Being Sloane Jacobs

Being Sloane Jacobs Meet Sloane Emily Jacobs a seriously stressed out figure skater from Washington D C who choked during junior nationals and isn t sure she s ready for a comeback What she does know is that she d give

  • Title: Being Sloane Jacobs
  • Author: Lauren Morrill
  • ISBN: 9780385741798
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Sloane Emily Jacobs a seriously stressed out figure skater from Washington, D.C who choked during junior nationals and isn t sure she s ready for a comeback What she does know is that she d give anything to escape the mass of misery that is her life.Now meet Sloane Devon Jacobs, a spunky ice hockey player from Philly who s been suspended from her team for too manyMeet Sloane Emily Jacobs a seriously stressed out figure skater from Washington, D.C who choked during junior nationals and isn t sure she s ready for a comeback What she does know is that she d give anything to escape the mass of misery that is her life.Now meet Sloane Devon Jacobs, a spunky ice hockey player from Philly who s been suspended from her team for too many aggressive hip checks Her punishment Hockey camp, now, when she s playing the worst she s ever played If she messes up Her life will be over.When the two Sloanes meet by chance in Montreal and decide to trade places for the summer, each girl thinks she s the lucky one no strangers to judge or laugh at Sloane Emily, no scouts expecting Sloane Devon to be a hero But it didn t occur to Sloane E that while avoiding sequins and axels she might meet a hockey hottie and Sloane D never expected to run into a familiar and very good looking face from home It s not long before the Sloanes discover that convincing people you re someone else might be difficult than being yourself.

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    1. This book was just cute. It is The Parent Trap cute. Lindsay Lohan-before-she-became-a-coke-addict cute. There is not much substance to the story or its characters, it is generic, it is inoffensive, but damned if I didn't have a huge grin on my face as I was reading it.It is a feel-good book. If you need something uncomplicated, something to make you smile, this is the book for you.The Summary: Sloane Emily Jacobs is a poor-little-rich girl. She has an enviable life. She is from a blue-blooded p [...]

    2. How does Lauren Morrill do it? She writes some of the most adorable YA contemporaries ever. I can always count on her books to make me laugh and swoon.I just love the premise of Being Sloane Jacobs. Two girls with the same name who meet and decide to switch lives for the rest of the summer? It's such a fun idea! I love how figure skating and hockey are incorporated into the book, too. I haven't read many YA books about ice skating, and I loved getting to learn about it in this book.The two main [...]

    3. Rating: 2.5 Stars If there is anything flawless about Being Sloane Jacobs it is its marketing campaign. Morrill has been launched as a chick-lit, contemporary romance author, akin to Stephanie Perkins, and while that isn't an altogether apt comparison (in my opinion), it isn't incorrect either. What I appreciate about this novel is that I knew what I was getting into even before I cracked open the cover: pure, mindless entertainment. Being Sloane Jacobs is the type of novel where you are forced [...]

    4. I really didn't think I would like this because YA Contemporary romance books just aren't my thing. Lol think again Sana. This book was so freaking cute. It's one of those light fluffy reads that makes you smile throughout the whole book. (I actually found myself smiling.) This book made me laugh out loud and I found myself actually being able to relate to the characters. The romance was just adorable. It was such a lighthearted read. There was so much character development. I found myself reall [...]

    5. This is my first Lauren Morrill book, and I'm glad to say that it lived up to my expectations. I read Being Sloane Jacobs after two books that made me cry, and it was just a breath of fresh air. It's is a total immersion process. I didn't want to put it down - it's so fun, so light, and so friggin' adorable. You know you're really enjoying a book when you'd rather read for a day than do anything else - TV? Movie? Go out in the freezing cold? No thanks, I'll take reading Being Sloane Jacobs with [...]

    6. I close my eyes tight and make a wish.I wish to be somebody—anybody—else. WISH GRANTED!!!!!!Let's meet Sloane Jacobs.WAIT---- Which Sloane Jacobs?Okay, so there are two Sloane Jacobs in this book:1. Sloane Emily Jacobs2. Sloane Devon JacobsThese two Sloane Jacobses both have dark hair and dark eyes. They both have family issues. They both wish to be somebody else. They both have some insecurities within them. Oh yeah, and they're both amazeballs on ice! But hey, they also have their differen [...]

    7. Early Impressions:1. The POV switch here was done really, really well. There was only one point of the book, for like 20 pages when I wished I could stick with one Sloane over the other. I always really appreciate when that's done well. 2. I know NOTHING about hockey or figure skating but it is so clear to me that Lauren Morrill does.3. SO MANY CUTE BOYS FOR ME TO LOVE. 4. As a girl who travels a lot and is constantly mentally planning her next BIG adventure, I often get accused of just taking/r [...]

