Art of Hunting

Art of Hunting The second novel in the Gravedigger ChroniclesThe Haurstaf have been decimated The Unmer have seized the palace at Awl Ianthe s father carries her to safety But she is not interested in a life of trea

  • Title: Art of Hunting
  • Author: Alan Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780230763791
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second novel in the Gravedigger ChroniclesThe Haurstaf have been decimated The Unmer have seized the palace at Awl Ianthe s father carries her to safety But she is not interested in a life of treasure hunting with him She returns to the palace, hoping to find the Unmer prince with whom she shared some of her darkest moments.Prince Paulus Marquetta discovers a frienThe second novel in the Gravedigger ChroniclesThe Haurstaf have been decimated The Unmer have seized the palace at Awl Ianthe s father carries her to safety But she is not interested in a life of treasure hunting with him She returns to the palace, hoping to find the Unmer prince with whom she shared some of her darkest moments.Prince Paulus Marquetta discovers a friend and ally in Ianthe, albeit a dangerous one She has the power to destroy his mind with a single thought, and yet she herself remains at risk from his own innate sorcerous abilities The handsome young prince could murder her with a simple touch.Briana Marks, meanwhile, has escaped with her life Fearful of Marquetta s rule, she travels to the Dragon Isles to seek out the exiled Unmer lord, Argusto Conquillas and beg him to help her assassinate Ianthe When Granger learns of this plot to kill his daughter, he must use every scrap of his resourcefulness and cunning to protect her.Maskelyne returns to Scythe Island to study the crystal he plucked from the wreckage of the Unmer chariot The artifact leads him to discover exactly why the Drowned continue to deposit thousands upon thousands of keys on the beach beneath his fortress The Unmer, in their quest to unlock the secrets of the universe, forged a monster Now Maskelyne knows where this thing is imprisoned

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    1. This was such a nice and satisfying adventureIt`s a pitty that the end feels a little rushed and we`ll have to wait for a third book to find out how all the threads will wrap up. But it looks like the book hasn`t sold so well so we`re not so sure if it will be a third one.Overall it lightens up some of the mysteries from the first part, but until the end more and more questions started to pop up.The worldbuilding has a lot of potential, some of the unknown things are explained, but, still, a lot [...]

    2. Саламурата се надига, удавниците все така бродят в нея…: knigolandiafo/book-review/i “Изкуството на лова” започва там, където свърши предната част, в която нароченият за главен герой Грейнджър е надянал вълшебна броня, държи още по-вълшебен меч и тъкмо е спасил дъщеря си от сигурна смъ [...]

    3. Мащабите са все така епични, а магиите, боговете и хората твърде себични. Искаше ми се драконите да не загиват толкова лесно, почти безсмислено, както и унмерите да бяха малко по-малко елфи. И все пак умрял, но действащ главен герой не е често срещано явление, дори във фентъзи [...]

    4. I read the first installment of the Gravedigger Chronicles, Sea Of Ghosts a little while ago and the sheer imagination really grabbed my attention. While waiting for the second book I read Campbell's first trilogy and this confirmed a grasp for creating very different, if very dark, fantasy worlds.The first book follows the story of Thomas Granger, ex-Colonel with the elite 'Gravediggers' army unit now the owner and warden of a decrepit prison in a world that is literally drowning. Humans share [...]

    5. И дойде време за надлъгванеЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/ Определено съм запленен от книгите на Камбъл. В „Море на призраците“ се потопих в доста ужасяващ свят, доста по-отвратителен от тези в някои от известните фентъзи саги. Втората книга обаче е доста по-спокойна и резонно в [...]

    6. Ще започна с това - Алън Камбъл е сътворил уникален свят. Доста по-различен е от всичко което съм чела до сега, наистина съм впечатлена (смея да отбележа, че рядко се впечатлявам). Първоначално когато хванах първата книга, не очаквах всичко да е толкова мрачно, мръсно, ръждяса [...]

    7. This story picks up where Sea Of Ghosts left off. I began reading this series after being wowed by the author's Deepgate Codex series that began with Scar Night. I think Alan Campbell is among my top favorite fantasy writers right now. He's right up there with China Miéville. He tends to jam many wild and original ideas into one book. I was digging the Replicating Sword. Now my 13-year-old son is reading this too. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series. It's way fun.

