The Colossus Rises

The Colossus Rises One BoyJack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem In a few months he s going to die One MissionJack needs to find seven magic loculi that when combined have the power to cure hi

  • Title: The Colossus Rises
  • Author: Peter Lerangis Mike Reagan
  • ISBN: 9780062070401
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One BoyJack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem In a few months, he s going to die.One MissionJack needs to find seven magic loculi that, when combined, have the power to cure him.One ProblemThe loculi are the relics of a lost civilization and haven t been seen in thousands of years.Seven WondersBecause they re hidden in the Seven Wonders of the AnciOne BoyJack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem In a few months, he s going to die.One MissionJack needs to find seven magic loculi that, when combined, have the power to cure him.One ProblemThe loculi are the relics of a lost civilization and haven t been seen in thousands of years.Seven WondersBecause they re hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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    1. Ever since I finished the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, I haven't been able to find a good alternative. There are some great middle grade series out there, don't get me wrong. But none of them had the same feel to it as PJO.Until now.This book had a lot of similar elements to PJO. The one stood out to me the most was its humour. Rick Riordan was able to infuse humour into his books even when things got tense. What's even better was that the humour did not come from one single "comic re [...]

    2. I truly wanted to like this book. On the whole, I love YA fantasy, and after reading so many reviews comparing this book to the Percy Jackson series, I looked forward to a wonderful read. Then there's Peter Lerangis' pedigree as an author: having published so many books, and received so much acclaim, I felt confident an evening with this book would be well spent.How wrong I was.There is no character development here. Rather, we're introduced to Jack in the first character. He's a 13-year-old kid [...]

    3. Wow.That's pretty much how I was left feeling after this book. To say that it ends on a cliffhanger is a gross understatement. Luckily, it's one that has me jonesing for the next book in the series. Fall 2013 can't come soon enough!I had a completely different experience with this book. I chose it as a classroom read aloud for my fourth graders. The trick to picking a good read aloud is to get one that's the start of a series and one that will capture the students and make them demand more. A go [...]

    4. If you liked Percy, Annabeth, and others from PERCY JACKSON you'll like Jack, Aly and more as they go to Rhodes to get #1 of the 7 locotuses to save the 13 year old's lifes. This book is full of adventures ,big and small,scary and silly.Rebecca - 3rd grade

    5. Review setelah baca ulang:Pengalaman orang baca buku memang mempengaruhi pendapatnya tentang sebuah buku ya, hahaha. Saya, setelah ngalor-ngidul di dunia gelap, berdarah-darah, kejar-kejaran, penghantuan, begitu baca kisah yang terang seperti buku ini, jadi rasanya melempem ahhahhaa. Emang dasar horor. Pendapat saya belum berubah banyak. Tapi ternyata saya menemukan hal baru, seperti review lainnya, memang buku ini kurang detail menggambarkan suasananya dan kurang detail juga dalam karakterisasi [...]

    6. I was rather disappointed with this book. It's clearly meant to ride the coattails of Rick Riordan's two mythology based series (if it wasn't written to that purpose, it's definitely marketed that way; down to the similar cover art and font!), but Lerangis is not up to the story-telling level of Riordan. Every character in the book is a cliche (you've got your quintessential superman/brawn, computer/indie chick, and brainy nerd as the support team to the main character who feels like a useless i [...]

    7. As the first book in a new series with a grand name (Seven Wonders), The Colossus Rises is a medium-paced action-adventure that will hold the interest of average to advanced readers. Reluctant readers would find the all-absorbing Percy Jackson and the Olympians Boxed Set series more entertaining.While it doesn't bode well that within minutes of finishing the book I'd forgotten the name of the main character, Jack (looked it up again) and his friends were pleasant company for the most part. The m [...]

    8. I first became aware of Peter Lerangis during the Columbia Publishing Course's Book Workshop. He's written more than a hundred books for children and young adults, including entries in the popular series The 39 Clues. His new series, Seven Wonders, is obviously aimed at the Percy Jackson demographic of his fellow 39 Clues author Rick RiordanE COLOSSUS RISES begins with Jack McKinley getting sick, collapsing in the street, and briefly waking up in the hospital before coming to at a strange Academ [...]

