Tout sauf le grand amour

Tout sauf le grand amour Ce que cherche Lucy Lang l aube de ses trente ans Un homme sympa et honn te Un homme qui s occuperait du jardin des barbecues et qui jouerait au foot avec les enfants Et surtout surtout un homme q

  • Title: Tout sauf le grand amour
  • Author: Kristan Higgins
  • ISBN: 9782280278256
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ce que cherche Lucy Lang l aube de ses trente ans Un homme sympa et honn te Un homme qui s occuperait du jardin, des barbecues, et qui jouerait au foot avec les enfants Et surtout, surtout, un homme qui ne d clencherait en elle aucun moi amoureux, aucune grande passion Car Lucy refuse l id e de souffrir de nouveau, comme elle a souffert cinq ans plus t t en perdantCe que cherche Lucy Lang l aube de ses trente ans Un homme sympa et honn te Un homme qui s occuperait du jardin, des barbecues, et qui jouerait au foot avec les enfants Et surtout, surtout, un homme qui ne d clencherait en elle aucun moi amoureux, aucune grande passion Car Lucy refuse l id e de souffrir de nouveau, comme elle a souffert cinq ans plus t t en perdant son mari Alors, m me si le pass se rappelle encore elle, aujourd hui, elle le sent elle a atteint les limites d une vie exclusivement consacr e son chat, Fat Mikey, le plus intelligent et le plus capricieux des f lins, et son travail qu elle adore, dans la petite p tisserie familiale de Rhode Island Oui, il est temps, apr s cinq ans, de tourner la page, et de se lancer dans une nouvelle vie Premi re tape pr venir Ethan Mirabelli, son amant sexy mais in pousable, qu il est temps de revenir une relation strictement amicale Deuxi me tape se lancer dans la qu te de son futur mari, celui qui sera tout pour elle Tout, sauf le grand amour.

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    1. Kristan Higgins has done it AGAIN. Seriously though—and I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me—it’s not like I had any doubts, she’s become one of my favorites for a reason. Through this easy to adore cast, with varying views of the world, Kristan Higgins delivers a host of emotions—utter heartbreak, longing and even a touch of giddiness, to name just a few—all while driving home the notion that happiness can be found in the most unexpected places, if you open yourself up to the [...]

    2. There are things about this story I liked, but unfortunately, there are more things that didn't work for me. KH is an intelligent writer and I never have a problem with the way her stories flow. This one was written in first person POV and I have no problem with that. I liked the setting and I enjoyed that it involved bakeries, cooking, chefs, etc. I like that there is always humor in her books as well as decent character development. This book had all that. Unfortunately, by the middle, I was g [...]

    3. 3.75 StarsEnjoyed it. Seemed to drag a bit in the middle Lucy sort of annoyed me with her wishy washy, couldn't make up her mind what she wanted attitude. I loved Ethan. He was so sweet. Alone again, naturally, like that sappy song I'd discovered in my parents' tape collection. Oh, I'd love that song! Many happy, maudlin hours were spent weeping and singing along to my cassette player, until my mom burst in one day, snatched the tape from the machine and snapped it in halfLOL. Gilbert O'Sulliva [...]

    4. It is safe to say that Kristan Higgins has become one of my go to authors when I am in the mood for a sweet, funny and emotional romantic read. I enjoyed this one. But I have to be honest, it took a while for Lucy to grow on me. I understood why she was hesitant with her love life but her wishy washy behavior drove me batty at times. Now Ethan, well he was just wonderful. What a sweetheart. I loved how he treated Lucy with such tenderness and kindness. Even when his heart was being bruised he wa [...]

    5. Sometimes I don't even know what to say! We've all read books that resonate with us and affect us long after we've turned the last page. This was one of those books for me. I LOVED IT! I've just come to accept that Kristan Higgins writes for mewell, not for me specifically, but for people like me. Her stuff is always emotional and sweet and funny. But sometimes it's also excruciatingly heartbreaking and sad. But there's always an underlying hope in her books, so yes, for people like me, WE LOVE [...]

    6. Pros: Kristan Higgins can write. You won't find clunky phrasing or bad transitions in the book.The writing is tight and solid.Ethan is a great hero. I loved him and his sexy, gentle ways.Cons: Lucy was a totally unappealing and unsympathetic heroine. She's emotionally stunted (and surrounded by emotionally-stunted family, her mother being the worst), self-absorbed, dense, and obsessive. Almost 6 years after her husband of 8 months died, she is still wallowing in self-righteous grief. She can't w [...]

    7. I loved my escape to the fictional town of Mackerly this week. This story was rich with a town full of enchanting characters.Lucy becomes a part of a group of family members dubbed “The Black Widows” after losing her husband Jimmy several years ago. I loved the interaction between these women consisting of Lucy’s mother and two aunts. They were very entertaining and I loved every scene they were in. Lucy handled all of their oddities like a champ, especially her mom's constant criticism of [...]

