She Rises

She Rises It is and Louise Fletcher a young dairy maid on an Essex farm has been warned of the lure of the sea for as long as she can remember after all it stole away her father and brother But when she

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  • Title: She Rises
  • Author: Kate Worsley
  • ISBN: 9781620400975
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 1740 and Louise Fletcher, a young dairy maid on an Essex farm, has been warned of the lure of the sea for as long as she can remember after all, it stole away her father and brother But when she is offered work in the bustling naval port of Harwich, as a lady s maid to a wealthy captain s daughter, she leaps at the chance to see of the world There she meets RIt is 1740 and Louise Fletcher, a young dairy maid on an Essex farm, has been warned of the lure of the sea for as long as she can remember after all, it stole away her father and brother But when she is offered work in the bustling naval port of Harwich, as a lady s maid to a wealthy captain s daughter, she leaps at the chance to see of the world There she meets Rebecca, her haughty young mistress, who is unlike anyone Louise has encountered before as unexpected as she is fascinating.Intertwined with her story is fifteen year old Luke s He is drinking in a Harwich tavern when it is raided by Her Majesty s Navy Unable to escape, Luke is beaten and press ganged and sent to sea on board the warship Essex He must learn fast and choose his friends well if he is to survive the brutal hardships of a sailor s life and its many dangers, both up high in the rigging and in the dark below decks.Louise navigates her new life among the streets and crooked alleys of Harwich, where groaning houses riddled with smugglers tunnels are flooded by the spring tides, and love burns brightly in the shadows Luke, aching for the girl he left behind and determined to one day find his way back to her, embarks on a long and perilous journey across the ocean.The worlds they find are dangerous and exciting than they could ever have imagined, and when they collide the consequences are astonishing and irrevocable.A breathtakingly accomplished love story and a gripping search for identity and survival, She Rises is a bold, brilliant, and utterly original novel.

    One thought on “She Rises”

    1. I was captivated first by a wonderful cover, then by an intriguing epigraph, and then by two stories, at first seeming simple, that twisted and turned together in ways that were wonderfully unexpected.First there was Luke. He was just fifteen when he found himself in the wrong place at wrong time, and was press-ganged into the His Majesty’s Navy. There was no way out, and he found himself sailing away on a warship. He had to learn fast, what was required of him, who he could trust. He was a th [...]

    2. Because one of my favorite author Sarah Waters takes entirely too long between books, I've been looking for something in similar vein. I came across this book on a list of Lambda nominees and it sounded really great. And it actually really was. Absolutely spellbinding, took a short whole to get into, but then I couldn't put it down, ended up reading it all about five and a half hours. The dual story lines was what initially threw me, being fairly indifferent to maritime tales, but the narrative [...]

    3. This is a hard review for me to write as I am truly conflicted about this book. Worsley has a beautiful writing style and is especially skilled at bringing 18th century England--and the sea--to life. I also found the idea behind this book to be original and fascinating.ButAll in all, this book just didn't work for me. As much as I liked the idea of the book, I don't think that idea came to fruition effectively. Writing parallel stories, as Worsley has done here with Louise and Luke, is not alway [...]

    4. The cover is beautiful. That's about what is good about the book, to be honest. It's plodding, it plays coy. The alternating storylines of a brother and a sister is decipherable about a quarter of the way in if you're paying attention. For some foolish reason, I was. I did not like the writing, I did not like one single character. I cannot for the life of me understand Becca's charms, she starts out cruel. Once the cruelty is taken out, she might as well be an ornamental plant for all the person [...]

    5. Some aspects of this book were excellent and worth more than three stars. The evocation of Harwich as a bustling, briny port is gloriously vivid and I found the sections of Luke's story describing his time at sea very powerful, BUT the "Twist" in the tale is so obvious, signposted so heavily, that I found myself willing the author to do something more subtle. The "Twist" doesn't so much sail over the horizon like one of Luke's ships in full sail, it lumbers over the horizon like a vast, rusting [...]

