D-Day June 6, 1944

D Day June It is the young men born into the false prosperity of the s and brought up in the bitter realities of the Depression of the s that this book is about The literature they read as youngsters was

  • Title: D-Day June 6, 1944
  • Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
  • ISBN: 9788492400386
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the young men born into the false prosperity of the 1920s and brought up in the bitter realities of the Depression of the 1930s that this book is about The literature they read as youngsters was anti war and cynical, portraying patriots as suckers, slackers and heroes None of them wanted to be part of another war They wanted to be throwing baseballs, not handgrenaIt is the young men born into the false prosperity of the 1920s and brought up in the bitter realities of the Depression of the 1930s that this book is about The literature they read as youngsters was anti war and cynical, portraying patriots as suckers, slackers and heroes None of them wanted to be part of another war They wanted to be throwing baseballs, not handgrenades shooting.22s at rabbits, not M 1s at other young men But when the test came, when freedom had to be fought for or abandoned, they fought from the Prologue.

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    1. May 8, 1994Dear Prof. Ambrose:I have read most of your books and enjoyed them immensely. I was therefore eagerly awaiting the publication of your new book about D-Day. It finally arrived at our bookstore and I immediately began, greedily, to devour it.As it turns out, last Tuesday, I journeyed to Altoona, one-hundred miles east of here, to take my father to a hospital for some exploratory surgery. My father was an army medic, helping to chase Rommel through North Africa. He made it to Sicily whe [...]

    2. As a brit this book really annoyed me. It’s not about the Normandy landings; it’s about the American landing on Omaha Beach. At every opportunity Ambrose trivialises and criticises the British, Canadian and other allied forces while giving us a chest thumping partisan view of the unequalled bravery of the Americans. The bias is embarrassing and a colossal show of disrespect to the soldiers of every other nation in the allied forces.

    3. My father (Warner Hamlett -D-Day vet and still doing well) was interviewed and quoted in this book. He is 93 years old and relives WWII every night in his dreams. He still goes out to his homemade bomb cellar during thunderstorms and screams in his sleep.Stephen Ambrose is an excellent author. He double checks his details and sources, using first-hand accounts of events. My father was in the 29 infantry out of South Boston, VA when they stormed Normandy Beach. The book tells the story of D-Day s [...]

    4. Stephen Ambrose enjoyed tremendous popularity in the 1990's with his WWII books about the fighting in Northwestern Europe. The books were massive bestsellers and made him a household name. Of course a historian enjoying such popularity means that other historians and history buffs will be examing his/her's work with a fine tooth comb. Late in his life ,and continuing since his death, reports surfaced documenting/alleging longtime patterns of plagiarism and inaccuracies in many of his published w [...]

    5. This book is based on the oral histories of 1,400 men who were involved in D-Day. The majority of the book deals with one 24 hour period. Midnight, June 5/6 until midnight June 6/7. I learned about D-Day growing up. Mostly this was facts and figures. I have seen several movies about D-Day. Some were good. With the exception of a few names such as Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, and Montgomery I didn't know the people involved in one of the most historic events of the 20th century. In this book [...]

    6. Reading this you'd be forgiven for thinking that the US was alone at Normandy. One-eyed puffery and tabloid in its execution, as is Ambrose's way. There are vastly better books on D-Day (Beevor and Hastings for a start).

    7. Wonderful. I highly recommend Ambrose for historical reading. He makes things interesting and detailed and you feel like you really get to know somewhat what it was like being there. I will definitely be reading his other books. It's embarrassing that it took me almost 7 months to read this one though! This book was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father was with those soldiers that day. It reminded me of Captain Moroni and the title of liberty-when you are fighting for your liberty and your wiv [...]

    8. This book was terrible. It was biased, factually inaccurate and reflected the author's sycophantic relationship with Eisenhower rather than any objective understanding of the events of June 6 1944.

    9. Biar Menghayati ditambah membaca pidato Ike pada saat D-DaySoldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Force! You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we havestriven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms onother Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German warmachine, the elimination of Nazi tyranny over th [...]

    10. Probably one of the top three of all of his books concerning the war in Europe. It is a great place to start reading his series of books about WWII. It would be great to read this and Pegasus Bridge at the same time. If you have an ability visualize, you will be moved.I was in France in September of 2008. I'm not a tour guy, so we just go were and when we want to go. Chelly, my wife, and I went to the cemetery in Normandy. I was nearly overwhelmed at the sight. When We came to the long stairway [...]

    11. I am currently listening to this audio book while at the same time reading the paperback of Anthony Beevor's D-Day book. I don't usually do that, listen to an audio book and read a paper copy book on the same topic. But in this case I am enjoying doing it, as I am really getting a full scope picture of this fascinating time in American history.

    12. Extraordinarily interesting anecdotes? Check. Chest-thumping patriotism? Check. Unbiased, carefully vetted history? Ehhhhhh.

    13. An excellent piece of research and writing. Another reminder of what the "greatest generation" did for our nation and our world. We as Americans need to utilize the insights provided to us by our ancestors to pull together and work with one another to improve the plight of all Americans. What has happened to our nation? The greed, the self-centeredness? Where is our sense of community? I am so proud of the people of this era who came together for the common good. I hope and pray that our generat [...]