    8. At 400 pages, this book is 100 pages too long. There are some fun things in this book but the heroine wallowed too much in the grief of being widowed. She was so blind to the hero's love that she was cruel to him. And selfish? Oh, man. Even at the end where she finally realized she wanted him, she had to tell him on her timetable. The hero was either a saint or a doormat, depending on how you want to see him. She walked all over him enough for me to vote for the latter. What gripes me the most i [...]

    9. 5++++ "Totally Blew Me Away" Stars!!! The best bits:Ok, I'm just going to say it. Pretty much EVERYTHING was the best bit!!!This has got EVERYTHING!! It's a forbidden love/ best-friends-to-lovers/ friends-with-benefits/ neighbours-in-love/ reluctant lovers/ romantic comedy/drama that will burst your heart, keep you up late at night, and ultimately stay with you for a long time after you've finished.And it's by Kristan Higgins!!! It's no secret that I DEVOUR everything this woman writes. AndThe N [...]

    10. Another fabulous romance, as expected from Kristen Higgins. My only issue with this one was the issue of the SHS. (stupid heroine syndrome) Lucy was a likeable character, but she just couldn't see the forest through the trees sometimes. She was fairly self-absorbed most of the time, and her epiphany was long in coming. But I suppose I'll cut her some slack, she did have quite a bit to deal with.And luckily, there was Ethan who I myself am now madly in love with. He evened out the score in this o [...]

    11. Ohmygosh this book is so cringeworthy. This girl is a fuckin’ mess. I can’t. She’s just… The. Worst.I enjoyed the 1st book, but this was honestly disappointing. I liked the ending, but everything else was just not my cup of tea.

    12. Lucy Mirabella was widowed 5 1/2 years ago at the at the age of 25. Her husband's death devastated her and she's unwilling to go through that kind of pain again. Her solution is to find someone that she can like, raise a family and move on again. The person can never be her one true love again because she doesn't think she could survive it.Lucy is surrounded by lots of family who are committed to keeping her grieving. Her aunts and her mother, known as the Black Widows (maiden name is Black and [...]

    13. Kristan Higgins is going on my ‘must read least’. This is my second read by her, after Catch of the Day, which I really enjoyed. She writes in first person, so that may put off some readers. However I don’t mind. I this one, the man communicates very openly so there really isn’t a question about what he is thinking.Lucy has been a widow for over five years, after losing her husband in a car accident when she was 25. She’s still trying to put her life back together. She’s part owner o [...]

    14. While I admire Higgins for writing different and difficult romance plots, this one was just too challenging for me. Falling in love with an in-law after you’re no longer in-laws is one thing, and Higgins does that plot fairly gracefully elsewhere. But a widow using her husband’s younger brother as a booty call well, that’s pretty icky, and from skimming the book, she just generally comes off like a callous, clueless user. I'm not going to give a rating though, since I didn't read it throug [...]

    15. Not the hit out of the ballpark her other books were for me. Kristan Higgin's trademark humor is still there, but it was at a lower simmer than usual. All in all, I think this one fell curiously flat. I was very turned off by the perfect dead husband who seemed to really dominate the book. Ethan was way too understanding and a little too beta of a hero for my taste. Also KH usually does family dynamics perfectly. It is one of the things that I really appreciate about her books. But that too felt [...]

    16. Hmmmis was kind of an anti-romance for me. I spent 348 pages developing a very strong dislike for the heroine who was so neurotic and blocked by her grief and her inability to move forward that she needed counseling considerably more than a happily-ever-after. (I started out with compassion, but by 2/3 of the way through, that had changed to annoyance.) I felt--and still feel sorry for the hero, and hope his martyr complex, and selfless unfailing love holds out for him and that the HEA and the m [...]

    17. Ugh, I really wanted to love this book. Heck, I would have taken to just really liking it, but **sigh** it was not meant to be. The story is about Lucy who is a widow, she lost her husband Jimmy in an auto accident. She's been having a friends with benefits relationship with her brother-in-law Ethan for over 2 years until she decides it's time for her to get back into the dating game. She wants a family one day, but she doesn't want to be in love like she was with Jimmy. Let me preface my next s [...]

    18. Rating: 3.5 StarsWhile I thoroughly enjoyed THE NEXT BEST THING and fell head-over-heels for Ethan Mirabelli, the protagonist, Lucy, could grate with her naivety and obliviousness from time-to-time. Still, this is a solid Higgins novel--not her at her best but certainly not her at her worst.

