep an ear to the ground for his employers and stay alive

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    1. As an English teacher, I normally find myself squirming or taking mental notes of criticism whenever reading fiction, preferring to read academic journals. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book “Riz” was engrossing enough to make me want to read all the way to the end in just one sitting.The characters have a very realistic flavor of authenticity and the Pakistani culture is accurately portrayed, which was unexpected. Being from the same ethnicity as the main characte [...]

    2. The chapters were filled with reality and violence which normally would be a difficult combination to achieve in a book but the words flowed easily for Flowers I thought - brilliance at work and one couldn't help wanting more of the gum chewing , boots wearing, wonky eyed "on her best behaviour" rogue Holly. On the whole, it was gripping, a page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    3. Wow, this really is an amazing book. It has the most wonderful and unique characters, with a thrilling plot from the very beginning of the story, right through to the end. Lots of Action and a few laugh out loud moments really made this an enjoyable read. Rizwan Sabir was well on his way to becoming a fully-fledged al-Qaeda terrorist. He decided as a teenager that he wanted to serve the jihad cause and kill the Infidels. Luckily for Riz that didn’t eventuate when the terrorist operation he and [...]

    4. I loved this book. Riz, a 29yr old British Pakistani has been through all stages of crime and violence until he comes to his senses in prison and realises the jihad is a load of boll**ks.He starts working for a shady off the map group attached vaguely to the MOD to pursue the jihadis and wreck their plots. His cousin, Bang Bang Kirpachi, is a computer whizz, and works with a group of girls in their own off the wall combat against jihadis and those who would seek to tie them to the kitchen.I love [...]

    5. I found this book in a scottish bunkhouse, i was taking a day off from climbing and had a powerful head cold. it's one of those books which you just know the author had fun writing, probably too much left handed fun. This time would have been better spent doing some research? i think mister flowers has confused the BBC's Spooks series with a documentary. Hanif Kureishi's Black Album discussed the same aspects infinitely better 20 years ago and Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist pisses a [...]

    6. A rip-roaring; peddle to the metal; roller-coaster joyride of a read, intrigue, plots, girls, guns and mayhem. Flowers knows his stuff backwards - and it shows the attention to detail is superb! With engaging characters and laughs and shocks galore, this certainly isn't a book for the faint hearted, be warned though - if you pick it up, you'll be sure not to put it down until the last breathless page has turned.Riz is a cracking good read!

    7. Gripping. A great Spy Thriller, I couldn't put it down. Some fantastic and engaging characters, and I was left wanting the next book as soon as possible, to see what happens next! It's kind of like James Bond but for this century. Less cold war, more cyber warfare, but with entertaining wit and pithy dialogue alongside the action and drama.

    8. What an AWESOME book! This is one of the most realistic depictions of how these operations work in real life. Forget about the "Hollywoodization" that seems to be the mark of most other books - this is the very real deal.Seriously, this book will hold you hostage right until the very end!

    9. Riz - is a refreshing thriller - almost on a classic pulp level but, stands out on its own. Hints of Len Deighton, Robert Ludlum & even Tarantino's dry sarcasm come to mind. The Author has (Very well) researched the subject matter and injects the right balance of humour, which so easily could of been too much.The characters are well drawn out, namely Riz himself and Bang-Bang.And the story arc is well drawn out, niether boring or dragging. My only negative thought was that i wanted more. I r [...]

    10. Plenty of action in this one! A fun little story with many standout characters. Well written and not overly complex, just a good enjoyable read. Charlie Flowers has a winner in this series the main character Riz and the black eyed girls will have you wanting more for many books to come. I would suggest that if your looking for a nice quick action packed read, then give this one a shot. The humor mixed with a well told story woven in amongst death is very hard to accomplish. And Mr. Flowers did i [...]

    11. I'm not spoiling anything! It reads like a movie. The tension is awesome! Your in the character from the start and you are gonna finish it because you want to know the end. Love,drama, excitement, fiction and your fantasy get triggered all the way.

    12. Long story short: I can't wait for the movie! Although I expect that the movie will, like most movies, not do this book justice. Its a quick read. (I'm proud to say that I first read it when it was just titled RIZ.)

    13. Flowers files between Fleming and Forsyth, and is a happy fit there. And Bang Bang Kirpachi has the best name in fiction since Kissy Suzuki.

    14. Thoroughly enjoyed this - steamed along at about a million miles an hour with laughs and action, excellent fun and almost too exciting to read on the tube!