    8. I wanted to love this book so much more than what I actually did. So, this review's going to probably be one of the lone wanderers among a number of people who may love this book. I see the appeal, I definitely do, because it's a light, fluffy story.But if I can describe what the experience of reading Lauren Morrill's "Being Sloane Jacobs" was like, I'd liken it to getting a yummy hot fudge sundae placed in front of you, and then you're told you can only eat the cherry and whipped cream. That ki [...]

    9. ***3,5/5***Was passiert, wenn man sich den Namen mit jemandem teilt, der auch noch fast so aussieht, wie man selbst? Man tauscht mit dieser Person die Rolle! Während Sloane Devin Eishockey spielt und nicht gerade ein Teamplayer ist, hat Sloane Emily ihre Familie satt und absolut keine Lust mehr auf Eiskunstlaufen - Die beiden unterschiedlichen Mädchen treffen durch Zufall aufeinander und beschließen für den Aufenthalts in ihren Sommer-Trainings-Camps das Leben der jeweils anderen zu leben. D [...]

    10. Actual rating: 4.5 starsLauren Morrill is awesome. I’m privileged to know her IRL as well as through her deliciously fluffy novels. So, yeah, that’s a thing. Funny story: she’s in my book club, but I totally didn’t know it the first time that we were at a meeting together. Someone mentioned Meant to Be, and I was all “I love that book,” and then the room released a collective held breath and was all “oh hey, that woman is Lauren Morrill and that could have been hella awkward.” Th [...]

    11. SUPAH CYOOOOOOTE. I don't believe a second of it, really, but who caaaaaares? *twirls* Fun, breezy, and guaranteed to lighten even the most rotten of moods.Originally posted at Writer of WrongsWhat a delightful read this was. I read this in two sittings and giggle through most of it. If you can get past a wildly improbably concept (which, of course I could, as I love wildly improbably concepts), then Being Sloane Jacobs will most likely charm the skates right off of you. Fun Gillian fact: I ador [...]

    12. This was a calm, joyful, and heart-wrenching book. The story talks about how these 2 girls switch places during summer camp. Both named Sloane Jacobs. Both know how to skate. One figure skates. The other plays hockey. Both have family problems. Both want to run away from their own problems. Both meet just the day before their summer camp starts. This story reminds me of the movie "The Parent Trap" this is because both the 2 girls in both of the movies swap places to get something they have misse [...]

    13. If you'll remember, I just about squee'd my pants with excitement over Lauren Morrill's debut, Meant to Be. That story was completely adorable and had me giggling like a school girl over the zany antics of Jason and Julia.  The antics perpetrated by The Sloanes were no less zany and no less adorable, and I ended up loving Lauren's sophomore novel almost as much as her debut, which I've featured here on the blog prominently, as it's one of my favorite new contemporaries.Both Sloanes are experien [...]

    14. I made myself let go of my issues with the premise (with Facebook etc it's hard to believe these girls could pull this off; and while I know high level athletes have an easier time with transitioning to other sports than normal people, I had a hard time believing The Sloanes would do as well as they did) and once I did, I quite enjoyed it. This reminded me quite a bit of Jennifer Echols' earlier book (Major Crush, Ex Games), which I mean as a compliment, since I really liked those books.FWIW, th [...]

    15. I didn't have high expectations because I'd read some reviews beforehand which was good because I really loved Lauren Morrill's first bookMeant to Be and would have been disappointed a lot.I'm a fan of Parent Trap films and stories and I like (watching) ice skating so the whole theme was very promising for my taste. Yet I couldn't connect with our two Sloanes because I didn't really liked them (especially in the beginning). And how unrealistically easy this transition from hockey to figure skati [...]

    16. Really 2.5 stars. There was potential here, but the execution feel flat. The book really did have a packaged book feel and it was obviously written to feed off of Stephanie Perkins and books alike success. Links to full review to come.To see full review click on one of the following links:My BlogBooklikes/a>

    17. This review can also be found on Key to Book City, check it out for more!I feel pretty bad for my books. I treat them as real people, if you can believe it—not to sound weird or anything. I'm friendly, no stalker. But if I leave a book itching for me to read it for ages, I feel bad that I'm not picking it up instead of all of the other new books that are being released and those that I'm requesting and borrowing from the library. Being Sloane Jacobs by the awesome Lauren Morrill was one of tho [...]