    6. Finally, an author to follow in Sarah Waters footsteps, putting the lesbians back into history! I thought this was a fantastic story, I'm surprised to see how many readers didn't like it. There's no accounting for taste, I guess. It's set in Georgian England, in a sea town in Essex. It alternates between the stories of a young maid to a sea captain's daughter, and a young man who is press-ganged and sent to sea. It's a love story and an adventure story and I found it pretty mesmerizing. It's not [...]

    7. I picked this up thinking that it was your ordinary pirate boy / land girl romance where they both end up traversing the seas. And the blurb introduces the two main characters, Luke, who is press ganged into Navy service, and Louise, who has gone to work as a lady's maid in a busy seaport, and follows with the fact that this book is full of adventure and lurrrvee so what was I supposed to think?! So you go into this book all - "yeah this is the typical nautical trash that I can't get enough of" [...]

    8. Enter to win a copy through July 9th @Let Them Read BooksI have mixed feelings on this book. On the one hand, it's an imaginative historical novel full of conflict and danger, with fantastic descriptions of life on an eighteenth-century naval ship, and of life in an eighteenth-century shipping town. On the other hand, I didn't really care for the story. She Rises turned out to be completely different than what I was expecting, and while sometimes that can be a very good thing, in this case, for [...]

    9. I’m not sure how to begin this review. I have two options: 1) I can tell you I loved this book and urge you to get your hands on it right away; 2) I can warn you that it’s very difficult for me to discuss this book in any depth without revealing GIANT SPOILERS. You are, therefore, warned. If you haven’t read this book, you probably shouldn’t read this review beyond the first paragraph. This is coming from someone who usually is pretty blasé about the whole spoilers thing. Let me just sa [...]

    10. "She Rises is a briny, sea-shanty take on Tipping The Velvet, complete with twisting plot, characters who rise and fall in station with the turn of every page, an evocative period setting, and – oh yes – cross-dressing young women and lesbian love affairs. Yet Worsley lacks anything like the storytelling flair and panache of her mentor, and here, sadly, the similarities end." Excerpt from full review at For Books' Sake.)

    11. Sinking into a wonderful novel is the pastime of any true escapist and I can’t think of anything better than transporting myself to an entirely different place in an entirely different era. The year is 1740. Louise ‘Lou’ Fletcher lives a relatively serene and sheltered existence as a dairymaid on a farm in the Essex countryside; grafting alongside her weather-worn mother and young sister. Weary of the bustling harbour towns and raging seas that lured both her father and brother away from t [...]

    12. This novel was such a mixed bag for me. There were parts I loved, parts I wanted to love, and parts I just plain did not like. I'll start with what I loved. First, what a wonderfully refreshing take on historical fiction. Kate Worsley was mentored by Sarah Waters, and there are a lot of parallels that you can draw with Waters's Victorian lesbian trilogy. SHE RISES goes deeper, to me, and explores grittier subjects, like Waters's later works. This isn't the fun romp with occasional twisted bits o [...]

    13. The intricate cover of She Rises is what initially caught my eye. Added to that my own personal interest in sea stories, historical or modern; I just couldn't leave this one behind. Following two distinct story lines of Louise and Luke Fletcher, the reader is swept up into the dingy lives of 19th century sailors, maids, and the rising middle class.From a historical viewpoint, I was most interested in the story of Luke and his time as a pressed sailor. Having read all of the Horatio Hornblower st [...]

    14. It's more than a little tempting to rattle along with this since it starts out as a splendid, layered tale - and I loved all the sailing talk, and especially the time high up the mastBut, for me, there was a little too much not-that-exciting sex - and some of the characters seemed too inconsistent. SPOILER ALERT!!How come Becca changed from being supremely imperial to being happy in a tiny remote cottage? Would the trauma and smoothed-over pockmarks of smallpox really have done that to a woman w [...]

    15. My mother reckoned the sea was where all our troubles flowed from. Us Fletchers have too much salt in our blood, she'd tell us. It made her weep to think how many fathers and brothers and sons had been drawn away by the moon and the tides and the winds, and left their women to starve. Men always leave, she'd say. Men always leave, and the sea never gives them up, once she's got them.2.5 stars. I liked the lyrical writing style, and the narration and dialogue felt authentic for the period, but -- [...]

