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  1. When Reading Skinbound, by Anna Kittrell, the printed words fade and the characters take the stage.The plot revolves around twin sisters, Darcy and Scarlett, and takes place in a small Oklahoma town where family ties are strong and people socialize at Chickasha Lake on hot summer days. The relaxed lifestyle makes the undercurrents of jealousy and murder even harsher. Scarlett is a bit warped and Darcy feels duty bound to keep her sister from drowning in a mire of her own making, and from taking [...]

  2. Skinbound is a keeper! Anna Kittrell proves that not all twins live in harmony no matter how close they are in birth. Not to mention a doll that’s set to protect one but ends up well read Skinbound to find out. ~~ Debi Wilder, author of Human Touch, By the Blue Moon, and Gabby's Second Chance.

  3. I never thought I would like any of Anna Kittrell's books better than I liked her Redbend High series but WOW! I can now say all of her books are amazing!In Skinbound you meet a set of twins, one is down to earth and caring, while the other one is just plain crazy. Darcy the down to earth sister has always loved a cursed doll that her great grandma gave her but she never understands why it doesn't keep her from harm as it's supposed to do. Well by the end of this story and a hot doctor later you [...]

  4. SKINBOUND put an intriguing twist on the bond formed by twins before birth.Together, Darcy and Cabin bring enough baggage into their relationship they could fill the cargo area of a Boeing 747. Throw in a murderer on the loose, and you have a few hours of wondering what the author was going to throw at them next.The mystery itself was easy to figure out. I would have enjoyed a little more emotional tension since there was enough to keep the two apart for years. However, both the main characters [...]

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