    18. Reviewed @ Enticed by BooksBeing Sloane Jacobs, filled with too many coincidences and questionable incidents surprisingly turned out to be a rather cute and fun book. It's the type of summery read where you're not suppose think too much and just go with the flow and enjoy. I don't think it was better that Morrill's debut novel, this one had a bit underdeveloped main characters and stereotypical side characters who were present just because the story required it, also one of the romance was compl [...]

    19. No, no, NO. This was supposed to be a Triple Win for me.There are two Sloane Jacobs. One of them is an ice-skater The other one plays hockeyThey are unhappy with their lives and when they meet, decide to do a Parent Trap/The Pauper and The Prince thing.Starts OK, but when they meet, they have like, zero bonding. They do not even like each other, but still, they decided to carry on with the plan. I don't claim to be an expert about ice-skating and hockey, but how realistic is for a hockey player [...]

    20. For people of a certain age (*cough* in their thirties *cough*) this synopsis is probably going to remind them of a blend of two spectacular movies: The Parent Trap (I'm talking about the original, Hayley Mills version--which, yes, was decades old already when I was a youngster) and the 90s gem The Cutting Edge. The Cutting Edge, for those who don't know, is a movie about a male hockey player who, after losing partial sight in his eye, teams up with the ice queen figure skater no respectable mal [...]

    21. If this book wouldn’t make for a PERFECT Disney Channel movie, I don’t know what would! It's a little unrealistic, but it's also fun and sporty -- I had a great time reading this one.Visit me at AnnaReads for the full review: annareads/2014/01/bein Sloane Jacobs

    22. This was so cute and fluffy and fun, but can we seriously kill the whole, "I'm not like other girls, Love Interest!" "That's right, Protagonist! You're so much better!" thing? Why do you have to put down other girls to emphasize how great you are?

    23. Blog | Pinterest | Twitter | Booktube | Booklikes | Instagram | Google+ | TumblrTen Likes/Dislikes:1. (+) Protagonist, Sloane Emily - Sloane Emily is a former figure skating Olympic front-runner who isn't sure she wants to return to the sport, especially given what she discovered about her rich, broken, politically-oriented family. She doesn't know where to turn, what to do until she meets Sloane Devon and comes up with a plan that will thoroughly change her and her summer. Sloane's determinatio [...]

    24. I still like this story. It's cute and funny, especially the ending. I like all of the hockey and figure skating, which was most of the story. Their romances and friendships and family were minor plot points. I liked that they were a part of the story but not the focus.

    25. Honestly more like a 2.5 (:These books are tough to review. They're the ones that you didn't completely hate, nor did you love. Overall you just get a 'meh' feeling from them. 'Being Sloane Jacobs' was definitely that type of book for me. What I can assuredly say about this book is that I preferred it over Morril's first book, which I originally gave a generous three star rating to. I have now that to a better representation of my feelings, and gave the book two stars. Anyway it was great to say [...]

    26. Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill4 starsSloane Emily Jacobs used to be the best figure skater her age and then she choked and suffered an injury that’s crippled her career. Her mom is gunning for a comeback and shipping her from the ever watching eye of paparazzi in Washington, D.C. to a camp in Canada. Sloane Devon Jacobs is an ice hockey player who has had one too many penalties. After a coach threatens to bench her next season, her dad decides that she has one last chance at redeeming h [...]

    27. You can read this and many other reviews on my YA book blog The White Unicorn! An Open Letter To Being Sloane Jacobs,Okay, so first off thanks for being so dang cute. Seriously, you were one of the cutest books that I've read in a long time. You gave me these two Sloane's who were totally different and yet both filled to the max with their own versions of snark. You gave me dreamy boys and interesting skating details. But most importantly, you gave me a great and warm and fuzzy story about two g [...]

    28. I picked to read Being Sloane Jacobs because it was an advanced copy available in exchange for my honest review on Netgalley and not only is the cover adorable, but the synopsis really intrigued me. I love watching hockey and pretty much automatically pick up anything to do with hockey or with figure skating in ya fiction. I have also read Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill and enjoyed it, so she is an author that I watch anything that comes out by her.I was not disappointed, because the characters s [...]

    29. Where do I even start? Should I fangirl over the fact that I am officially in love with Lauren Morrill's novels? Should I tell you that Being Sloane Jacobs is the sweetest novel to hit my shelves since Meant to Be? Or should I just quit the yapping and get to the review?Alright, let me just tell you that Being Sloane Jacobs is ADORABLE. Yes, it deserves all caps. Do you remember the Disney Channel Original Movies you watched in your early teens? This is the best way to describe Lauren Morrill's [...]

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