Up to Me

Up to Me For Olivia romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash Unpredictable except when it comes to satisfying her desires Cash s bad boy reputation is well earned but he s turning his li

  • Title: Up to Me
  • Author: M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash Unpredictable, except when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash s bad boy reputation is well earned, but he s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is.Until strangers from the past turn Olivia and Cash s world upside down What they want is something only Cash can gFor Olivia, romantic bliss has never felt so right as it does with Cash Unpredictable, except when it comes to satisfying her desires, Cash s bad boy reputation is well earned, but he s turning his life around with the one woman who accepts him for who he is.Until strangers from the past turn Olivia and Cash s world upside down What they want is something only Cash can give them And if he doesn t deliver, then they re taking the one thing that Cash values the most.Olivia always knew that in falling for Cash she was likely to get burned But this new threat is beyond anything she imagined Now she has to trust Cash with her life and for Olivia that s much easier than letting go, and trusting him with her heart.

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    1. “Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.”100% spoiler-free review!Ok, I know a lot of you may have read the official blurb and all but I really don’t want to say anything about the plot here in terms of what this book is about. If you haven’t read book #1, Down To You, then you should absolutely read it first because this book is a direct continuation of that story. If you HAVE read book #1, then all you need to know is that the story line we [...]

    2. If words could knock you up, I'd be pregnant with twinsSpeaking of twinsCASH DAVENPORT! CashDavenport! Up to Me?. like In to Me. I'm. In. Love.Cash is the perfect blend of hard and soft, rough and gentle. Hard andhard! I loved being inside his head. I loved everything he dideverything he said. Whether it was dripping with heat or down right hilarityMy hard-on isn't a problem anymore; the sound of Marissa's voice took care of that. In fact, it almost gave me a damn vaginaThis man sweats desire! T [...]

    3. Ok here goes without spoilers This cover + me = Cash Davenport + me = Sex scenes + me = Suspense and action + me = Romance + me =The hot Aussie Gavin + me =epilogue + me = and the twist THE GODDAMN TWIST! + me = now normally u get the twists. or u kinda do! but not this time! BEST EVER!!! I will write proper words when I know I can without spoilers People READ number 1st though!!!

    4. OH. MY. CASH DAVENPORT!!!!!!Okay, the thing is, I don't exactly know what to write. I'm afraid if I type up a review, I would just spoil it for you. All I can say is:I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!I FREAKIN' LOVED IT!!! I devoured it in one sitting. I just can't stop reading as I'm so eager to know what will happen next. This book has the perfect elements of a great read: It has SUSPENSE. ACTION. and of course, ROMANCE. And don't get me started on the sex scenes 'cause OH MY FREAKIN' GOD, IT WAS SO [...]

    5. SPOILER FREE REVIEW (You may not want to read this review if you've not read book1)3.5 STARS out of 5Genre: NA Romance -EroticaHO. LEE. SHIT. HOT. This book was FIRE!First off Olivia needs to back up because Cash Davenport is mine Bitch.Now look, I do not want to have to get violent But best believe I will cut a BITCH! Fictional? **shrugs shoulders** Who cares.Cash Ok, now that I've let you all know how I really feel we can move on.*Smirks*'What in the world have I done?  Not only did I do exac [...]

    6. COMPLETED!Me, 01/05/13ANK YOU!!! My birthday is on January 7th, so I guess this is an early gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!IT'S LIVE NOW! EARLY RELEASE!!! YAY!!01/06/13:5 DELICIOUSLY BADASS STARSI'm trying to pick up the pieces of my blown mind and figure out, how to write a review without giving the whole plot away. I'll probably have it ready by afternoon because in addition, I have to survive the Sunday family lunch (THE WHOLE family: 15-20 members!!!!). LMAO!!!Late afternoon My review [...]

    7. THE LONGEST REVIEW OF MY LIFE:I know I'm in the minority here, but so far this book kinda sucks. Proof that plot and characters can defy logic and common sense and still get high ratings.I'm almost done and I'm tired of being reminded that Cash's POV is a guy's POV with thoughts like:"As a guy, I totally approve.""But, then again, I'm a guy. What the hell do I know?""Guys don't sit around and talk about that girlie shit . . .""All of us men have our egos . . ."I'm just waiting for him to say, "L [...]

    8. Meh and I had such high hopes for this one!I was really looking forward to this one because I enjoyed the first one, Down to You so much. Up to Me just seemed to be missing something in my opinion. The plot is so different and I found my connection to the story and the characters was lacking. What I liked: Pretty much what made the book for me were the men!!! Cash was just as hot, well actually much HOTTER in this one. He was protective and showed he is pretty much a bad ass. Lots of dirty talk [...]