    9. THE REVIEWWhy this book?People compared it to Percy JacksonWhat I thoughtWhoever compared this to Percy Jackson Sorry Peter Lerangis you are no Rick Riordan. Not only was this book boring it was also disappointing. There is poor characterization and meh action scenes etc I was expecting another Percy Jackson, you have no idea how happy I was to find this book. I spent the whole book waiting for something exciting to happen, but unfortunately it never came. With that said, it had an good premise [...]

    10. One Sentence Review: Picked this up on a whim just because it was so popular with the kids and found it to be a wholly diverting, fun bit of folly that won't make you think too hard but, by the same token, will never ever bore you.

    11. Okay, this book looks like it's trying painfully hard to be Percy Jackson––I mean the style of the cover, the font, the blurb from Rick Riordan. It's kind of cringe-worthy. But it's working on me and I'll probably read it anyway. It sounds pretty cool.

    12. theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.On the morning I was scheduled to die, a large barefoot man with a bushy red beard waddled past my house.That, my friends, is how you start a book.Jack McKinley was just like any other 13-year old boy: always woke up late for school, didn't want a babysitter while his father worked out of town, dreaded math tests. His world changed one morning when he passed out just before school. The next thing he knew he was in a hospital with the strange red-beared man claiming [...]

    13. 13 year old Jack Mckinley got hit by a car one morning and almost died in the operating table. When he woke up, he realized he was no longer in a hospital where he was rushed into but instead he was transported in a remote place, completely far from where he lives, known as the Karai Institute. There he discovered through the help of Professor Bhegad that he has a rare genetic marker called as the G7W and he needed to get the treatment which the Karai institute can provide or he's going to die. [...]

    14. This was the first book in the Seven Wonders series and I have had it to read for awhile. My son (8 years old) and I ended up reading it together. It was a very fun and well done middle grade adventure fantasy. My 8 year old son and I enjoyed it a ton. There are, ironically, five books in the Seven Wonders series. The final book in the series, The Legend of the Rift, will release in March of 2016.Jack McKinley is an ordinary kid with a desperate problem….he’s going to die any day now. Then h [...]

    15. Питер Леранжис «Семь чудес и ключи времени».Могущество Атлантиды было украдено. Раздроблено и спрятано по всему миру. Вы должны его найти. Ваши жизни будут спасены, Джек, когда будут обнаружены все части Могущества, вам необходимо собрать их и вернуть на Атлантиду. Сию сери [...]

    16. “Do you know the term deja vu? When you have this odd feeling I've been here before, even though you know you haven't? That feeling is considered to be a fantasy, too. But research shows that deja vu is a connection to something real—some past event that left an unanswered question.”It's been a year since I first read this one and now I finally decided to re-read it and then the next books because I already have the book two! I stumbled upon this book years ago and I really wanted it immed [...]

    17. So this series is often compared with Percy Jackson and the Olympians for good reason. Its a big adventure and you only get the first taste in this book. Peter Lerangis is pretty well known for his other Ya Series "39 Clues" which is a big hit at home. I saw the book and kept thinking I knew the author. Then it dawned on me the Clues book. So I put it in the Queue. I really like adventure books specially when they have mysteries at the end of the proverbial rainbow. The first kid we meet is Jack [...]

    18. One of the few books that really caught my attention. Peter Lerangis was one of my favorite author from The 39 clues. How could you not support him? This is literally of those series worth reading. I love how he keep in my mind the wonders and the build u of his characters. His writing style is well written and the conversation on his books are keen and in detailed. The first book is promising. I couldn't started the other books on this series since, I am fed up with other books. Its so distract [...]

    19. InhaltJack McKinley ist ein ganz gewöhnlicher Dreizehnjähriger – mit einem ganz und gar außergewöhnlichen Problem: Er hat Superkräfte, von denen er nichts ahnte und die sein Leben in tödliche Gefahr bringen! Entführt auf eine geheimnisvolle Insel, gefangengehalten in einem strengbewachten Institut, erfahren Jack und seine Freunde Cass, Marco und Aly das Unglaubliche: sie sind Nachfahren der uralten Götter-Dynastie einer lange versunkenen Zivilisation. Doch dieses Erbe bedroht nicht nur [...]

