Unexpected (Something More #1)

Unexpected Something More Nina Payton avoids men after a nasty divorce a year and a half before despite her friend s insistence that she needs to have a night of no strings attached sex with one of the many men who show inter

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  • Title: Unexpected (Something More #1)
  • Author: Chloe Neiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nina Payton avoids men after a nasty divorce a year and a half before, despite her friend s insistence that she needs to have a night of no strings attached sex with one of the many men who show interest.Until a weekend with a close friend, Adam, unexpectedly leads to the most incredible experience of her life

    One thought on “Unexpected (Something More #1)”

    1. Not for meI skimmed 90% of the book. The characters were boring, and immature in a "Oh you said panties tehe I am so embarrassed!" kind of way. If you like sweet / fits in a perfect box with no angst books, this is your jam. It just wasn't for me. freebie 1/1/13

    2. Is it the right thing to do when you finally admit to falling in love with one of your best friends? Well, that’s exactly what oncology nurse, Nina Payton, finds out when she falls hopelessly and passionately in love with her friend, Adam Braun, who she has known since college. Nina marries her college love, Jack, but because of his constant bouts of infidelity and cold intimacy, divorces the “creep”. As if on que, in walks Adam, whom she still has been in constant contact with through tex [...]

    3. This book had so many possibilities and sadly cashed in on none of them! Everything was wrapped up in a pretty package. Friends turn in to lovers and there is no issues, girl gets pregnant after having sex for the first time and everything is fine, one baby turns into two and that's OK. The characters were very likable and I really wish the author had put more effort into making this story real instead of some kind of perfect fairy tale.

    4. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. The synopsis of Unexpected set me up for a huge disappointment. I was so excited to be chosen to review this, couldn't wait to dig in! And then I started reading. Why was this novel such a let down? A) So many details, so little passion! Usually I'm all for a descriptive book - I LOVE knowing all the details, what her cocktail dress looks like, how the main character finds so-and-so attractive; however, description just didn't work here. [...]

    5. This book was an easy read with a happy ending. I read it start-to-finish in ~2 hours. The female MC was inexperienced and recently got out of a bad relationship with an uncaring partner. She's paired against a strong, tall, great-looking guy with a perfect family who rescued her. I'm a sucker for a good romance, but it's more fun when they at least have to work through a few issues and you're cheering them on.(view spoiler)[There were two points I thought the book was going to be great: a run-i [...]

    6. This was the most perfect romance I've ever come across. Almost nothing bad happens through the story of these two characters. Love is the main premise, and some hot steamy scenes to add some flavor. I found it a bit too fast-paced to be credible, but it was lovely, sweet, romantic and dreamy. It's the kind of love story we all dream of as teens, where everything is wonderful, where nothing can tear the couple apart because the connection they share is so strong and undeniable. Nina is a sweet n [...]

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