    9. 3 starsI think I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed this book much more than the first. The heroine–whose insecurities became somewhat exasperating and tedious–ended up much more endearing in this follow-up story. As for Cashwellhe's just as delicious in this book as he was in the first. This story had some fun plot twists, a lot of action and adventure, and a generous amount of steamy love scenes. There's no doubt the author took major liberties with reality and needed to spend more [...]

    10. I just realised that I did not have this on my to read pile or that the next book was up on !AND THEN I SEE I ONLY GOTTA WAIT 4 DAYS TO PURCHASE IT! OHHHHH YEEEAAAHHHHHH BUDDY!*********************************************************************HOLD THE PHONE PEOPLE!!!! I HAVE MY COPY!!! I feel like calling in sick to me reality!Then once reality is far far far far far away I shall devour this book I shall devour Cash. So pre warning. I shall have no control over my verbal diarrhea while reading [...]

    11. One Word. Cash! And you would think I could never get enough of that gorgeous, dirty talking, sex god but put him together with Olivia and the book just sizzles! They are hot! Unfortunately, the book isn't all about them just being together and their relationship. Instead it's pretty deep in the whole mystery of who killed some of Cash's familyople being kidnapped, hidden ledgers and secret videos. And for that I had to deduct a start that it wasn't interesting but I felt it really took up too m [...]

    12. Waffle, waffle, waffle3 stars or 4 stars? Let's go with 3.5, or just a hair above because while I didn't love it, I never once got bored.WARNING for those who haven't read book 1, Down to Youwhat are you doing reading a sequel review? Go awayns of spoilers!! No spoilers for Up to Me, though.Cash and Oliviatalk about a couple who don't know where they stand with each other! Since finding out that Cash and Nash are one and the same, Olivia is confused as to who she really ended up withe sexy entre [...]

    13. For a sequel, this one sucked. Sorry I can't think of a better adjective because at about 60% all I kept thinking was how this book sucked. With all the inner dialogue and Olivia's insecurities, "does he love? does he not?" UGH! Seriously, you are in your 20s and you question his feelings like you are in high school???!!!! I have read YA books that had the female MC more secure in her relationship with the "bad" boy than Olivia. The sex was hot in the beginning, but at 60%, I got bored, I did no [...]

    14. I feel like all I have to say isCash Davenport and that should sell this book. Am I right? If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Cash yet, well you're just plain missing out. In the second installment of The Bad Boys Series, Cash delivers some serious heat and made me fall in love with him even more. In all honesty, if you've read Down to You, you know Cash's back story, so I can't really say much in this review because there is A LOT of information given about the situation with his father [...]

    15. "If falling in love means risking getting hurt, then I'm okay with that. Because finally, for once, I've found someone worth the risk."4.5 Stars! Love me some Cash! Happily ever doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.”This is going to be a shortish review Don’t want to spoil anything. These books are full of twists and turns and there was another huge surprise in this one! I was shocked again! (view spoiler)[ Wow of all things I didn’t expect to see Nash- alive!(h [...]

    16. BR with Jo and Sammy!(this was a re-read for me)I absolutely love this series and cannot wait to read Everything for Us!In this book, Cash and Olivia are together, but Olivia wants to keep their relationship a secret from the others at Duel because she doesn't want others thinking she's getting special treatment because she is with Cash. Cash doesn't care if their relationship is out in the open, but is trying to respect Olivia's wishes.Olivia is having doubts as to whether or not Cash feels as [...]

    17. Up to Me Giveaway! at Romantic Book Affairs! Come stop by for an awesome chance to win an ebook!*************************************************Warning! Up to Me is not a stand-alone. If you have not read Down to You, you should absolutely read it first. See my review here. There are some spoilers in my review from Down to You. I’m not going to delve too much in to the plot of Up to Me since it picks up immediately where we were left with the storyline in Down to You. ************************ [...]

    18. We’ve been looking forward to this sequel after Cash and Nash burst onto our horizons last year in Down To You.Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.Well, if Down To You was fairly light hearted erotic romance, then Up To Me is a far more angsty romantic suspense. It’s still very erotic with some wonderful sex scenes between Olivia and Cash but his traumatic past will come roaring back into their lives to threaten their fragile happiness. This bo [...]

    19. I was spinning after reading this book. Down to You was awesome and one of my favorite reads from 2012, however Up to Me is twice as good and boy does she deliver. Down to You is definitely an introduction compared to Up to Me. In Up to Me, Olivia is still unsure about her feelings towards Cash. Deep down I know she loves him but is so terrified of falling into old habits with the "bad" boys. At the end of Down to You I knew Cash was more than just a bad boy. There was a lot more to him than jus [...]

