The Lilac Fairy Book - Folio Society Edition

The Lilac Fairy Book Folio Society Edition The Brown Bear of Norway an Irish tale that echoes Beauty and the Beast is one of the memorable stories in this fascinating collection created by folklorist Andrew Lang Another derives from the Welsh

  • Title: The Lilac Fairy Book - Folio Society Edition
  • Author: Andrew Lang Caitlin Hackett Geraldine McCaughrean
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Brown Bear of Norway an Irish tale that echoes Beauty and the Beast is one of the memorable stories in this fascinating collection created by folklorist Andrew Lang Another derives from the Welsh Mabinogion and tells an Arthurian legend, The Winning of Olwen The Heart of a Monkey is a Swahili tale about a wily shark and a courteous but sharp witted monkey The Brown Bear of Norway an Irish tale that echoes Beauty and the Beast is one of the memorable stories in this fascinating collection created by folklorist Andrew Lang Another derives from the Welsh Mabinogion and tells an Arthurian legend, The Winning of Olwen The Heart of a Monkey is a Swahili tale about a wily shark and a courteous but sharp witted monkey.Though their origins are diverse, these tales often explore similar ideas about the qualities that determine a person s happiness and success Many have playful lessons to teach whether through the antics of animal characters, or the changing fortunes of humble cottage dwellers and proud princesses And, in true fairy tale tradition, the events that reveal a character s real nature are often bound up in curious disguises, blessings and curses, in promises forsaken and kept In The Raspberry Worm , two girls who protect a lowly creature from danger find their kindness returned by a woodland king with magical powers The plucky heroine of The One Handed Girl chooses her parents blessing over material gain and, through her wisdom and honesty, finds happiness despite the deceitful plots of her greedy brother In A Lost Paradise , a poor young couple discover a life of comfort and riches in the castle of a magnanimous king But like Lot s wife, their contentment depends upon their ability to resist a simple temptationAs well as echoing each other, many of the tales recall ancient myths As children s author Geraldine McCaughrean says in her thoughtful introduction, Spot the Greek Myth is just one of the games that can be played by the reader of this intriguing collection Caitlin Hackett has created a series of beguiling illustrations that capture the beauty, danger and drama of Lang s fairy tale worlds, from enchanted woods to marvellous underwater kingdoms.Classic stories included in this collection The Shifty Lad The False Prince and the True The Jogi s Punishment The Heart of a Monkey The Fairy Nurse A Lost Paradise How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves The King of the Waterfalls A French Puck The Three Crowns The Story of a Very Bad Boy The Brown Bear of Norway Little Lasse Moti The Enchanted Deer A Fish Story The Wonderful Tune The Rich Brother and the Poor Brother The One Handed Girl The Bones of Djulung The Sea King s Gift The Raspberry Worm The Stones of Plouhinec The Castle of Kerglas The Battle of the Birds The Lady of the Fountain The Four Gifts The Groac h of the Isle of Lok The Escape of the Mouse The Believing Husbands The Hoodie Crow The Brownie of the Lake The Winning of Olwen.

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    1. The fairy tales never lose their charm or their power to fuel the imagination. There are standard tropes and rules that fairy tales follow, yet it doesn't bore me. Lessons can be learned from these stories, while enjoying a time that never was.

    2. About 2, maybe 3? years ago, I set myself the goal of reading all the color fairy tale collections edited by Andrew Lang. I vaguely remembered reading some of them when I was in elementary school, but I don't recall too many of the stories. I was inspired to do this by Robin McKinley, who is one of my fantasy author heroines, as she did the same thing. I also thought it would be a good idea because I write fantasy myself. I saw this is as a way to immerse myself in the genre's fairy tale roots,t [...]

    3. I did it. I finally read all 12 of the Fairy books!Ahem.I found this installment to be a lot more uneven than the other fairy books. A lot of the stories crossed over into folk tale territory (and the difference stands out). There were also about 3 stories from the King Arthur and his court tales and I felt them a bit jarringly out of place compared to the earlier volumes.

    4. This is the same review I posted from "The Blue Fairy Book", as it applies to both Many earlier fairy tales are more colorful than their modern counterparts. When I was a child, I was fascinated by these stories. One day, my Dad told me that many of the earlier, or original fairy tales were darker than their more recent adaptations. He then told me how some of the earlier renditions differed from the more modern versions. I became quite interested and wanted to read some of the stories he was ta [...]

    5. As in most of the other Andrew Lang Fairy Books I've read, the stories can sometimes be repetitive and predictable, since there are often multiple variations of the same basic story throughout the world, and the language can be a bit thick to wade through at times. However, there are enough charming and unusual stories in this collection to make up for these shortcomings(and the beautiful old illustrations help too!). There are stories from all over the world, full of magic, strange beings, dang [...]

    6. The thirty-two stories in this book come from Portugal, Ireland, and Wales. Included are “The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok,” “Little Lassie,” “The Battle of the Birds,” and others. This was an enjoyable and easy-to-read book. The stories were interesting and held my interest, and I looked forward to reading each one. Not many endings were odd, nor were they predictable. “The LilacFairy Book,” published in 1910, is the final of twelve collected fairy story books that were researched [...]

    7. A mix of far fetched tales. A couple are not actually fairy tales at all but tales of a child's imaginative adventures -- and I'm afraid, not very good of the type. A number of Scottish and Irish ones, I particularly like "The Hoodie Crow" -- and I suspect that many of these were first collected no earlier than this. "The False Prince and the True" is an odd one, and I suspect a literary version because of the way backstory is revealed, and the way it starts in media res, though it has its point [...]

    8. It's difficult to review these books objectively (as it is to review any book, really). I find most people either enjoy fairytales or don't. There is no good way to judge the writing, because they are edited versions of old tales handed down verbally from long ago. But I CAN say that I love them, even if they are bowdlerized versions of the originals, which is appropriate, being books intended for children. That said, the stories still contain very realistic situations, including disappointing l [...]

    9. So, I'm working through all these fairy books. This one however isn't very memorable. Fairly generic stories, and not any of the more popular ones and not any that I would wish were more popular. Same story lines prevalent in all the various tales. So this one you could probably skip in the series. Its like the filler novel of them. Recommended? Only if your goal is to read all the fairy books. Buy/Borrow? Only buy if your goal is to own all the fairy books.

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    11. This is the last of Andrew Lang's Fairy Books. This one wasn't bad, but it was one of the two least interesting books (the other being The Brown Fairy Book). I could tell that Andrew Lang was getting sick of writing Fairy Books. (It doesn't help that he died two years after publishing this book.) There are some good stories, and there is a wide selection - especially of Celtic stories - but I think most of the other Fairy Books are better.My favorite stories:- The Jogi's Punishment- The Heart of [...]

    12. I'm not sure that I really enjoy fairytales, but it is an interesting study. Each story is like a puzzle; the protagonist is presented with a problem and then left to figure it out. This is my first of Andrew Lang's collection that I've read.

    13. I was surprised with this book. It was rather dark and not what I would call fairy tales. I didn't go through them all they were just too negative and depressing for me.

    14. The last of the color fairy books. A couple of the long-winded Authurian tales in here. But more of the great fairy tales of this series. Fun!

    15. An excellent collection of classic fairy tales from around the world. I liked The Blue Fairy book a little more, but this one had some good stories too.

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