    16. This is perhaps one of the weirdest books I have ever read. It's writing is actually quite good and I never found myself bored. On the other hand, I felt the relationships between people were a bit sketchy when I started the book. Like Louise and Becca. Like Luke and Nick. The entire novel I sat there trying to decide if Louise had romantic feelings for Becca or if it was just hero worship. I also had trouble deciding if Nick ever took advantage of Luke. Like I'm still seriously not sure about t [...]

    17. This was a really engrossing read. And also sometimes gross. (SMALLPOX, OH LORD.) I didn't love it, but whenever I picked it up, I felt compelled to read as much as possible. I think the characters were why I didn't love this book, as I didn't care much about them or understand their relationships and motivations.(view spoiler)[Also after the last 50 pages or so I really don't think I can put this on my lesbian shelf? It definitely belongs on my general queer shelf, but considering that Lou seem [...]

    18. Ugh. Not at all what I thought it would be, and not really in a good way. The writing started off really well, but eventually it started to deteriorate, along with the quality of the whole storyline. I really don't have any interest in the whole "maid with humble beginnings fawns over snotty, spoiled brat of a mistress" thing. Just a silly historical soap opera, with a plot twist that was pretty easy to predict at less than 100 pages in.

    19. When the cover is the best part about a book, that's not good. It was fine. More boring than it had any right to be. It really is a lovely cover though!

    20. According to LJ, 4/15/13 review: "Patrick O'Brien meets Sarah Waters in a deeply satisfying and surprising novel that is part swashbuckling sea adventure and part sizzling romance." Hmmmm. Yes.

    21. It was a bit of a slog, though I had heard there was a twist so I felt I had to read to get to that part. There was indeed a twist. I wouldn't not recommend unless you're extremely interested in 1700s naval life.

    22. Louise is a young milkmaid, learning the tricks of the trade under the careful tutelage of Mary. She’s from a poor family – her brother and father have been lost at sea and her mother works in the fields, doing a man’s work. She has a sister as well and it’s believed that Susie might make a lady’s maid. However when the Captain comes, it’s Louise he wants. He takes Louise to be a maid to his youngest daughter Rebecca. When Rebecca weds a seaman, she will need someone with her to take [...]

    23. 3½ stars (given it 4 because doesn't let you do halves)It was the beautiful cover that first drew me to She Rises by Kate Worsley. I spotted it on a shelf in a bookshop, read the blurb, and decided to give it a go. The blurb hinted that this book was going to give a less often seen perspective on an interesting historical period (this is not about the glamour of balls and moneyed gentlemen, but the somewhat grubby, lower-class foundations overshadowed by it), as well as drama, romance and mayb [...]

    24. I'm sort of stunned I'm not in swoons over this book because it really seems like the type I would go ga-ga for: the author was mentored by Sarah Waters, writes in very lyrical, literary style, and tackles her characters in an unusual manner. And yet -- I wasn't wild for this book.  (It was good but not a favorite for this year.)Set in 1740, the novel follows Louise -- a farm girl warned off sailors due to the dangerous allure of the sea, who ends up in Harwich, acting as a lady's maid to the d [...]

    25. Reading Challange: 1700-Had some trouble getting motivated to read this one, its just so slow. Stopped reading a month ago and haven't had the desire to pick it up again and I don't think I ever will.

    26. She Rises, the debut novel from author Kate Worsley, is quite unlike any historical novel I've read before. Set in England and at sea in the mid-18th century, the story is told from the perspectives of dairymaid turned lady's maid Louise Fletcher, and Luke, a young man pressed into service with the Royal Navy. Louise's narrative focuses on her life as lady's maid to Rebecca, the daughter of a well-to-do sea captain, whose outlook and behaviour is far from ladylike. Captivated by Rebecca, Louise [...]

    27. This is an enjoyable book which is excellent in places, although I do have some reservations. Set in the mid-18th century, it takes the form of two intercut narratives. One is a third person account of Luke, a young boy press-ganged into the Royal Navy and his subsequent adventures, and the other a first person account by Louise, a Suffolk dairymaid who goes into service as a lady's maid with a rich Harwich family. The stories are well told, especially in the latter half of the book, and eventua [...]

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