    20. 2.5 starsI really believe this is the case with this book. I just couldn't get into it. I liked the first one so much will all of the sexual tension and of course the obvious reveal; but it was still all good. I love the bossy badass hot alpha males, especially Cash but Olivia got on my last nerve. Get some confidence, girl.The whole mafia suspense element kinda bored me as well.Happy note the sex scenes kept me going until the bitter end!

    21. Spoiler free Been thinking more about this book. And decided I needed to make some changes.[image error] One moment [image error]If you have not read the first book then you need to do so. [image error] Cash's cover might be that of a bad boy, but the book, the inside is so much more. Wrapped up in him, in his bad boy ways and his good guy heart, is my whole world. Somehow, while I wasn't looking, I fell. And I fell hard.Cash is even more yummier in this one then that last. He sacrifice's so muc [...]

    22. 3.5 twintastic starsHmmm, I'm not sure what I think about this I loved Cash & Olivia together. I loved their dialogue. Olivia was so stressed about falling for 'bad boys' in the first book, but thank goodness she realizes that Cash is nothing like that. He would and sort of does everything to keep her safe. There is a bit of sexy time as well in this book and phew, the scene in the VIP room is hot!It's the whole plot and motivation for 'the twist' that has me baffled. I may have to go read t [...]

    23. UP TO ME, the second book in Leighton's "Bad Boys series" did not take a chill pill -- it was hotter than the first book. With each page the relationship grows stronger between the h/h and their chemistry sizzles, along with some additional action-packed scenes this go-round with the mafia. Included are some twists and turns and a surprise package that I felt might be delivered sooner or later. And a bonus gorgeous and scene-stealing character named Gavin, who is guaranteed to make you squirm. T [...]

    24. 4,5☆ Bueno no ha estado nada mal el factor sorpresa en este libro al igual que el primero que me dejo flipando.Este segundo igual.Vamos me ha faltado a la Genio aquí presentando sorpresa sorpresa!! jajaja. M me ha gustado el cambio que ha dado después de lo que ha pasado por fin se da cuenta que ir con un palo por el culo no mola G me encanta y N va de chulo pero bueno tiene motivos como todos.en fin veremis que pasa en el tercer y último libro

    25. 4,5 Stars!!!Cash Davenport you are awesome!!!Contains spoilers!This book picks up right after the epilogue of Down to You. It's sexy, full on suspence and many family secrets.And the biggest of them all: Nash! Yeah the twins are back Both of themAnd they are both sexy and dangerous!Let's start with Cash and Olivia, their relationship flourished in this book They had so many sex scenes everytime he saw her:But also they had romantic mommentsThe dual POV was a great element and i wasn't bored not [...]

    26. Ho sperato con tutta me stessa che la storia potesse migliorare. Speranze buttate al vento, ovviamente, e quello che mi fa più rabbia è che questo volume è leggermente meglio del precedente. Almeno c’è un barlume di movimento, almeno ci sono delle piccolissime novità che non rendono la storia del tutto statica, cioè del tutto concentrata sulle prodezze amorose di Olivia e del suo Bad Boy Cash, volevo dire…Ma che succede se l’autrice decide di focalizzarsi soprattutto sulle paturnie a [...]

    27. 3.5 STARSDid I love this book?? I don't know I'll tell you what my problem was: THE TWIST - Do not read the spoiler if you haven't read the book (view spoiler)[ The whole Nash thing. Ok, I have to say when Nash came out of the "dead" I thought oh wow he's alive. And then Natasha and I started talking, and I realized oh geeze I just had a blond moment Why did he exactly "hide" if Nash was "alive" - as Cash was being Nash / Cash?? Why did he hide? Because of the video? Nobody knew he had the video [...]

    28. Up to Me is the sequel to Down to You. It was a good book, I will rate it 3.5 starsThe story picks up with Cash/Nash and his girl OliviaCash is a bad boy with a good heart. Hes very bossy and has a pretty dirty mouth which was very appealing for me. I felt Olivia was a bit whiny and annoying this time around. They had some good chemistry together and the body shot scene on the bar was hot!! The story picks right up with the mafia drama as Cash continues his quest to free his Father from prison. [...]

    29. Really liked this book.t quite as much as the first but anyways.Best part for me- a few insanely hot sex scenes. They can heat up the sheets. Also, there's another huge bomb that drops. Wowsa. Did not see that comingBut then the book kind of stalled for me from about half way thru until the very end. This book has a lot more mystery, suspense, action related to the epilogue of book one. I can't go into much detail without spoiling it. The epilogue is much like the first book in that something ha [...]

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