Varjude rüütel

Varjude r tel Raamatus seikleb Merlin paikades mida ei tohiks ldse olemas olla ja v itleb olenditega keda polegi olemas tavalises m ttes need on Mustri v i Logruse poolt ellu kutsutud konstruktsioonid Sest vaad

  • Title: Varjude rüütel
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Juhan Habicht Ranno Päi
  • ISBN: 9789949459919
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Raamatus seikleb Merlin paikades, mida ei tohiks ldse olemas olla, ja v itleb olenditega, keda polegi olemas tavalises m ttes need on Mustri v i Logruse poolt ellu kutsutud konstruktsioonid Sest, vaadake, nii Muster kui Logrus on tegelikult teadvuslikud, oma huvide, soovide ja plaanidega Ja muidugi on tagasi Jurt oma igavese sooviga Merlin teise ilma saata.

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    1. Merlin continues to search for his father, Corwin, and Mask, the mysterious usurper of the Keep of Four Worlds who is someone from Merlin's past, and Coral, Oberon's illegitimate child who dissappeared after walking the Pattern in the previous book. Along the way, he learns of the way of the Broken Pattern, nabs the Jewel of Judgement, and encounters Pattern Ghosts. Just what do mysterious forces have in store for Merlin?As I said in my review of the previous volume, the second Chronicles of Amb [...]

    2. Po mom mišljenju,najslabija knjiga Hronika Ambera.Baš sam je sa naporom čitala,posebno središnji deo.Nadam se da me poslednja knjiga neće razočarati.

    3. Some say the second Amer Series focusing on Merlin was not as good as the original. I tend to disagree. I liked the second series for different reasons than the first. Corwin was more of a fighter, Merlin a magic-user. I enjoyed Zelazny's detailed descriptions of how Merlin cast spells. I enjoyed the humor in the second series more than in the first. Following the convoluted plot and intrigues and mystery was also very entertaining.

    4. Magical AI has more to do in this volume and for me that's always a good thing. Onward to the the exciting conclusion.

    5. Summary review: Not my favorite of the series for sure, and not even my favorite of the Merlin cycle - seemed oddly rushed, which was something Zelazny had avoided previously, despite the shorter format of the books. I enjoyed it, as I have with all books in the series, but I sure didn't love it.

    6. Ended better than it started. Didn't enjoy the quest any more than Merle did. Got better once the normal pace resumed.

    7. Penultimate of the Merlin books and one of the weaker entries. Large portions of it are taken up by an admittedly allegorical contest that, while sparking some interesting imagery, largely consists of Merlin running on a set of rails. The one really bright spark is a confrontation in the halls of Amber that does some serious damage to the local architecture. Adequate for what it is, but not Zelazny's best effort.

    8. n6980Knight of Shadows by Roger ZelaznyMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThe identity of Mask has been discovered, Merlin's brother is in league with entities desperate to kill him, and Coral, a dignitary's stepdaughter (and illegitimate child of Oberon) is lost after instructing the Pattern to conduct her to where she "should" go.Oh, right. The Pattern is sentient.And practically every other magic tool in Merlin's employ. Knight of Shadow has a bit of a misleading title, calling to mind images of a gallan [...]

    9. I didn't care for this 9th book in the Amber series.Which is suprising because I really like books with a lot action, and lots of short dialog. But this book was so much nonstop chaos (not unlike the realm of Chaos), it was too much to enjoy. And it seemed amatuerish. First is the aftermath of the fight for the Keep with Mandor and Jarsa vs. Julia and Jurt. Next an explaination from Jarsa that she trained Julia, who Merlin thought had persihed previously, to kill Merlin. Already the storyline is [...]

    10. One of the problems with reading a series of books in rapid succession is that you run out of things to say if your planing on reviewing it.Like other in the series this book picks up pretty much where the last one left off, and often makes the series appear less as a sequence of seperate books, but one book that was chopped up into books for publishing reasons. Things are finally coming to a head for Merlin, and the various plots he's involved in are all spiralling around him, truths finally be [...]

    11. I had a hard time with this one.It's not like I think the Merlin sequence of the Chronicles Of Amber is bad(although it's certainly not as good as the Corwin books), it's just that this book in particular struggled. It seemed like the Order vs. Chaos quest was rather forced, and because it occured in this mysterious "land between Shadows" Zelazny felt it was acceptable to resort to deus ex machina at every turn to get Merlin out of the binds he was flung into. Frakir was made sentient(mostly to [...]

    12. Even though books 6-10 are lumped in as part of the Chronicles of Amber, I feel that it's really a second series. It's about Merlin (Corwin's son). Merlin is from Chaos due to his mother being from there. One of the things I didn't like about the second series is that lots of people can shadow walk. It used to be only the princes and princesses of Amber can do it. Now it seems like everybody can. It's not so special after all.