    14. This book is a factual account of the greatest large scale operation that took place during World War II in which the Allied nations (The United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, and Free France) launched a massive seaborne and airborne assault on the 6th of June 1944 to liberate France from Nazi fanaticism. Codenamed Operation Overlord, it was probably the most prominent war operation that took place in the 20th Century. The success of which would bring about peace and democracy for th [...]

    15. Fantastic! Really long, but fantastic. I love a non-fiction that uses so many stories to convey its message; exactly what happened here. The last chapter is a great wrap up with, what I believe to be, spot on analysis.

    16. Ambrose is thorough but never boring. He incorporates the oral histories of hundreds (thousands?) of men and they move the story along. I especially like to hear Ambrose’s thoughts and analyzations; he is informed and authoritative and his voice is important to understanding what happened, not just on D-Day, but in the preparation, the leadership, and what happened and how for all involved. The story is touching and inspiring and, most of all, sacred. May we always remember the sacrifices that [...]

    17. Ever since I went to Normandy Beach in France, I have been obsessed with World War 2. This is when American fought Germany for the independent of France. When I was standing on the beach, I could feel the ghost of the warrior that fought that hard battle. It scared me; I was standing on the same beach where thousands of men died. There is one special day that has been famous since the war. June 6, 1944 or D-Day. This day was important because When America sailed to Germany for attack they were a [...]

    18. Ambrose’s account of D-Day is a milestone work of vivid, intricate planning details leading up to the historic invasion and the agony and halting successes of the wrenching day itself. Launching the invasion was a far cry from what was anticipated, due in large part to cloudy weather that prevented precisely timed bombings and landings. Many plans had to be scrapped completely, while others proceeded with horrendous losses and dispiriting delays. This book brought me into an up-close view of t [...]

    19. Fascinating and horrifying. I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Normandy beaches in France last summer, which was a very powerful and moving experience, and made me want to learn more about D-Day. Reading this book was also quite moving. It was a little hard to get into at first, with all of the military references that I am not familiar with, but the personal stories sucked me in. The oral histories taken from thousands and thousands of interviews with veterans were amazing. I loved the [...]

    20. If you're going to read only one book about the Western Allies' invasion of France during WWII, then this is the book you need to read. Is it the best researched, most comprehensive, and best written history of this battle? Of course not. Ambrose plagiarized several important portions of this work, and admitted to such several years prior to his death, but it takes very little away from this fine read. What makes this book so good is Ambrose's narrative style, very much akin to Shelby Foote's wr [...]

    21. The late Stephen E. Ambrose used over 1400 interviews for his history of the D-Day invasion. This “oral history" approach brings the reader into the heart of the battle through eye-witness testimony. The tales of the front line infantryman sweeps the reader up into their personal histories. The story is told from the individual and small unit level often failing to describe larger unit actions or explaining how the individual actions fit into the total picture. Let is shared of what happened o [...]

    22. This is another riveting historical rendition by Stephen Ambrose, both broad in scope but precise in details. The magnitude of story of the invasion alone is overwhelming to the imagination, over 2000 ships and 160,000 men storming the German iron wall. The engaging narrative takes the reader onto the Normandy beaches with the soldiers and describes their raw courage and incredible ability to adapt to circumstances to persevere and conquer. One cannot finish the book without a feeling of reveren [...]

    23. In the early 21st century it is almost incomprehensible to consider an evil so pervasive, so oppressive, and so murderous as Hitler's Reich. An entire society brainwashed to conquer the world and to enslave entire countries were not stopped by will power, or flower power, or by mere rhetoric. Nazism was stopped by citizens from every walk of life in the world's great democracies -- the battle for freedom began on the beaches of northern France on June 6, 1944. The Americans at Omaha and Utah, th [...]

    24. I just finished reading—it took over a month-and-a-half—Stephen E. Ambrose’s D-Day – June 6, 1944 The Battle for the Normandy Beaches. Not counting the index and appendixes, it’s 583 fact-filled pages of narrative. The statistics alone are mind-boggling. This is just packed with them, more so than either Band of Brothers or Citizen Soldiers, both of which I have. Even with all the incorporated facts and figures, it was something of a page-turner. It covers the planning and preparation, [...]

    25. Ambrose does a delightful job wedding the reader's emotional engagement with historical events through his masterful storytelling of that fateful day in 1944. Not only does he supply the background material necessary to retain a sense of the preparations and intensity of operational tempo, but he also shows how even best laid plans can all go awry, since we are not master's of our own destinies.or landing zones!The author is a master storyteller. There were times when tears streamed down my chee [...]

    26. Well I must said these books is far too much praise for american and british soldier courage and braveness. But Can blame since sthepen is eisenhower center director, he must siding to Eisenhower rightbut we must know that Allied and Red Army join forces that succesfully end Hitler megalomania empire dream in european War theater in 1945

    27. Please read beyond Stephen Ambrose if your going to study the second world war. Please, please, please, do.

    28. This was my first ever experience reading a book by Stephen Ambrose and it will not be the last. My first experience with him was when I got the chance to read a little bit of his book Citizen Soldiers. Finding out that I had this one in my collection, I decided to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely written it was. I understood the gravity of the situation now far more than when I went into reading this novel. This was one that really gave me a full picture of the D-Day [...]

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