Partners Laurel Armand is a Southern belle on a mission to be the best reporter in New Orleans Matthew Bates is determined to beat her at her own game while flirting his way into her bed With their dangerous

  • Title: Partners
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Laurel Armand is a Southern belle on a mission to be the best reporter in New Orleans Matthew Bates is determined to beat her at her own game, while flirting his way into her bed With their dangerous attraction simmering just below the surface, both Laurel and Matthew feed off their rivalry until they re forced to work together on a case of murder and madness Caught upLaurel Armand is a Southern belle on a mission to be the best reporter in New Orleans Matthew Bates is determined to beat her at her own game, while flirting his way into her bed With their dangerous attraction simmering just below the surface, both Laurel and Matthew feed off their rivalry until they re forced to work together on a case of murder and madness Caught up in their jobs and each other, resistance doesn t stand a chance They re about to go all out in seeking the truth, finding justice, and firing up the passion between them

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    1. Some things just don't age well.This book was first published in the 1980's and you can feel it. The guy is constantly lighting up another cigarette in the story, which is totally weird. And, everywhere too. He's lighting up in the office, restaurants, inside this non-smoking woman's apartment. I swear he would have lit up in his hospital room if he had to be in one and his doctors would be smoking over him as they used their non-gloved hands and recycled needles to work on him.Oh, but wait, loo [...]

    2. It has bit quit awhile since I listened to an audiobook. I had some painting to do and this made my work so much easier. I purchased this book a few years ago and it's been patiently waiting for me to hit the play button. Partners was written in 1992 and boy we've come a long way since then. I noticed just how misogynistic romance was back in the day. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it, but there were times I rolled my eyes and wanted to slap the crap out of our hero. LOL!Anywho, it was [...]

    3. I do not recall ever having read this story before. It is great mystery/suspense and I did not even guess the villain until twenty pages from the end.The hero's character is admirable, sexy, and intriguing, but not very deeply drawn. I guess this was about the 27th thing Roberts published, so I'm not going to quibble about that. (She must have over 150 by now.) Proof positive that writers get better with experience.I really liked the heroine. She's a southern belle with a career and a backbone o [...]

    4. Já não lia um livrinho destes da Nora há muito tempo e convenhamos que este esteve a altura das expectativas, gostei do Matt e da Laurel e da picardia entre os dois tanto no trabalho como na forma como a autora cria a relação entre os dois, a avó dela era uma "peça", muito engraçada a senhoraQuanto ao desfecho final no que ao crime diz respeito era previsível ser aquela personagem culpada, está dentro do que se esperava com sinos a tocar em fundo e casamento a vista

    5. Read as part of the Suspicious: Partners / The Art of Deception / Night Moves a collection of three of Roberts' earlier novels. It was blatantly evident that this is an earlier work, with no mobile phones, phones with cords and our main character Matt lighting up constantly - you don't get too many chain-smoking reporters in novels these days.He and fellow reporter Laurel are asked to look into a local death, deemed an accident when a young bride is killed by a copperhead in swampland. This was [...]

    6. So much smoking! The book was written in 1985 so the newspaper has typewriters and copy boys and there are no mobile phones, it felt almost like a different world! Laurel Armand and Matthew Bates work together in New Orleans (very pre-Catriona!) in a newspaper. Matthew has been attracted to her for years but doesn't know how to approach her. The two of them are drawn into a mystery when a woman asks the right questions about a murder and when letters received by the dead woman go missing they kn [...]

    7. I quite enjoyed the Herald in the days of typewriters, payphones, and legwork. The sexual tension between Matt and Lauryl was pretty angsty. The mystery story they clung to was intriguing and I didn't guess who the murderer was until very near the end. The love affair between them was quite refreshing and steamy. I liked this story and read it in a matter of hours. A nice way to spend the day.

    8. DNF. I couldn't believe it when I looked at the copyright date. This reads like a 70's romance. Cigarettes are a constant. The theme of the romance seems to be "I hate you" vs "I will woo you with arrogance". UGH

    9. Just ok. Quite dated with all the smoking and no cellphones. The intrigue was good enough but I kinda figured out the culprit at 60%

    10. Fin Nora Roberts bog uden de store dikkedarer. Hurtig at læse og med en god og underholdende historie krydret med en kærlighedshistorie.

    11. Um romance que não conseguiu conquistar-me mas um crime interessante.Ultimamente Nora Roberts não tem me atraído muito.

    12. This must have been around the time that Nora Roberts started getting good - because this is a pretty great story. It's obviously dated (it's from 1992!) with people using typewriters and smoking indoors and whatnot. But it's easy enough to look past that to the pretty decent suspense-romance that we get here. Laurel Armand is a journalist working at her father's paper and sort of a Southern Belle who starts out iffy for me, as she's kind of vain and has a touch of self-centeredness, but it does [...]