    13. This book was a shallow disconnected mess that was very hard to stay interested in. The first half of the Amber books had its ups and downs in quality and entertainment, but I really feel like they've steadily gone downhill the last few installments. #9 was the kind of book that could kill a series. However, since I have invested the time into the first eight, and there is only one more to go in the 10 book series, I will finish it out nevertheless.

    14. The centerpiece of Knight of Shadows is Merlin's journey between the Shadows, with a series of tasks as he is harassed by ghosts sent by the two guiding powers of Amber and Chaos: the Pattern and the Logrus. This mirrors his father's journey the length of Shadow in Courts of Chaos. There is intrigue, there are the twists and turns of the political infighting amongst the inhabitants of Amber and Chaos, and there are lots of imaginative frills and fringes to divert the reader.And this is the main [...]

    15. Well the first four star book in the series. In a way it didn't seem part of the series as eighty per cent of the plot was completely self contained. The battle between the pattern and the logrus was an interesting new twist. Once again there was a tendency on the authors parts to create an ability or object of power two minutes before merlin needed it. Not good technique.

    16. Easily the weakest book in the set. But as it is the 9th book in a 10 book series, you've go to slog thru it to get to the conclusion.

    17. A solid continuation of the Merlin arch in the Chronicles of Amber with minor annoyances throughout. I appreciated the increased level of action in this one.

    18. Мабуть мені варто писати відгук на все п'ятикнижжя, бо кожна окрема частина по-своєму прохідна, мов епізод захопливого серіалу (а знімати не планують, нє?). І цей "епізод" так само на висоті, хоч кількість перепетій (+сюру) на такий короткий проміжок часу трохи бентежить. Ghostwheel [...]

    19. ძველი პერსონაჟების კამეოებმა და გრეისვანდირმა გაასწორეს. ერთ-ორი კი ექშენ სცენაც იყო მაგრამ სტაბილურად საშუალო დონეა.

    20. Um dos livros mais psicodélicos e piração geral de toda a saga. O nosso protagonista Merlin, assim como seu pai Corwin no ciclo anterior dos livros 1 a 5, embarca em uma "jornada de visão". Esse é o termo para viagens cheias de alegorias, símbolos e o escambau, onde o protagonista confronta as partes mais profundas de seu inconsciente para descobrir algo sobre si mesmo.Mas como essa jornada de visão se passa no multiverso piração de Amber, as visões são, por assim dizer, "verdadeiras" [...]

    21. A few Merle takeaways: Keep your friends close, enemies closer and family closest. Nothing is what it seems. The primal shadow and primal Chaos are not the be-all and end-all of Reality. Reality is real until it is not. Weakest of Merle's pentalogy. Given that KOS is the penultimate of 10 books (first 5 Corwin's, last 5 Merle's), I expected loose ends to tie up and characters to converge. Instead, more characters are introduced. Yet another illegitimate child, nth cousin of nth wife, nth step-si [...]

    22. German edition - German review:Nach dem Kampf um den Hort der vier Welten wird Merlin in eine Ebene zwischen den Schatten versetzt. Von diesem surrealen Ort voller Geistererscheinungen gibt es kein Entkommen und die Mächte von Muster und Logrus verlangen eine Entscheidung von Merlin. Wem wird er fortan dienen, der Schlange oder dem Einhorn?Die Episode in dem Zwischenreich erinnert an die Questen des spätmittelalterlichen höfischen Romans, mit seinen allegorischen âventiuren. Auf Dauer ging m [...]

    23. Ok, now I understand why Merlin had to be such a naive and careless idiot in the previous book just so that things could go the way Roger wanted them to without giving any explanation first (I'm talking about Luke going with Dalt). I still think the whole situation was way too obvious and predictable and hence very annoing. There could have been at least some kind of a misdirecting arguments, but mr Zelazny decided to solve the situation just without any comments :(Well, back to the current book [...]

    24. I can't believe how this series gets better and better with every book. I wish I could exceed the 5-star rating.This book just keeps the story going and the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper. The cast of characters are very interesting. The story is so intricate that you are constantly wondering if some character you haven't heard from in a while is going to make an appearance and change the whole situation. There's lots of mystery and mysterious "things" all through the stories. I'm u [...]

    25. В тази част от поредицата "Хрониките на Амбър" става още по-динамично и човек вече не иска да прави никакви паузи, а иска директно да продължи и да види какво става след това:) Зелазни продължава много да ми харесва:) В тази книга наистина се развихря образа на Мерлин! Той прод [...]

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