    8. Woo!That was a very entertaining sequel. Not as great as the first but not far behind it. Each chapter brought a new antagonist forth - more worse than the previous one. I love the moral ambiguity of all the characters. Almost as if every man were for themselves.It was great to see more of the world explored in this sequel. The atmosphere was about equal to the previous book.Although there wasn't a shittonne of character development, I still enjoyed the stories movement and the loyalty it had to [...]

    9. Very enjoyable read. Campbell writes with great style and pace. Having been a fan since Scar Night I can say this is probably my favourite of his works. Ianthe is frightfully naive. Due to this, Granger is pulled into conflict with every major player in the world in order to keep her (and at least a mote of self determination) free. Bring on book three!

    10. The book was very good. Story has gotten even more enthralling since the first book. I can't wait to read the next in the series!

    11. i kept expecting the characters to gain in dimensionality over time, but they remain rather flat. the tension from the first book builds all the way through the end of this one, and the pace is rapid. after finishing the book, i'm left feeling like i just played a four-day boss battle in a non-existent ubisoft game. as in, kinda satisfied & really burnt. the imagery is what saves the two books, for me. the world, the magic, it's all intricately crafted, and very unlike anything i've read bef [...]

    12. radiradev/2015/06Бих желал да сравня "Изкуството на лова" от Алън Камбъл със "Създания от светлина и мрак" на Роджър Зелазни. В шедьовъра на Зелазни всички концепции са разбираеми, независимо колко са отвлечени. Героите, положителни или отрицателни, имат своя чар, мотивацията и дейс [...]

    13. This is the sequel to a book I read a fairly long time ago (well about 3 years, which doesn't seem that long but I have read a lot of books in the interim & it all does start to blur together). I'd forgotten a good portion of the first instalment but this book does a good job of recapping previous events without resorting to clumsy writing techniques (characters getting into conversations with new characters, extended flashbacks etc.). What I do remember is quite liking the first book, not l [...]

    14. Very mixed feelings about this book and this series. I don't think I will read the third book.On the upside the world is one of the more interesting ones to come along in a long while. The fallen Unmer, the poisonous oceans, the constantly rising water levels It all adds up to, especially with the flexible take on technology.On the other hand, there are downsides. Character development is weak, the prose is so-so, and the world seems to be dark and dreary for the sake of being dark and dreary. T [...]

    15. A fitting sequel to 'Sea of Ghosts' - a continuation within an extremely interesting, unique high fantasy world with elements of steampunk and even science fiction. There are many aspects of the lore that genuinely excite me and I really enjoyed it for the most part. Some of the decisions the author made with the story aren't what I was hoping or expecting, but it isn't necessarily bad. This book was published in 2013, and it's predecessor in 2011. I currently cannot find any news of a third boo [...]

    16. Definitely a complicated, dangerous and strange world we have here. Quite a lot happening in this book, fast paced and sorcerously charged for want of a better word. In fantasy these swords have a lot to answer for, they just can't be trusted. The characters are well written and there be dragons too. I have read most of this authors work and am quite impressed, he should be reaching a wider readership. I am certainly looking forward to the next instalment, not too long I hope :)

    17. Всички приятни неща от първата част ги няма. Тази книга си е класическо фентъзи - коварни владетели, влюбени девици, турнири, измами.Нищо не е останало от разговорите за физиката и другите интересни неща. Прходите до друга вселена са наречени кротко "разломи" без да се обясня [...]

    18. Страхотно фентъзи в стила на съвременните романи без ясно разграничение между добри и лоши. Добрите стават лоши и пак добри и така, докато не свърши. Махам една звездичка, защото отделни глави от книгата можеше да ги няма и нищо нямаше да се промени.Финалът е уникален.

    19. Another brilliantly creative book by Alan Campbell. This man has a boundless imagination. There were characters that I wanted to reach into the pages and strangle. And certain events that unfolded made me feel shocking sadness and anger.

    20. The impressive worldbuilding continues and the characters tend to be better improved too. A solid improvement on the first book in the series.

    21. хубаво фентъзи. обаче без край. има почти готова трета част, но никой не ще да я издава заради слаби продажби на другите части. прецакана работа с две думи.

    22. Continues the vivid and incredible world of Sea of Ghosts and is certain to leave you begging/threatening/bribing Campbell for the next instalment.

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