Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel

Great Expectations The Graphic Novel The year is A young orphan who calls himself Pip is kneeling beside the grave of his dead family Shivering in the cold winter air and crying over the passing of his relatives he is completely

  • Title: Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel
  • Author: Jen Green Charles Dickens John Stokes Jason Cardy Jim Campbell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1812 A young orphan, who calls himself Pip, is kneeling beside the grave of his dead family Shivering in the cold winter air and crying over the passing of his relatives, he is completely unaware that something is about to happen that will change his life forever Classical Comics brings this Charles Dickens classic to life in full color It comes with skill The year is 1812 A young orphan, who calls himself Pip, is kneeling beside the grave of his dead family Shivering in the cold winter air and crying over the passing of his relatives, he is completely unaware that something is about to happen that will change his life forever Classical Comics brings this Charles Dickens classic to life in full color It comes with skillfully illustrated scenes and dialogue in original text form It also features bonus material on Charles Dickens, The Dickens Family Tree, Crime and Punishment in Victorian London , and insight on Classical Comics Page Creation.

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    1. This story is set in 19th century England, Pip the main character is an orphan living with his strict sister and his sister's not so strict husband, Joe. He lives the life of a commoner, working as a blacksmith's apprentice in Joe's shop. He receives several invitations to go to the rich widow Miss Havisham's house and play with her adopted daughter, Estella. One day however, he comes into possession of a large amount of money and goes off to London to learn how to be a gentleman. A series of ev [...]

    2. The book Great Expectations was written in 1860 in London. The main character Pip is an orphan therefore he lives with his strict sister and her husband. One day he was caught by a man (Abel Magwitch) while going to his parents grave, he threats him and tells him to bring him food and a file which Pip does. Pip is being called to come and play with Estella, Miss Havisham's adopted daughter. He falls in love with her while she is being cruel and mean to him, he starts to work for his uncle Joe bu [...]

    3. I liked this book and I think the plot and characters in the book are very well developed. It also contains many important themes that can be seen throughout the book. In the beginning of the book, the protagonist Pip is just a boy. He is an orphan raised by his sister and her husband, Joe, the blacksmith and lives on a piece of marshland. He encounters an escaped prisoner and saves the man, which is the first turning point in the book because his future will change. Being a common boy and insul [...]

    4. I think that the Great Expectation protagonist named Pip was a very well developed character throughout the story. We saw him starting as a very young boy who was innocent and had little fortunate future, he was merely a young boy who was family with a blacksmith. When he gets the opportunity to become a gentlemen in life and have a better fortune he starts changing and you can really start to see the development of his character. He starts off by wearing neater clothes that suit his position be [...]

    5. Great Expectations was originally written by Charles Dickens. This particular book was written by Jen Green, although it uses the same original text by the original author. I think that this is a great decision by Ms. Green, as it allows me to experience what Dickens wanted me to. The transformation of the novel to a graphic novel was interesting, especially as the art style is aesthetically pleasing, with many colours. I do not think that it improved my reading experience exponentially, althoug [...]

    6. 'Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel' allows the reader to enjoy the uses of old english while still being able to understand the plot through pictures. The novel, although set in the past, involves some valuable lessons still relevant today. This allows the reader to reflect on it and learn something about expectations and experiences. The graphics allow more people to read the story without english as their first language, and they are very detailed, drawing the reader in, as most graphics i [...]

    7. This is the classic tale of Great Expectations, originally written by Charles Dickens and adapted into a graphic novel by Jen Green. On its own, Great Expectations is a good story. It tells the story of a boy named Pip, and follows his life as he leaves his rural heritage and pursues the life of a gentleman. An endearing story, and one boasting characters and themes worth studying and analyzing.This graphic novel is also a worthwhile adaptation. The artwork is beautiful and the book itself is of [...]

