Hukatuse kaardid

Hukatuse kaardid Oli kolmek mnes aprill ja j lle olin ma sattunud surmaga silmitsi Ikka veel polnud mul nnestunud kohtuda isikuga kes m ngis mu eluga S oli j lle kaasanud vastiku t idesaatja Ja see polnud mitte taval

  • Title: Hukatuse kaardid
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Juhan Habicht
  • ISBN: 9789949420940
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Oli kolmek mnes aprill ja j lle olin ma sattunud surmaga silmitsi Ikka veel polnud mul nnestunud kohtuda isikuga, kes m ngis mu eluga S oli j lle kaasanud vastiku t idesaatja Ja see polnud mitte tavaline koer, kelle ma tapsin Ning kaardidkust oli Julia need saanud ja miks oli ta tahtnud need mulle anda Kaardid ja koer viitasid v imalustele, mida polnud kaugeltki mOli kolmek mnes aprill ja j lle olin ma sattunud surmaga silmitsi Ikka veel polnud mul nnestunud kohtuda isikuga, kes m ngis mu eluga S oli j lle kaasanud vastiku t idesaatja Ja see polnud mitte tavaline koer, kelle ma tapsin Ning kaardidkust oli Julia need saanud ja miks oli ta tahtnud need mulle anda Kaardid ja koer viitasid v imalustele, mida polnud kaugeltki mitte iga hel.

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    1. Merle Corey's got several problems. He's secretly Merlin, a Prince of Amber. His father Corwin has been missing for years. Oh, and someone tries to kill him every April 30th for reasons unknown. The story starts with Merle getting ready to leave Shadow Earth behind and devote himself to working on his Ghostwheel when an old girlfriend he goes to say goodbye to winds up dead. The trail leads Merle to a conjurer and then back to Amber, where he learns he isn't the only Amberite whose had attempts [...]

    2. I almost gave this four stars, but it falls short of the Corwin books in the series, so I can't quite give it the same rating.But that being said, Trumps was an enjoyable return to Amber. Merlin's tale is intriguing, and I think I'll be more into it by the end. I don't find myself being engaged as much as with the first set of Amber books, and I don't find Merlin himself as interesting as Corwin. For one thing, Corwin was enjoyable as a smartass and his arrogance helped the character. Merlin is [...]

    3. The Cycle of Corwin has ended. Now come the adventures of his son, Merlin, born of Dara, holy terror of the Courts of Chaos. You might remember her as the demon that disguised herself as Corwin's grand-niece, in order to learn how to walk the Pattern and gain enough power to destroy Amber. Yeah, her. I didn't like Dara, but maybe this book would have been more interesting if she'd been the main antagonist, because the book certainly needed one.A sorcerer, artist, warrior, athlete, and technologi [...]

    4. Kinda of a steampunk fantasy, the second arc of Amber series starts off strong with Corwin's son Merlin the main character. The series is getting stronger, and more interesting as it progresses.

    5. For some reason the person who wrote the GR blurb for this made it sound like an entry in the "ordinary guy/gal discovers they are special" genre -- this is not the case. Merlin, the main character, knows perfectly well who his parents are and what powers his family has. He is just hanging out being a computer geek and doing some experiments for fun. The mysterious part is why someone attacks him on the same day every year.This is the beginning of the second cycle in the Chronicles of Amber. It [...]

    6. I've been reading the Chronicles of Amber straight through, and this book, number 6, is the best yet. I haven't read Zelazny's other work, but I get the feeling that he really grew as a writer over the years from the beginning of the Amber novels. Trumps of Doom, the beginning of the second series within the Chronicles, takes us on a new path, as we follow the son of Corwin, the narrator of the earlier books. As with the original series, we begin in our own Earth, and the first half of the book [...]

    7. Very much a reflection of Nine Princes In Amber, but I liked the more modern tone and I think it held the pace and suspense even better.

    8. Том втори от „Хрониките на Амбър” съдържа поредните четири романа (части от 4 до 7) от многотомната фентъзи сага на доайена Роджър Зелазни. Легендарната поредица е задължителна за феновете на жанра и съвсем с право е включена в колекцията на издателство „Бард” „Велики ма [...]

    9. The first time I read this, I remember being so disappointed that this second series set in the Amber universe featured a different protagonist from the first series. I also remember being told that the second series didn't really hold up compared to the first and that the critics viewed it far less favorably. Despite that, I still absolutely love this book.The first series focused on Order and was much more about that protagonist's single-minded journey toward capturing a throne that he felt wa [...]

    10. É sempre muito difícil para um escritor de uma série mudar o protagonista, iniciando uma nova história. Muitos fãs, acostumados com o protagonista dos primeiros livros, resistem essa mudança.No caso de Trumps of Doom, a transição para Merlin, o filho do protagonista dos primeiros cinco livros, ficou interessante, mesmo com a história seguindo o mesmo formato do primeiro livro da saga de Âmbar.A narrativa em primeira pessoa mostra a habilidade de Zelanzny, pois Merlin soa bem diferente [...]

    11. Honestly, my least favorite of the Amber books thus far. A whole bunch of nothing happened, and it felt like a bit of rehash from previous books (namely, I believe, #3), wherein people are being attacked, and they all convene in Amber for some reason, chat amongst themselves, then leave and make a dramatic discovery right at the end. The book was a definite tone change from the first five, partially due to the change of protagonist, and partially just due to beingdifferent. Not bad, just differe [...]

