A Dom's Dilemma

A Dom s Dilemma Kinky happenings in rural New England James Evans has been a police detective for sixteen years and an active participant in the local BDSM scene for even longer So at age he knows what he likes

  • Title: A Dom's Dilemma
  • Author: Kathryn R. Blake
  • ISBN: 9781609688424
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
  • Kinky happenings in rural New England.James Evans has been a police detective for sixteen years and an active participant in the local BDSM scene for even longer So, at age 35, he knows what he likes, and for the last three years, he s liked what he s seen in Kelly Franklin Pretty, feisty and submissive, the fact that she scurries off like a frightened rabbit every timeKinky happenings in rural New England.James Evans has been a police detective for sixteen years and an active participant in the local BDSM scene for even longer So, at age 35, he knows what he likes, and for the last three years, he s liked what he s seen in Kelly Franklin Pretty, feisty and submissive, the fact that she scurries off like a frightened rabbit every time she sees him, only intrigues him He would have pressed a lot harder to corner her, if she didn t already belong to someone else That is why, when Kyle Sinclair mentions he s looking for a new Dom to top Kelly, Jim doesn t hesitate to sign up for the job.Taking his cues from Kelly, Jim quickly discovers she isn t seeking pain and punishment the way Kyle thought In fact, all of Kelly s signals indicate she is scared of pain, which both puzzles Jim and brings his protective side to the fore Why would a girl want to be a submissive at a BDSM club if she fears how a Dom might punish her As a Dom, Jim is pleased by Kelly s open responsiveness, but as a police detective, he is determined to solve the enigma she presents Their relationship grows even complicated when he discovers Kelly has not only been keeping secrets from him, she has lied, and neither side of him tolerates any type of deception ever A point he is than willing to make with Kelly draped butt naked over his knee for a spanking until she finally tells him the truth

    One thought on “A Dom's Dilemma”

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more annoying heroine. I’ve read my fair share, believe me, but Kelly takes the cake.She's whiny, clingy, immature, and she cries at the drop of a hat.She’s a 28-year-old woman, but I seriously wonder how she’s managedwell, anything. She’s supposedly been a submissive for 8 years. I couldn’t tell. She doesn’t act like one. She doesn’t even seem to like it, so I’m not sure why she got involved in BDSM to begin with. She whines and cries and throw [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsA Dom's Dilemma is book Two in the 'Unexpected Consequences' series. This is the story of James Evans and Kelly Franklin. We did meet James and Kelly in the previous book but this is easily a standalone book. This book James is taking over Kelly as his sub in the Dom/Sub relationship. But Kelly is high maintance and keeps James on his toes. This book does spend a lot of time with him spanking her than anything else. There is a bad guy that is after Kelly so there is some drama with this [...]

    3. *This books shows the more extreme side of the BDSM relationship*Jim Evans is a police detective and has been active in the BDSM scene for even longer. His partner Kyle has fallen in love and wants to give up being a Dom in the club to devote himself wholly to her. He ask Jim if he would take over being Kelly's Dom. Jim has always been fascinated by Kelly and jumps at the chance to being her Dom and Master. What he didn't count on what Kelly's extreme reactions to certain things he tried. In the [...]

    4. Both Jim and Kelly had major issues. I did not care for Kyle tossing Kelly to Jim like yesterdays trash just because he found another love interest. She was given no warning nor was she asked if she was alright with it. Jim did things that did not make sense, I never could see the reason for the enema. He could see there was something wrong with Kelly's behavior but instead of trying to get to know her he just started bossing her around and expecting her to give him everything while he gave her [...]

    5. Is it wrong that I wanted to take over and beat Kelly myself? I kept hoping Jim would just yell her safeword at her and walk away. This woman was so damn annoying. I don't understand how anyone so deathly afraid of a little swat would so blatantly disobey a direct order like DON'T COME TO THE STATION. Then proceed to fight and swear and put up such a huge fit in front of his coworkers. She seriously made me wonder how she functions in life. So, Kelly meets Jim and immediately wants to be with hi [...]

    6. Exploring several aspects of BDSM and the D/S relationship, this story is thoughtfully written and provides interesting insight into the relationship between a Dom and his sub. There is little sex, but the book explores a few different BDSM scenarios, highlighting some elements of BDSM safety and protocol. The author even addresses abuse in BDSM and it becomes the focal point in a heart-pounding plot twist that ultimately decides the fate of Jim and Kelly’s relationship.Jim and Kelly are two s [...]