    8. One of my summer reads for school was The graphic novel version of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I found it was better than I had expected as I connected well to the characters. I personally also liked the story line, however occasionally found it difficult to follow. The novel includes some very interesting ideas and themes and has a deeper meaning which I liked. It also teaches you a lot of about England in those times and how social classes was very important. Therefore, it is intere [...]

    9. I feel the Book was very well written and explored the theme of coincidences very well. The characters in the book are also very remember-able and interesting. The coincidences can get a bit annoying tho as it seems like too much sometimes. The book explores countless amount of themes during the story, this makes the book very fun to read and interesting. The ending of the book was a bit of a let down. The language used is very well as the great mid of Charles Dickens describes the surroundings [...]

    10. I think that the story had good well built characters however this was little help to the book as there was little to no risks in it. All that happened, happened very slowly so that the reader never felt bad or good for the characters as it was more like reading a documentary about berries then a story about a country boy turned gentleman. It seemed as if everything that was given to him and he did not deserve anything. This made the whole book quite dull as there was no thrilling part of the no [...]

    11. The graphic novel form of "Great Expectations" shows the journey the protagonist (Pip) takes throughout his life, from being a poor boy who lives with his sister and her husband to being given an opportunity of a lifetime. The graphic novel version of the book "Great Expectations" was interesting and brought a different perspective to a well-known book. The graphic novel format helped bring life to the characters and scenes without many interruptions to dialogue. In addition, the graphic novel f [...]

    12. I thought this was an entertaining graphic novel with twists and characters coming back who you thought you would not see again. The pictures were very precise and were created by a talented artist. The pictures accurately described what was happening and sometimes gave more insight than just the captions alone. I was not Pips biggest fan but I suppose there were some qualities he possessed that were desirable. Such as him being a good friend and giving half his money to his best friend. Margere [...]

    13. Great Expectations was quite frankly a phenomenon of a novel. Dickens use of exceptional language really brings this timeless classic back to life. Pip, the main character who is also the protanganist in the novel, is a character who is easy to sympathize with. What, with his parents untimley and unfourtunate death at such a young age, Pip was frced to blend into normal society once more, this time with out a kind and helpful guiding hand. This novel is a heart-wrenching book full of suprises an [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book because it really put me in pips shoes and the choices he made and paths he took could all be explained from his point of view. It was also interesting to see how the characters interacted with each other for example towards the end Pip and Joe, since Pip was now a gentleman while Joe was still a blacksmith. The only limitation of the book was that since it was a graphic novel it didn't leave much to the imagination and so I think it would be interesting to read the original [...]

    15. Good images and really clear emotions shown through them as well. I did not enjoy the book much, not because I don't like the writing, but I think that the original book is a lot better. I also think that the book, as an introductory for many students to Charles Dickens, is not the best of ideas. I think this because it does not show off his writing style in the same way the original does. For example it does not display his long, run-on sentences. Overall I still managed to find myself enjoying [...]

    16. This was my first time having read a graphic novel, so it was nice to make the process of reading a classic story a little shorter. I wasn't really into the story, but it was nice to have something visual to help me understand the story. I feel that reading the actual novel might help with my overall understanding of the story, the characters, and the message of the story. The illustrations were very well done, but sometimes the pages came across to be quite cluttered and it was hard to know whe [...]

    17. Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel is an excellent way of understanding the story for people with English as their second language. The Graphics are very detailed and interesting to watch while helping the reader understand through old English language. My rating is a four out of five because even though the story is set during older times, it is still reflecting people nowadays and it should be a lesson to take into account.

    18. Dickens' uses skilfully illustrated scenes to portray scenes and events from an original text but in a fascinating form.

    19. Graphic novel of the classic, Great Expectations. Although I was vaguely familiar with the characters (through osmosis?), I had never read Great Expectations. And this graphic novel seemed like an easy way to read it quickly. It was a fast read, but to be honest the content is probably too complicated for a 160-page set of images. There was often a lot of contextual text; it didn't really flow like most graphic novels I've read. But still a worthwhile read and every 40-year old should have a goo [...]

