Harry Potter and the Natural 20

Harry Potter and the Natural Fandoms Harry Potter Dungeons and Dragons An year old DD character is plunged into Wizarding Britain Mild parody

  • Title: Harry Potter and the Natural 20
  • Author: Sir Poley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: ebook
  • Fandoms Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons An 11 year old DD character is plunged into Wizarding Britain Mild parody.

    One thought on “Harry Potter and the Natural 20”

    1. Brilliant. Utterly fantastic. Less impressive in scope perhaps than HPMOR, but infinitely funnier, and closer in tone to JK Rowling's original. Now onto Milo's third year in hogwarts, this is slowly in progress, and getting better by the week. Original characters Milo and Fiona are both so good as to warrant inclusion in canon.

    2. I don't know anything about D&D, but this was still quite readable. I thought it actually got more interesting in the subsequent years as Milo's character develops. A particularly intriguing side plot develops in the third year where a muggle begins to investigate the wizarding world, despite memory charms, etc. Unfortunately, as I write this review, the story remains unfinished, just when it was particularly good--stuck on chapter 52 (which happens to be chapter 18 of volume 3). I hope the [...]

    3. First read (11-18 Oct 2012):Entertaining, fresh, interesting, fun, but probably only for fans of D&D and Harry Potter!Also, don't expect something as polished as what you'd buy in a store, but it has more than its share of moments, and is far better written generally than anything I could pull off.Second read (18 Aug - 12 Sep 2014):Good stuff! Love reading all the DnD jokes and references and ways of looking at the world, and the idea of having different characters play by essentially differ [...]

    4. Fantastic Harry Potter fanfiction. What if a wizard prone to munchkinry (exploiting the rules to great effect) from the Dungeons and Dragons universe were transported into the Harry Potter universe and became friends with the Boy Who Lived? Hilarity would ensue, of course. The twists on the Harry Potter world along with the D&D munchkinry and comical interplay between two VASTLY different approaches to magic is highly entertaining.

    5. Even though I've never played D&D I still had fun reading this. What would happen if a D&D wizard lived in the Harry Potter universe? Besides the interesting premise, this is quite funny.

    6. This is an excellent blend of D&D, Harry Potter, and rational science. All 3 perspectives are well thought out and characters from each background act accordingly, (and appropriately are caught off-guard by the effectiveness of the other's powers.) Unfortunately the rational science perspective was just coming into it's own and getting good when the author abandoned this series. (The first couple of books are complete and good reads, but the latest one is abandoned.)It does suffer a bit of a [...]

    7. A pretty entertaining parody of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in which a group of Death Eaters accidentally summon a Dungeons & Dragons character whose completely different system of magic causes chaos (while still mostly following the original plot).

    8. Clever crossover between HP and Dungeons & Dragons - enjoyable also for those who (like me) are not aware of the rules of D&D; great awareness of generic rules.

    9. A very entertaining exploration of what would happen if a D&D Wizard and his form of magic entered the Harry Potter Universe.

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