    12. sad to lose the lead character from the previous Amber series. The style of writing remains unchanged. I'm getting attached to Amber. This series is captivating, it kept my attention through every page, and that is saying something.

    13. Prior to starting Trumps of Doom, I was a little concerned that it may not live up to the grandeur of the preceding five novels which followed Corwin, a prince of Amber. Starting with Trumps of Doom, the rest of the series follow's Corwin's son Merlin, who is half of Amber blood and half of Chaos.Despite my trepidation, I was immediately appeased by the opening sentence:"It was a pain in the ass waiting around for someone to try to kill you."That line pretty much sold me.It is also a wonderful l [...]

    14. As for the first five books, this review will cover the second five books for the Amber Chronicles, the Merlin Cycle. This series was written a little later and covers the adventures of Merlin, son of Corwin (main character from the first cycle). I had not read this cycle before.The overall story is very good. I enjoyed the twists and turns as Merlin (who is in fact a sorcerer) travels through worlds, deals with plots, and searches for his father. As usual, I hate giving away too much of the plo [...]

    15. German edition - German review:Der sechste Band des Amber-Zyklus ist dem ersten Band strukturell sehr ähnlich. Wie schon dort, steigt Zelazny hier in medias res ein und erzählt aus der Perspektive eines auf der Erde verweilenden Amberiten, ohne dessen Herkunft und seine damit verbundenen besonderen Fähigkeiten zu erwähnen. In diesem Fall handelt es sich um Merle Corey alias Merlin von Amber, den Sohn von Corwin, dessen Geschichte die ersten fünf Bände umfasste. Merle arbeitet in einer Comp [...]

    16. Peamiselt meeldis mulle see, et üldiselt liikusid asjad üpris tempokalt ja kogu aeg säilis soov lugeda natuke veel, et teada saada, mis edasi juhtub.Sorry, kuid minu jaoks natuke häirivaks jäi aga Merlini naiivsus ja lühinägelikkus :(. Mismõttes ta päris mitmes kohas tegi absurseid samme ja see egost või millest iganes tulenev kindlameelne keeldumine teistele teada anda, et tema endaga on toimumas kummalised asjad. Ma oleks juba 3 korda sel viimasel teekonnal Randomiga kasvõi mõtete [...]

    17. At first, I was apprehensive about switching main characters in the second series of books, thus it took me a long time to finally pick up this one up. Corwin is one of my favorite characters of all time, but Merlin does a great job of filling Corwin's sizeable shoes. This book parrallels the first book's excellent sense of mystery that had me mercilessly hooked for the first series, while still dazzling me with its magic. With intriguing new players in the Amber legacy, tons of new mysteries, a [...]

    18. Зелазни е направил пауза от няколко години между петата книга от Хрониките на Амбър и шестата - "Козовете на съдбата". И този интервал му е дал възможност да подхване на съвсем нови обороти! Историята отново е динамична и интригуваща, а главният герой е от новото поколение - с [...]

    19. წლების განმავლობაში ძალიან ბევრი ადამიანისგან (ძირითადად პარნასის კლიენტებისგან :დ) მესმოდა რომ კორვინის ციკლი კარგია - მერლინის არ ვარგა. ხოდა - სულაც არა! (ბოლოში არ გავსულვარ ჯერ ოღონდ)ჩე [...]

    20. The first five Amber novels are the the best fantasy novels I've ever read, along with Tolkein's Lord of the Rings and the harry Potter novels. Zelazny's writing style is the hippest of the three. This book is the first of a new series, starring Corwin's son Merlin. This series was probably encouraged by the success of the original five, but it is not as good. It starts off well enough with this novel, but I think he started running out of ideas after a while.

    21. It took six books for Roger Zelazny to write the best in the Amber Chronicles. The events in the story flow much better and engage the reader much more. There is more tension, suspense, intrigue, and it keeps the reader turning the page. Book 6 has a different protagonist than the previous 5. I'm assuming that the next five, including this one, will follow Corwin's son Merle. Corwin was the prince of Amber who was the main character in the previous five.

    22. I liked this book a lot. The two best Amber novels were the first and the sixth. This one has it all -- magic, revenge, conspiracy, hyperdimensional computing homework. Zelazny always wrote great fight scenes too. The other books in the series did not deliver but that's not this book's fault. One of my favorites.

    23. I had thought this Merlin Cycle was not going to be quite as good based on some of the reviews I've seen. It appeared that most people loved the Corwin Cycle then thought the second wasn't quite as good.So far, I'm liking it even better. It's got even more twists, turns and peculiar worlds and magic. It doesn't leave one bored while reading. It's almost pure excitement from page one.

    24. I wholeheartedly recommend all the books from the Amber Chronicles. Once you read the first novel you'll stop only after you'll have read them all. I've re-read this book and the whole series at least three-times. Even after all these years I still rate it as one of the best series I've ever read.

    25. Love the Amber Chronicles, I do. The story's a little campy, and not quite as good as it seemed when read in High School, but I still love it. Not sure if that's mainly due to the books' quality or my own nostalgia.

    26. I haven't read this book in more than twenty years, but apparently it stuck in my memory. There was nothing new, but it was short and sweet. Looking forward to the next one.

    27. Starts the second series of Amber books, focusing this time on Merlin, Corwin's son, as he tries to find out who attempts to kill him every April 30th.

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