It's Just Sext

It s Just Sext She swore it was just sext and nothing Lauren has been texting for months with a man she met online carefully editing the details of her life sending him only the best of herself the hottest pictu

  • Title: It's Just Sext
  • Author: Felice Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She swore it was just sext , and nothing Lauren has been texting for months with a man she met online, carefully editing the details of her life, sending him only the best of herself the hottest pictures, the highlights of her day, and her most hard core sexual fantasies A merchant marine, he traveled the world, so it was safe enough They would never actually meet,She swore it was just sext , and nothing Lauren has been texting for months with a man she met online, carefully editing the details of her life, sending him only the best of herself the hottest pictures, the highlights of her day, and her most hard core sexual fantasies A merchant marine, he traveled the world, so it was safe enough They would never actually meet, so why not Her self esteem could use a little boost.Marc s no talking, only texting rule was strictly enforced when it came to the sexy thing he met online She was his ultimate fantasy girl and he wanted to keep it that way But when his ship is scheduled to dock in a port near her home, he lays it all on the line for the chance at a weekend of hot sex and maybe something .When they finally meet, the heat that smoldered for months feels a lot like love Forced to tease reality from fantasy, months of texting foreplay ignites into wildfire something hotter, deeper and sweeter than they had ever imagined.Box set available now at iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.

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    1. uh this story was freaking hot. i love when an author goes beyond the standard sex acts and really getting into intricate dirty deeds. it makes the sex feel so much more realistic. Lauren is an older woman having a long distance internet/text relationship with Marc, a younger guy who works on a cruise shop. they finally meet and have super duper hot sex. the writing is excellent and Fox taps into legit fears and hesitations when it comes to meeting someone who you might have built up in your hea [...]

    2. The title says it all. This was a super short book about, you guessed it, SEX! There's a romance blooming but I guess in order to see what happens next, gotta read the next book.

    3. Review originally posted at Hesperia Loves BooksWowat was super sexy, ignite the pages hot and not what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, with a title like It’s Just Sext, I knew it would bring the hotness. However, since this was a short story, I assumed that was all I would get - I couldn’t have been more wrong! Ms. Fox did a fabulous job with, not only the fantastic erotic scenes, but also the character & story development. She made me fall in lust/love with Marc & Lauren and [...]

    4. HER SHIP IS COMING INLauren has been texting for months a guy she met online. Marc and Lauren's messages have gotten more and more explicit at the weeks have gone by. But what the heck they are never going to meet right. Marc is a merchant marine, he travels the world. Then out of the blue he announces that his ship is docking at the port where she lives. He wants to meet up. But Lauren is worried she's not sure she is the wanton woman who sent those texts. A short story but really really hot. W [...]

    5. This is one hot, sexy read! This short story is packed with real emotions, doubts, fears, anxieties and most of all - love. Ms. Fox brings the new era of online dating and all that goes with it to the romance genre in a smart, well-written story grabs the reader from the first and doesn't let go until the very end.

    6. First in the Right Kind of Wrong erotic romance series. Do be aware that this is a very short, short story; AND that I received this from the author!My TakeFox does well with this snapshot moment in Lauren's dirty weekend, even if she does leave us hanging a bit at the end, wondering huh what? about a number of issues.I'm, sort of, becoming accustomed to this new trend (new to me!) in writing shorty short stories intended to grab the reader's attention and steer him/her into purchasing more to f [...]

    7. It's Just Sext was a sensual and erotic short story. I thought that the plot was pretty clever considering I haven't read one like this before: two strangers meeting and starting a relationship via technology only. Thus, the premise was interesting. However, I wasn't as involved in the story because I found the characters to be lacking in depth as well as the storyline. But, since the story was very short this could be an explanation of why. Furthermore, there wasn't much dialogue in It's Just S [...]

    8. Since this is a short story I wan't expecting a lot of background info on the characters. Lauren and Marc met online and have been texting\sexting each other for months, not knowing if they would ever meet. Then Marc informs Lauren he will be in her area and that they should meet. Their meeting was pretty steamy but the characters themselves were pretty cold. They realized the have strong feelings for each other but the conversation about where they should go from here were more like teenagers t [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this short sexy story! It's Just Sext is a fast paced erotic story about a woman who met a younger man online and through chatting and texting they have built the start of what may be a lasting relationship! But first Lauren has to get over her hang ups about dating a younger man.The characters in this story were great! I rarely ever read a story where the woman is older because it's not really a theme I've ever enjoyed but I am so glad I read this one! The relationship between [...]