    7. I love how there are so many facets to a BDSM relationship and what each couple has to do to make their relationship work. I think this shows a different approach. The Dom wanted to be much stronger and harder on the sub, but melted and just wanted to comfort her more often than not. The sub, surviving a horrifically abusive D/s relationship and escaping needs more comfort that she does punishment. They both figure it out in the end and I love how they get there.

    8. Not a bad story but the start was too abrupt. Do Doms pass their subs off to others without their approval? What happened to consent? He had no idea of her hard limits. Plus they fell in love really quickly. Sometimes that is unbelievable. She cried a lot. If you are really into BDSM wouldn't you realize that communication is a key part of any D/s relationship?

    9. Worst heroine/sub ever. I loathed her so much I wanted to strangle her. BDSM my ass, she was a bitchy little brat who manipulated the hero and he caved in instead of manning up.

    10. This book is raw. Kelly frustrated me with her need for approval, and for consistently allowing people to do things which terrify her, like bind and beat her. Jim irritated me with his infuriating combination of arrogance and ignorance. But I just couldn't put this book down. While I consider it fantasy, this story is more real than the majority of others I read which are similar.I want to thank Kathryn R. Blake for discussing strategies like breath and muscle control, which I discovered during [...]

    11. Unrealistic and draggyThere's a disclaimer at the end of this book that the timeline on this story is unrealistic. Unfortunately, it's not just the timeline. Supposedly he is a Dom with 15 years of experience; he may have learned his to do a medical exam, but he was clueless and inept atnit only at handling a new sub, but as a police detective he was the same at investigating a stalker and handling a crime scene. She had been a sub for eight years and seemed to think that using a safeword was a [...]

    12. This is one of my favorite stories. Kelly and Jim have such a connection even from the very beginning. The mystery in the story really raises it to a new level. This story has always resonated with me. I don’t usually like brats but Kelly made me care. A well written story.

    13. A Dom’s Dilemma poses quite the reviewer dilemma for me because there were parts of the book I enjoyed immensely and then parts that irked me. Fortunately the parts I enjoyed were really good and balanced out the parts I didn’t. I found the romantic suspense element to be the best part of the book and it’s actually what saved the read for me. As gruesome as the perpetrated crimes were, it heightened the action in the book as well as the intrigue once they were linked to Kelly’s past. The [...]

    14. A Dom who wasn't really a Domeven if he wanted to be. A sub who isn't really a sub no matter what she said or did. Personally if I was the Dom I would have taken the sub to get some serious mental help (you do find out why I say this but you have to wait until you're about 80% into the book to know). With the issues she continuously lied about, she never should have been in the BDSM community until she got help. If you like your two main characters who come across as roleplaying rather than a pa [...]

    15. Okay, I thought this was a good book however, I just could not stand Kelly. Kelly was Jim's new sub and she did EVERYTHING WRONG He would tell her don't jump. and she would jump 500 ft. He would tell her not to go to his work what does she do???? she goes to his work!!! Can you spell idiot???? 'K E L L Y'. 3/4 of the book was pure torture as far as Kelly goes. I loved Jim. Jim was VERY patient with her even though he was a pretty strict Master. The best part of the book was the last chapter. The [...]

    16. I didnt enjoy this book at all. Kelly whined and moaned throughout the whole book, and really didnt seem to enjoy the lifestyle. And Jim suspected she had been in an abusive relationship but still gave out a very harsh punishment.And the scene at the police station was just ridiculous. Really, he subdued his sub in full view of his work colleagues? No one in the station thought it was odd him restraining a woman in full view and gagging her? Couldnt take the book seriously at all after this scen [...]

    17. I don't know if it was intentional, but the author has portraited Kelly as someone with classical symptoms of someone who suffers from personality disorder: falling in love with someone that has given her a tiny little attention, and hating him within 48 hours. The whole story happens in a week. Jim was all patient and sweet, and with an infinite patience towards her; however, their story was not for me.

    18. Great story. There is a developing relationship Jim is willing to find what she needs if he can get her to open up and be honest. But a threat forces things forward and true honesty is dealt with.

    19. This book was not what I expected, it was better than I expected. Jim had to work to get through Kelly's defenses and find out what was bothering Kelly. Jim took his responsibilities as a Dom very seriously. This was a really good story and I really enjoyed the ending.

    20. Equis totalmente. Decidí dejarlo porque mi experiemento de libros de BDSM tiene un límite y definitivamente no pensaba seguir leyendo algo como ésto.

    21. I read the whole book but didn't enjoy it as much as I do others. I had a hard time getting into Kelly's character and as much as I enjoyed Jim's I wanted him to be more dominate.

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