    19. 4+ (such a tough book to rate - I may change this to a 5, b/c I have a feeling that I won't be able to get it out of my head!)What an emotional roller coaster! I was five starring this all the way until around page 200, when it started to get a bit redundant and I kept wanting to smack Lucy. She's a widow who lost a truly wonderful man, the love of her life, in an accident after a very brief marriage. It's now been almost six years, and she's still dealing with the emotional baggage that comes f [...]

    20. This is a hard one to review. I LOVE Kristan Higgins engaging writing style, and her cast of characters. I was up until the wee hours last night finishing it, because I really wanted to see how it turned out.Yet, Lucy made me so frustrated. Through most of the story, I kept thinking, "You seriously need to get into therapy. Grief counseling. Something." I didn't expect her to "get over" her husband's death. But, by the end of the book, I never really felt convinced she dealt with her grief in an [...]

    21. I don't really care for books written in first person POV, especially when I don't like the main character as it was the case here. The first 100 pages was alright, your typical chic-lit. There were some witty dialogs and some laugh-out-loud moments (I dont think I will ever breast feed after reading this book). and then, the heroine just started getting on my friggin nerves. Did the author have to create a girl this self-absorbed and selfish? Seriously, the book is all about, me, me, my pain, m [...]

    22. I actually avoided this book for so long because of the generally low reviews and the very overt use of my least favorite, icks-me-out Higgins trope (relationship with a brother figure, in this case a brother-in-law), but I was actually quite fond of protagonist Lucy and her reluctance to get attached to another man after being widowed at a very young age.I thought the way the relationship between Lucy and her brother-in-law Ethan developed was a) surprising and unexpected and not the approach a [...]

    23. Cheeky Summary: CRIED! LAUGHED! ADORED! Seriously, there are too many good things about this book to sum up except to say that Kristin Higgins continues to win over my reader heart with each and every book I read. She's a master at funny, emotional books that stay with you long after you close the book. I'm not kidding – I apparently talked about this book so much that my husband came in when I was writing the review and asked, “Is that the book you talked about and cried over on our vacatio [...]

    24. Higgins is a favorite of mine, I just love the humor in her stories, the characters that feel so real and the settings that could virtually able to anyone.This story is no different. It has everything I love about Higgins writing and then some. I absolutely loved Lucy and Ethan, there story was a beautiful one. I was rooting for Ethan the whole way through. He is such a great man that loved and cared for Lucy for such a long time. My heart went out to him.Once again Higgins managed to wow me wit [...]

    25. I don't know what to say about this one. I loathed the heroine and yet I couldn't stop reading. And I actually wanted the hero to live happily ever after with one of the secondary characters. But the ending was so emotional and I got that warm and fuzzy AWWWW feeling. Not my favorite, but still a good book.

    26. ** 4 "angsty and emotional" stars** "It's not Ethan's link to Parker -or Jimmy-that stops me from being with him. It's the knowledge that I could love him in a way that would rip me in half if anything happened to him. That losing Ethan as I lost Jimmy could ruin me, and that this time, I might not make it back"Lucy lost her husband 6 years ago in a car accident. Their marriage although brief was like a shooting start that illuminated her life, and now that he is gone, all the light went with hi [...]

    27. Although Gideon's Cove isn't necessarily my favourite place in the Kristan Higgins universe (I prefer Blue Heron), I still like visiting from time to time. This was no exception.For a chick-lit romance, this book - as do all Higgins' books - packs a pretty good emotional punch. Lucy the widow isn't just dealing with grief, she's dealing with the abject terror that she'll fall in love again and have it ripped away. It's so deeply reaching because it's true for some women. So while Lucy might not [...]

    28. 2 I-can't-believe-I actually-finished-this starsThis was bad with a capital "B". In a nutshell:Lucy should've been admitted to the psych ward because she had more issues than Vogue.Ethan wasn't a saint, (sure, he was a good guy BUT) he was a pushover who let people walk all over him instead of either standing up for himself or telling those people to go fuck themselves. He deserved so much better.I found the whole Friends with Benefits thing tasteless, considering Ethan was the brother of Lucy's [...]

    29. Cover & Title - 3 out of 5. Favorite Character - Ethan. Jesus christ the first 40% of this book was dull with a capital D. I barely got into the story at all, i actually considered giving up but since 9pm was too early to go to bed i continued. In the end i am glad i continued as i enjoyed the ending (and i hate not finishing a book), that was my favorite bit (maybe actually the only bit i liked - yikes). I found the story really depressing and not in a way that i liked or enjoyed, in fact i [...]

    30. Lucy Lang is in her twenties, she has been a widow for five years. After her sister gives birth to baby Emma, Lucy decides it is time to move on and start dating again. So maybe it is time to stop sleeping with her husband's brother- Ethan Mirabelli.Lucy wants to find a man whom she can love just a little. She is terrified of falling head over heals and wants to settle for someone she can have a kid with but is not crazy for.The females in her family seem to loose their husbands at an early age. [...]

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