    15. “Hard Kill” by Charlie Flowers is the kind of book I couldn’t put down. Even when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about it. This is one fast paced, edge of the seat, gripping story about a young Muslim, former al-Queda operative who is now working with Counter Terrorism in England. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Riz Sabir is a sharp young man with street smarts that do him in good stead as he pursues terrorists through the streets of London. Along with his cousin Holly (Bang B [...]

    16. I recently bought a copy of Riz and used it as toilet roll, it seemed to leave more shit on my arse than was originally there.

    17. Riz is a fast paced novella and liberally peppered with guns, bombs and blood. It takes place in contemporary London at the time of the 2012 Olympic Games, Riz is employed to get inside a terrorist cell and nullify them, to this end he associates himself with a group of cyber-hacking, gun-toting, helicopter flying girls known as the Hur al-hyn, Cheerleaders or Black Eyed Maidens. This then is where life imitates art imitates life. Flowers heads up a pro-Muslim / anti extremism group called the C [...]

    18. "Riz" doesn't give much away as a title. I think many people will be unsure of what to expect from this book.Let me ask you a question Did you ever read those great thrillers from the 50's and 60's? The books that highlighted the weird and wonderful ways that spies operated. Those authors namely Fleming and Deighton created a whole new sub-genre and at the same time created a trend that hasn't yet expiredThen we had the super authors Guys like Tom Clancy and Patterson who have all dabbled in the [...]

    19. The first of this authors books I've read and it certainly packs lots of blood and action. Just the ticket for a blockbuster movie. It has a different twist on the 'special forces' approach in that they are second to 'Riz' and his gang of 'Black-eyed girls' as he takes on the terrorists, Riz seems to be a little lacking in knowing the difference between the political left and the political right and their shoot first, ask questions after approach doesn't help keep the death toll down. It's great [...]

    20. If you are a fan of pulp fiction, then this is a book for you! Personally not really a genre i like, but the adventure kept me going and engaged all the way til the end. It will make a good movie!

    21. In this world of the rehashed, remastered & reimagined it is truly wonderful when you find an original gem! And that is what Hard Kill is: a real gem of a book! From the superb detailed descriptions of the operations to the crazy characters responsible for making these ops happen, Hard Kill reads like a refreshing breath of fresh air! A real rose amongst the thorns of the predictable! Riz Sabhir, the hero holds the story in a voice that is both reflective and insouciant. He's trained, he kno [...]

    22. This book has short, sharp chapters, pace, a very useful glossary at the back and a ‘not too heavy’ on description narrative. The protagonist was a refreshing surprise. Riz’s first person p.o.v. works a treat and I liked his various relationships, particularly with his superior (loved the Colonel), and Bang Bangwhat an energetic, strong, independent, intelligent girl with a very apt nickname. Okay, she’s not real, but how can one not admire her style?It was good to be misled by the start [...]

    23. A rockin’, rollin’ read.There is no question – Flowers knows London. And not just the city, but its gritty underbelly, where the sparks fly. I had a fine time with this book. A rousing page-turner with some unique and intriguing characters: Rizwan Sabir, formerly with al-Qaeda and now working with Counter-Terrorism Command; Holly “Bang-Bang” Kirpachi, tough as granite but with a touching vulnerability – the kind of girl you want to hug, but dare not forget on Valentine’s Day; and t [...]

    24. A fun, fast and furious spy thrillerI wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into when I started to read “Hard Kill” by Charlie Flowers. At first I didn’t understand the lingo, but as I read on and started to grasp it, I got swept up in the story and couldn’t let go. And it was a wild ride all the way through to the end. I became quite fond of Riz and cared about what would happen to him. His cousin Bang-Bang Kirpachi and her murderous girl gang added to the shock value. It was an emotio [...]

    25. “A gritty white knuckle ride”Just what the doctor ordered. Short action-packed chapters. Crackling dialogue and more technical jargon and computer wizardry than Bond could hope to handle. Riz Sabir copes without blinking. He hasn't got time!This book rattles along at breakneck speed and you have to cling on and try to keep up. To put the book down is NOT an option.The violence at home and abroad is scattered across the pages in all its visceral brutality and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth [...]

    26. Good thing this was a free book through KindleUnlimited. Funny characters and perhaps a good look into Muslim life in London (I wouldn't know). Lots of computer jargon and tons of Arabic phrases and terms, much of which I felt distracting. Very British, lots of action and cuteness. This is, in my humble opinion, more of a young adult read. There is little depth or reality. It rates fairly high on the stupid scale.This has great reviews, and I was hoping for a beginning to a great series, however [...]

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