Seize the Parallel

Seize the Parallel Book of Audie struggles with the dangerous effects of living in a parallel universe Can what she s done be undone Will she ever be able to reclaim her real life again

  • Title: Seize the Parallel
  • Author: Robin Brande
  • ISBN: 9780615767598
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 3 of 4 Audie struggles with the dangerous effects of living in a parallel universe Can what she s done be undone Will she ever be able to reclaim her real life again

    One thought on “Seize the Parallel”

    1. Going in I thought this was a trilogy for some reason, so that may have affected my reading experience a bit. I thought I was getting answers and a conclusion, but instead it was another bridging volume. What I enjoyed about this novel (seeing what was happening with Halli, seeing her motivations for things) was probably also what frustrated me the most about it. The way Halli was presented, especially when we see the life lessons her grandmother taught her, seemed very accurate. But that accura [...]

    2. This book was really great. I loved how Halli just completely changed Audie's life. I thought this book was very funny and dramatic.

    3. WOW! I loved this and cannot imagine there are enough words to describe how in love with these books I am! You just have to read this series, it is for all ages and believe me, it is for someone as young as ten. They may not 100 percent understand all the concepts but the story will enthrall them and they will be able to follow along!

    4. I have enjoyed the books in this series. I wish I'd had time to reread the two previous books in the series, but, since that wasn't possible, I'll just say that it took me a few chapters to fully remember (in a satisfactory way) what was going on, what had just happened. I found myself remembering the big things, but forgetting the little things. I would encourage readers to read the series as close together as possible. Seize the Parallel keeps readers in touch with both Halli and Audie. The tw [...]

    5. Two things about this book that took getting used to was the way Audie told both stories, hers and Halli's. Halli's story she told as if she was looking over her shoulder. This is Audie's story so I guess that is the only way to tell the story. Because you go back and forth between the two stories you have to tell the story the way Robin has told the story. Second is how Audie and Jake act. I know I'm an old man and the book is written to teenage girls so maybe you can't have a teenage girl's bo [...]

    6. Parallelogram 3 is another riveting book in the Parallelogram series. This book explores a young girl adventurer from another dimension who is thrust into the body of a girl in our present dimension. The author takes us on a psychological journey of how the young girl adapts to a completely different body and society. Because of her adventurous background, she is able to adapt to this new life with complete confidence. The new personality of the girl is shocking to her family and friends in the [...]

    7. okay, so I liked this one a little more than the 2nd book since there was less Jake, even though I still wanna punch him when he does appear. I found the writing for Halli/Audie was interesting and enjoyed learning a little more about Halli's grandma. I was liking the confidence that Halli is bringing to Audie in her world but the ending where Halli decides to take off instead of sticking to what is best for Audie, really made me dislike Halli. I'm interested to see what Audie will do in Halli's [...]

    8. Not as good as the first two. I thought she was going to finish the story and just when it started to get interesting, she ended it and left you hanging for the next book.

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