The Lovestruck Goddess

The Lovestruck Goddess When I m with him I feel alive not just immortal Flighty capricious Ava thinks she isn t suited to life as a Greek goddess Their world is ruled by jealousy and war but Ava cares for matters of the

  • Title: The Lovestruck Goddess
  • Author: Aimee Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I m with him, I feel alive, not just immortal Flighty, capricious Ava thinks she isn t suited to life as a Greek goddess Their world is ruled by jealousy and war but Ava cares for matters of the heart and two boys specifically But could discovering which one is her true love be Ava s greatest weapon

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    1. Eros is my sun, Ares is my fire, but Hephaestus is my rock, my foundation, and no matter where I go or what I do, I will always come back to him. I know that now.Afrodita(Ava) es uno de mis personajes favoritos en esta historia. Y poder conocer mas de ella fue asombroso. La verdad de su relación con los hombres, es su esencia. Ella es la Diosa del amor y la lujuria, y es imposible que se delimite a un solo hombre. Pero eso no significa que ella no valore el amor. Tanto así como amó profundame [...]

    2. “The love that she wants or the love she needs…”Aphrodite…by thinking of her name its all clear that she’s the Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, means she can love many as she want.This part of The Goddess Legacy makes it all clear on how she chooses to marry Hephaestus and how she and Ares fall in love to each other and have their first born Eros.It’s so much twisted love story but I’m glad that Aphrodite understand her position as God.

    3. Ares o Hefesto. El amor que deseo o el que necesito. Soy Team Hefesto de aquí a Pekín.Y AFRODITA SE LLAMA AVA, PORQUE HEFESTO LE DIJO AVA.AY NO SEOTP

    4. 3.5 starsI really liked this one! Ava was a really nice character, but I didn't like how it was written. It felt like a fan fiction sometimes (one of those really well written ones). I also liked how Aphrodite was portrayed in this. In Percy Jackson, Aphrodite is portrayed as a Barbie doll, only ever flirting and caring about her looks. In this book, she's portrayed as a powerful goddess, able to sense all types of love and is also caring on the inside (cliche, I know). In the endah I got nothin [...]

    5. Before I start this review I need to clarify something. I see "mythology" as religion. Because it is in fact, religion. Typically it's a religion that isn't widely practised any more and potentially not practised at all. The term mythology also tends to be used for just about any religious practice that is not a branch of Christianity. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME USING THE PHRASE RELIGION/RELIGIOUS PRACTICE IN PLACE OF MYTHOLOGY DO NOT READ ANY OF MY REVIEWS FOR THIS SERIES.I both loved and ha [...]

    6. Review Taken From The Pewter WolfThe Lovestruck Goddess follows Aphrodite, who finds herself falling for one god but might be forced to marry another by her Daddy, Zeus. So, Aphrodite runs away with the man she loves with a fiery passion, but when he leaves to fulfil his duties, where does this leave Aphrodite? And, being the goddess of love, how much about love does she really know?Like with God of Thieves, I read this very quickly. And it was interesting to read Ava (as she's known in the Godd [...]

    7. This short story was extremely cute, especially the ending. In really gave me new insight to Ava/Aphrodite. In the previous books, I just thought of her as Kate's friend/goddess. I thought she was kind of an air head who was a bit of a dead weight. She never actually did anything useful in the previous books, and she was a bit of a slut (which I was able to let go since she is Aphrodite). In this story, I thought Aimee Carter did a good job at explaining why Aphrodite is the way she is. It makes [...]

    8. After reading this short story, I really feel a deeper understanding of Aphrodite and the pain that she has felt over Ares and Hephaestus, and having to choose between the two loves that consumed her. Without the context of The Lovestruck Goddess, the Goddess Test series' version of Aphrodite seems troubled, especially with her having to choose between men in the series. The short story explores the life that she has lived in Olympus and the choices she has had to make regarding who she loves, a [...]

    9. I liked The Lovestruck Goddess. It's all about how Aphrodite became Ava and her first loves. Aphrodite was in love with Ares although she was betrothed to his brother, Hephaestus. The two run away to the island where she grew up in order to love each other freely, but Ares must leave to go to war despite Aphrodite's protests. While he's away, she finds a mortal man who is injured and takes care of him. Of course, they fall in love and he calls her Ava. I loved finding out where her human name ca [...]

    10. With a love of burning heat and passion and another of a slow and steady flame, Aphrodite indeed has a decision to make! Fleeing Olympus in hopes of escaping the marriage Zeus has set for her, Aphrodite decides to return to her birthplace to spend her life with Ares. All is happy until Eros is born and Ares leaves. Aphrodite is now lacking in love until a mortal man washes up hardly breathing on her shores.

    11. In here we see more of the goddess of love. I like the way the author explores the different ways to have love, lustful love, companionship love, familial love. My respect goes to Hephaestus I wouldn't be so brave to accept that kind of relationship. But then again, I feel more in common with Aphrodite. To be torn between two loves, two different persons, two different kinds of love and still love them equally, that's a hard decission to make.

    12. Oh Aphrodite/Ava. I am so glad I figured out who Eros/Eric's father is now! And I was just as surprised as Kate when we found out that Ava was married, but now we get the whole story of why she married. But now I want to re-read the ending of the third book and see if someone else was affected by Ava's fateSo far I'm loving these stories!

    13. It's hard to say anything about Aphrodite after reading this.Yes she's the goddess of love, yes she can love more than one person, and yes Hephaestus is great, and for a goddess who'll live eternity I understand her point of view especially the love goddess, but if we look at it from the human's point of view I don't think soP.S. Eros is cute :D

    14. I liked this story because it shows that Aphrodite actually loves Hephaestus! I also thought it was great that the author included Eros in the story. I liked Hera's story a little more but I really enjoyed this one as well!

    15. It was a good story about Aphrodite, but I still don't really like her, again she can't really choose just one man and to see that she has not learnt from her mistakes makes me look at her as an annoying little teenage girl.So no not the biggest fan of her

    16. A novella telling the back-story of Ava/Aphrodite. All about whether to choose the love you want or the love you need.Not a bad novella, it was nice to know the story of one of the more prominent characters from the main series.

    17. This is the story of Aphrodite choosing between Zues's sons. I thought it was an endearing story explaining the differences between love and lust. After finishing, I wasn't at all surprised of who she chose. The better brother definitely won.

    18. HEPHAESTUS IS THE BOMB, ARES IS A CHILD, EROS IS ADORABLE, AND APHRODITE IS GREAT. Zeus isn't a douche in this (probably because he loves aphrodite too much,) and Hera sounds like her own angry self again.

    19. 4 Stars: Compelling. A page-turner. loved the characters. An excellent book, there was an interesting plot and unique story elementsould go to the top of your reading list

    20. This story was super cute and relatable!I didnt know that Ava/Aphrodite had a son though But I really liked seeing and learning about their pasts!

    21. A Goddess short story.Always liked Ava, but it was good to see how the orignal myths and legends of the God/Goddess's all ties in with each other.

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