A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Disaster, Survival and an Incredible Rescue


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  • Title: A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Disaster, Survival and an Incredible Rescue
  • Author: Michael Tougias
  • ISBN: 9781451683332
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • FROM MASTERFUL STORYTELLER MICHAEL J TOUGIAS COMES A NEW, HEART STOPPING TRUE LIFE TALE OF MARITIME DISASTER, SURVIVAL, AND DARING RESCUE, HIS MOST THRILLING AND AMAZING STORY YET Seventy foot waves batter a torn life raft 250 miles out to sea in one of the world s most dangerous places, the Gulf Stream Hanging on to the raft are three men, a Canadian, a Brit, and theirFROM MASTERFUL STORYTELLER MICHAEL J TOUGIAS COMES A NEW, HEART STOPPING TRUE LIFE TALE OF MARITIME DISASTER, SURVIVAL, AND DARING RESCUE, HIS MOST THRILLING AND AMAZING STORY YET Seventy foot waves batter a torn life raft 250 miles out to sea in one of the world s most dangerous places, the Gulf Stream Hanging on to the raft are three men, a Canadian, a Brit, and their captain, JP de Lutz, a dual citizen of America and France Their capsized forty seven foot sailboat has filled with water and disappeared below the tempestuous sea The giant waves repeatedly toss the men out of their tiny vessel, and JP, with nine broken ribs, is hypothermic and on the verge of death The captain, however, is a remarkably tough character, having survived a brutal boyhood, and now he must rely on the same inner strength to outlast the storm Trying to reach these survivors before it s too late are four brave Coast Guardsmen battling hurricane force winds in their Jayhawk helicopter They know the waves will be extreme, but when they arrive they are astounded to find that the monstrous seas have waves reaching eighty feet Lowering the wind whipped helicopter to drop a rescue swimmer into such chaos will be extremely dangerous The pilots wonder if they have a realistic chance of saving the sailors clinging to the broken life raft, and if they will be able to even retrieve their own rescue swimmer from the towering seas Once they commit to the rescue, they find themselves in almost as much trouble as the survivors, facing one life and death moment after the next Also caught in the storm are three other boats, each one in a Mayday situation Of the ten people on these boats, only six will ever see land again Spellbinding, harrowing, and meticulously researched, A Storm Too Soon is a vivid account about the powerful collision between the forces of nature and the human will to survive Author Michael J Tougias, known for his fast paced writing style and character driven stories, tells this true saga in the present tense to give the reader a thrilling, edge of your seat immediacy A Storm Too Soon is Tougias at his masterful best and a heart pounding narrative of survival, the power of the human spirit, and one of the most incredible rescues ever attempted.

    One thought on “A Storm Too Soon: A True Story of Disaster, Survival and an Incredible Rescue”

    1. As one the miraculously rescued victims torn in-extremis from the wrath of un-forecasted, post-named ST Storm Andrea, I have hesitated to provide my so obviously biased opinion of the book. Commander Nevada Smith who led his crew into this unforeseen maelstrom has opened the path on so I will continue on .If you look at the photo of our raft on the side of the mountain of water it is hard to imagine, but to put this incredible 70 foot wave in perspective consider that seas generated by Hurrican [...]

    2. This adaptation of an adventure and survival story written for adults and then revised for middle graders is absolutely riveting from start to finish. I literally could not allow myself to lift my eyes from the book's pages because the author does such a superb job of thrusting his readers into the desperate situation of three men, sailing fans who are attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean but run into unexpected weather conditions. Not only does he give some personal background to the stories [...]

    3. A Storm Too Soon by Michael Tougias is a thrilling story of survival. JP, Rudy, and Ben are men who all want to cross the Atlantic Ocean. JP, and Ben are pretty experienced sailors especially JP, but Rudy is new to the whole thing. They set sail in JP's sailboat the Sean Seamour the second. They are traveling through the Gulf Stream when tropical storm Andrea gets in there path they start to realize the dangers there in. They eventually have to evacuate boat and with broken ribs JP and the rest [...]

    4. This was pretty good! Not great, but definitely an interesting story. There was a lot of history and side stories in the beginning, but for the last third, I couldn't put it down. I had to know how it ended before I feel asleep again - one night I dreamt about the book, as the wind blew and rain came down outside our house. There is also a Young Reader's edition of this book, which my 11-year-old read. He definitely enjoyed the harrowing story, and I always love to talk books and stories with hi [...]

    5. This is an amazing true story of a coast guard rescue in the middle of a massive storm. I recommend watching the official coast guard youtube videos to visualize the danger these men faced. The writing style of this book was choppy and forced. The tension is there but the author failed to properly build the tension. The end of the book recounts the survivors story after the storm.Despite the book's shortcomings, this is still a great rescue story !