    13. Hmmm dicintai dari berusia 16 tahun, romantis sekali. Begitulah cinta Matthew Bates pada Laurel Armand. Duduk berseberangan, Laurel merasa sangat sebal kepada Matthew, karena sangat suka membuat Laurel terpancing emosinya. Tanpa sengaja Laurel yang selama ini bertugas sebagai wartawan di kantor balai kota bertemu Susan yang adik perempuannya meninggal di rawa milik keluarga Trulane. Louis adalah cinta masa kecil Laurel, yang istri pertamanya minggat dengan Charles Trulane. Susan menyampaikan dug [...]

    14. Reporters Laurellie Armand and Matthew Bates are rivals who have enough sexual tension to light up New Orleans. When Susan Fisher, Anne Trulane's sister comes to the New Orleans Herald to claim Anne was murdered, Laurel considers there may be something in that possibility, something more than just a grieving sister. She is forced to work with Matt, because he wrote the original story and has police contacts.A relatively early book, still has Roberts' superior characterization. There is a lot of [...]

    15. Matthew is in love with Laurel ever since he saw her photo on his friends desk. Laurel thinks Matthew is insufferable. Together they work on the case- the death of a young woman, the wife of Laurels first love. She is protective of Louis, but she is a journalist and she is good at what she does. Even warnings and threats will not stop her now And chemistry between Laurel and Matthew ? Yes, its a real deal. As always, enjoyed N. Roberts novel. Love her style. Love that her characters are never pe [...]

    16. Technically, I would give this 3.5 stars. It was written 27 years ago, so it is a bit dated and showcases male chauvisnism at it's best. The mystery aspect was pretty good, but I guessed the murderer and the plot twist about 50 pages in. It does follow the typical Nora Roberts formula: cast all the suspicion on a decoy and then reveal the murderer as someone the author doesn't think you will expect. I loved the character of Ms. Olivia. She reminds me of many Southern grandmothers.

    17. Es un libro buenisimo *-* Me encanto!! Es uno de los pocos libros en donde no he sabido hasta el final quien es el asesino. La trama de suspenso esta maravillosamente desarrollada. Mientras la trama romantica es ideal. Es tan perfecta y tierna. Mat y Lauriel son simplemente adorables. Todos los personajes me han fascinado. Sobretodo, la abuela Olivia. Es una historia linda con muy divertidos e ingeniosos. Definitivamente extraordinaria.

    18. This is a cute little read. I enjoyed the murder/mystery part; I'm not very good at guessing who the killer is, so in this book I didn't have any idea until it was revealed. The relationship between Matt and Laurel was great. He has loved her for so long; I didn’t quite understand why they both waited a year to have a relationship when they both clearly wanted each other. But definitely a good read!!!!

    19. This was simply acceptable, though I liked the idea that Matthew's loved her literally from first sight. I was never one for romantic suspense, but I had it in paperback, and I'd just finished with a few dozen classics, so I thought I'd sit down with Nora Roberts. Again, simply acceptable, though Miss Olivia was lovely and Louis was an interesting character. I suppose I just wasn't in the mood for it.

    20. Partners Didn't realize how "old" this was when I purchased it. Published in 1985. I've always been fond of Nora Roberts books, and the storyline (mystery) in this one was pretty good, but the love story was contrived. 30-ish year old virgin, love scenes with over-the-top descriptions Not going to give away the rest, but given how long ago it was published, my expectations may have been too high. Quick read, and the non-romantic part of the plot was good.

    21. I adore Matthew and Laurellie's intelligence. It's just nice how Nora made Louis a good person towards the end of the story. It was Marion who made Elise, Charles and Anne disappear in the swamp at Heritage Oak. What a psycho! For the love of their ancestral home. Funny. I like how Olivia approved of Matthew since the beginning.

    22. I approached this book with trepidation as it is a rather old Nora Roberts and I thought it would fail to meet the standard that I come to expect from Nora Roberts books. Turns out it was just as brilliant as her more recent stuff.The only thing that made me cringe was the copious amount of smoking and mentions of typewriters.

    23. I liked the story and loved some of the characters, like the Grandmother, or Louis. I would like to see Louis in his own book. Because it felt like "light reading", I didn't get really absorbed in to the story. I guessed who the bad guy was early on and that made it predictable. But all in all, you never go wrong with a Nora Roberts book. Thank you Ms. Roberts for all the wonderful stories.

    24. Very easy-to-read romance set in New Orleans and based around two reporters investigating the accidental death of a young wife in the swamp. Her sister is convinced it was murder. Written in 1985 the characters seemed a bit dated, the male lead would be done for harassment today, but it was undemanding and great for the bus commute.

    25. As I understand it, this is one of her earlier books and as such it is dated slightly. For a start, they smoke and use typewriters (shock, horror).This book was enjoyable but not as much as River's End which I was enthralled by. A coffee break book.

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