    10. This is an original review from bookedandloadedIt’s Just Sext by Felice Fox was a short story concentrating on a first(and intimate) meeting of Marc and Lauren after only knowing each other via text messaging. I thought that this short story touched on an interesting subject that is becoming part of our society. Texting. You can communicate now so much to people and feel that you are connected to them, care about them, and ultimately get to know that person. However, I felt that It’s Just Se [...]

    11. She swore it was ‘just sext’, and nothing more…Quick thoughts: Real, Honest and sexy taboot.I wanted a quick, sexy read with real emotion and delicious sex. I got that and a little slice more.Its Just Sex is a fun, fast and great taste of Felice’s writing. It was emotionally engrossing, and Felice managed to take one of my pet peeves in erotic fiction and turn it on its head and for that I enjoyed it all the more and found the characters endearing. I must admit there were times in this s [...]

    12. This is a very short, but written well. It comes off feeling real because of her feelings and hesitations, and his apparent vulnerability towards then end. Their relationship starts off through text, pictures, and video’s…which is hot! The age difference and the fear of society’s reaction to the “cougar” is definitely something that weighs on her mind. The release of inhibitions and just strait out sex is refreshing. She goes into this meeting as just that, a onetime meeting, so why no [...]

    13. Reviewed on atastyreadShort, hot and sweetd NO, I am not talking about my order at Starbucks.Felice Fox, author of Bluegrass favorite TAKE ME FOR LONGING, entertains her fans with a spicy novella that has everything you need for a night of fun. Marc, yes I send sexy videos to my sext partner, Lauren, OMG I want to get on my knees in front of the man and have my way with him, and a hotel room that is theirs for the night. I knowSound HOT!Yes, this is a VERY short romance, but it was intriguing fr [...]

    14. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.The is a short story.It's nice to read a short story after finishing a long book.This surely is a book of the times with all the technology. It's hot oh so hot. Hot sex and believe it or not Love. It's to short of a story to get into it to much but it really is hot and heart warming. Good ending as well.Quote:" He stroked her hair a while longer while she loved on him. This was the feeling she was her for, this right here. Like a new puppy [...]

    15. I admit to a weakness for older woman/younger man stories as well as meeting online premise. Even given this head start,it is tough to provide a fast, fun and satisfying read in few pages, but Ms Fox has filled the prescription. Just when you think it is going to be all about hot sex, the author brings you into the interior emotional world of the heroine as she wonders if she will be enough for a much younger guy. Will he disappear with his cruise ship or is there more to be explored than each o [...]

    16. (3.5 stars, I rounded up) I had forgotten how nice it is to read a short little novella. I think I might have liked this story more if it was longer and delved into their relationship a bit more (i.e. how they met, what it was like when they first started talking, etc). I think I generally just like longer stories with more background and lead up to the romance part. Otherwise, this was decent. I could be curious enough to read on to the next one. Maybe.

    17. It's Just Sext by Felice Fox is an entertaining read. I liked the characters and the humor in this book. Marc and Lauren's story is an older woman/younger man tale that's loaded with sex. This hot book is a fairly quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading. This book is more sex than story, but I liked it. I received a copy of this book from a newsletter link giveaway.

    18. Very short story. I am happy though that there are two more. Since it was only 20 pages I need more to the story lol. You don't get to know the characters very well, except that Lauren is older than Marc.

    19. Really short story of a woman's sexting experience an finally meeting in person the ones she's shared an traded sexual texting, videos an longings with. I would of liked it to be longer but was good all the same

    20. I really liked the end converastion that they had. to me the sex was just kind of every where. I needed just a little more story/background. I will admit that I think I will be getting the second one cause I want to know how it ends. overall good short story just was hoping for a little more

    21. Thoroughly satisfying erotic romance that contains the perfect amount of WOW to please both "experienced" and "virgin" erotica readers. Fox succeeds in crafting a love story between Lauren & Marc that's as equally meaningful as their intense sexual connection.

    22. Not bad, short although that wasn't a surprise. I don't recall Lauren's age mentioned I wanted to know I think it would have helped me understand the character better

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