One thought on “PULAYAPPATTU”

  1. ഗൗതമന്റെ ജനനം മുതൽ വാർദ്ധക്യം വരെ തുടരുന്ന വടക്കേ മലബാറിലെ പുലയവംശത്തിലെ അടിച്ചമർത്തലുകളുടേ ഭാവനാസംബുഷ്ടമായ ഒരു ചരിത്ര വിവരണമാണ്‌, പുലയപാട്ടിന്റെ ഇതിവൃത്തം. ഗൗതമനെന്ന പുലയകുട്ടിയൂ [...]

  2. PulayappattuFrom the writer of Mayyazhi, one would not expect a novel of this depth. Even though Mukundan had written novels around the era of the struggle for Independence, Pulayappattu is something else than his usual subjects. One would think of 'nellu' by P Vatsala, Pulayappattu tells us the story of the downtrodden people of Malabar. Like in 'Pravasam', in this too some legends like Dr. B R Ambedkar, Ayyankali, AKG, Dr. Palpu, even India's Prime Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Ever resp [...]

  3. A realistic novel.A revolutionary theme.I read this book long ago.But, now , posting this review seems so important .Just a few days ago,every indian read Rohith Vemula's(Dalit scholar,ambedkarite and student activist who hanged himself at the university of hyderabad) suicide note."my birth is my fate"-he saidT ANOTHER VICTIM OF THE DAMNED CASTE SYSTEM.

  4. a wonderful piece of art by M.Mukundan. Not only it delts with the cast system but also the human emotions in respect to the Ultimate Nature. It also has the pieces of Revolution and Riot with a big Fire.

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