    20. Not my favorite story, but I wanted to give graphic novels a try this year, and thought something based off a classic novel would be a good place to start. The original novel is over 400 pages, so this was like the Cliff's Notes version of the story but with pictures. It still isn't my favorite storyline, but it made a lot more sense distilled down to 140 pages! It retained the characters, original dialogue, and major events of Dickens' novel, but cut out a lot of his rambling narratives. Plus, [...]

    21. "Great Expectations: The Graphic Novel" is a condensed, 140 page, classic and graphic book by Jen Green and is an adaption of Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. The copy I read contained original text, not a modern translation and used the revised ending instead of the original.The story follows Pip from childhood to a later age and shows the reader the his transition from young, peasant-like child, to a proper older gentleman. Along the way, he encounters Estella, a beautiful girl whom [...]

    22. I thought Great Expectations was an ok book. It wasn't the genre I usually read, although I thought it was interesting. I thought it had a good plot and it kept me interested for most of the book. I grew to like a lot of the characters like Estella and Joe. I liked how the author made Pip's sister not as nice as Joe, and how Joe was there for Pip even when they didn't live with each other anymore. I liked how Pip stayed friends with Biddy, even when he went off to London. I think the author coul [...]

    23. The Graphic Novel: "Great Expectations" is a book/comic I had to read over the summer holidays for school. The story wasn't bad for a school book, however I wouldn't read it as a fun read in my free time. The book was originally written by Charles Dickens, however this graphic novel version was made by Clive Bryant. I believe that Clive Bryant has included the key features and subjects of this book in his graphic novel version of the original book, however I cannot deny or confirm either. Great [...]

    24. I personally like the idea of ambition that Charles Dickens has used. Some plot reversals and changes have also impacted the way I felt for Pip. For example when Magwitch showed up at Pip’s doorsteps, and explained that he is the reason behind his great expectations and success. Pip does feel like he has abandoned Joe and Biddy for no reason, just for money coming from a convict which will not get him anywhere. This does change the whole storyline, but does not interfere with his happiness. At [...]

    25. I thought the book was interesting, even though it took me quite a while to get the hang of the plot. The character development was intriguing and complex in some parts of the book, which made the novel interesting to read. The graphic layout also took some getting used to because it takes the imaginative part of the book from reading. For me it was hard to get into the flow of reading because there wasn't an ongoing text and you always had to think of which speech bubble to read next. In the en [...]

    26. Great Expectations is a book that shows the importance of gratitude and caring over social status and wealth. It is not the genre of book that I would normally read but it was fine to read. I thought that the plot was good, but there could have been a little more engaging parts to the plot. I started to emphasise with Joe and Biddy because they have been great friends of the main character pip, but as he ditched them to become a gentleman, I felt sorry for them. On the other hand, they should ha [...]

    27. First of all I want to say that I had to read this book for school and that I really don't like comics. However I did like the story line though it was really confusing in the comic version. To actually understand what the book is about I read different summaries after I finished it to make sure I really got it. With all the pictures and the different characters and names - and there are a lot - it really got confusing for me who is who and what they actually want to achieve. The comic is well d [...]

    28. Since I was forced to read this (the real version) in high school and hardly remember a word of it, I thought it might be nice to try again, this time with pictures. I have to say, adding pictures to classic novels makes a whole lot of sense. This time around, I could actually follow the plot, though a lot of the characters' motivations were baffling to me. Why, for example, was Pip so aghast when he found out who gave him the money to become a gentleman? Why was he so keen on marrying an ice-co [...]

    29. So as a school project this year we were strongly encouraged to read the Graphic Novel of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (edited by Clive Bryant). I quite enjoyed this book, but I was sort of let down by the complexity of the story line. As soon as we were introduced to Estella, I felt as though it was predictable what the final scene and ending scenario was going to involve. Although I have not read the original by Charles Dickens, my guess is that the story line was more entertaining an [...]

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