    20. The Colossus Rises is the first book in a series for middle-grade readers. In the beginning, we meet Jack, who I think is 13. He's just a regular kid. Except that he's going to die. He just doesn't quite know it yet. In The Colossus Rises, we get to follow Jack as he learns why he's different from most kids, meets kids that are just like him, discover the special mission he must go on, and face adventures most kids only dream of. The big question for this series is whether or not the kids can fi [...]

    21. Ο Peter Lerangis είναι ένας από τους πλέον αγαπημένους και διάσημους συγγραφείς εφηβικών μυθιστορημάτων. Οι περισσότεροι θα τον γνωρίζετε από την σειρά βιβλίων του "39 Στοιχεία", που έχει κυκλοφορήσει και στη χώρα μας με επιτυχία ανάλογη με αυτή του εξωτερικού. Όταν, λοιπόν, έπεσε [...]

    22. The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders, #1), what an amazing title. That, and the fact that Rick (author of the Percy Jackon series) said it was good made me want this book to read it.Normally i love books with some myth behind them, and normally i do not see many books that include the seven wonders of the world and the city of atlantis. It has a nice plot to it, and the words used in the book were expected, but as someone has said before me, 8-12 year olds probably do not know many.Personally i was [...]

    23. 2.5Ehh.It was alright. I know it has a Percy Jackson/Michael Vey vibe, but it felt like your run-of-the-mill Middle Grade Fantasy/Adventure story. It did keep me entertained and I like the general plot of the story, though.

    24. Original review posted on y blog:pageschaptersandbooksMy Thoughts:The story follows a thirteen year old boy Jack and his friends, who also are affected by the same genetic disorder and find themselves at the Karai Institute on an island that is hidden away at middle of nowhere basically. This is where the adventure begins for Jack and his friends. This was an easy and fast book to read and beginning of the book was interesting but towards the middle of the book I just wanted it to get over with. [...]

    25. Star Rating:*2.5 - 3 stars, I can't decide, it's somewhere in there*Plot:Jack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem. In six months, Jack is going to die.After Jack collapses in the middle of a busy street, he's whisked off to a strange hospital in a strange place. There are armed guards and weird kids and fantastic creatures, not to mention no parents, no phones, and no possibility of escape. The place is run by an odd professor named Bhegad, who tells Jack that what's killin [...]

    26. I read an ARC of this book, so I will try to keep my review spoiler-free even as I speak about it honestly.Rating it was difficult since I did enjoy it on some level. If I could, I would probably give it two and a half stars. It had a good pace with some cliffhangers at the end of chapters, and the characters were likeable. However, I think what ended up disappointing me was how it felt more like a variation on a theme rather than an original take on old ideas. If that makes any sense.I realize [...]

    27. I wanted to love this book, but unfortunately it fell short of its mark. The Colossus Rises by Peter Lerangis wasn't horrible by any means, the premise holds great promise but the book was almost over before anything of real substance happened. I understand, and am probably guilty of creating a believable world that calls for heavy description, but this one really took the momentum out of the story. It isn't fair to compare it to Percy Jackson, but my love of that series couldn't be put aside. R [...]

    28. The first of seven in the Seven Wonders series, The Colossus Rises introduces Jack, Cass, Marco and Aly, all of whom carry the G7W gene marker—manifested by the lambda-shaped upside down V on the back of the head that appears at age 14. This rare condition results in special gifts but also in death, and unless they find the cure—which is hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World—they will die. Their mission is to locate the seven magic loculi that house the powers that, once they ar [...]

    29. I love adventure books. Always have. I'm a kid at heart and get excited easily about things that fascinate me. This definitely contained lots of adventure and was well paced and made me want to know what happens next. When I read, I try never to compare my current book to other books I've read. I try to judge how much I like a book when I'm done with it at the time and rate accordingly. Going in, I hoped this wouldn't be a knock-off of the PJ series. Well, it was no where close to that. It had v [...]

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