    6. Fantastic read. I couldn't put it down. I read it for the Cybils Award. Even people who do not like nonfiction should love this book. It is written like a fiction novel while still being a true story. This is an amazing writer.

    7. This was an exciting description of the happenings off the coast when a tropical storm birthed itself at an unusual time and in an unusual place. Amazing rescues.

    8. Another terrific true story about the raw power of nature and the reserve grit of people that got them through it.

    9. A. Wow! I just read about the most dangerous job in the world! A very good read and the video is just too crazy!

    10. I enjoyed the story but not how it was written.The stroy itself was interesting and I was very intent on finishing the book despite my reservations about how it was written. I wanted to know what had become of each of the men who had been through the ordeal as either a survivor of the storm or rescuer.This was an amazing story of survival and rescue. The author's style of writing felt trite and often either forced or over simplified- an incredibly odd combination.Also, I noticed at the end of th [...]

    11. A Storm Too Soon by Michael J. Tougias is about three men named JP, Rudy, and Ben who embark on a Sea adventure from Florida to France. While at sea the men encounter a massive storm that claims their sea vessel the Sean Seamor 2. The three men escape the sinking ship and then jump onto a life raft where they are battered and beaten by 80 foot ocean waves. This book tells the story of three men who where stranded on a life raft in the middle of the ocean and with very little odds survived for 24 [...]

    12. December, A Storm Too Soon, Michael Tougias We follow Rudy, Ben And JP on an adventure as they sail the Atlantic on the 40 foot long Sean Seamour II. Though hurricane season is 3 weeks away, no storm is expected. JP is a veteran sailor who is short and skinny. He is 57 years old and owns the boat. For Rudy, this is one of his first times sailing. He is 62 and has had multiple experiences parachuting and many other extreme sports. Ben is 31 and is also a sailor. Together they will sail the Atlant [...]

    13. If you've even sailed a boat 30' or longer and thought you might want to sail the Atlantic again! This story will convince you to stay with sight of shore. I hate the use the term "page turner" but I read this as close to straight through as a full time job and family would allow me! Everything that could go wrong on a sail went wrong and through courage and chance these three survive. This is also a wonderful testament to the heroic efforts of Coast Guard C-130 and helicopter pilots who go out [...]

    14. A Storm Too Soon is about an inspiring survival story of three men on a sailboat who run into trouble when faced with a rough tropical storm. Their trip was from Florida to France and even though they took many precautions before the trip, the tropical storm still surprised them. In this book you will also read about the four courageous coast guardsmen who risked their lives to save them. I think readers who enjoy suspense and action would like this book as there is a turn of events at every cor [...]

    15. A 47 foot sailboat in the Atlantic is filling with water. It looks like the EPIRB is broken. The waves are averaging 50 feet. The three sailors will eventually wind up on a life raft in 80 foot waves. 80 foot waves! The story of the rescue is incredible. Will the helicopter go down? Will the rescue swimmer make it? Great book. I've read a lot of sailboat disaster books and this really one stands out. (Along with Deborah Scaling Kiley's book, but that's another story.) I like the I learned a bit [...]

    16. An amazing story of survival and rescue. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like for the three sailors to go up a 70-foot wave in a slightly deflated life raft. Even more amazing is that a rescue swimmer was willing to jump into that maelstrom to rescue. I have newfound admiration for the Coast Guard and their rescue teams. Even though I knew the eventual outcome, the story was riveting from start to finish.

    17. a fast read that demonstrates not just the power of nature and the sea, but of human determination and teamwork. a moment or two of white-knuckled ride, but generally an interesting light shed on the work of coast guard teams and the roles they play/work they do.Ps - do check out the video mentioned at the end of the book!

    18. This story about a sailing disaster (and subsequent rescue) was really interesting. I learned a lot about how the Coast Guard operates and about survival in (very) high seas. It was well written and included a lot of material that was clearly gathered from talking to the participants, rather than just facts and figures.

    19. From a 'survival and rescue from a disaster' standpoint this story is nothing short of miraculous. I am now even more scared of water than beforeanks for that ;) The writing is jumpy and disconnected for my taste and the author assumes we are all sailors with the amount of terminology thrown in.

    20. I would give this 10 stars if I could. I saw Tougis give a talk about this and was fascinated. Then I read the book and was absolutely amazed. The Coast Guard SAR folks don't get enough recognition for the job they do and no one is a better advocate than Tougis. Read this book!

    21. Although a gripping story, I didn't find this book as enjoyable as his others. At times it seemed drawn out. The rescue portion was particularly engaging and the Coast Guard rescue team can only be described as brave, heroic and remarkable.

    22. Three very lucky sailorsThree very lucky sailorsThree sailors survived 70 foot waves. Very interesting book. Be sure to watch the rescue on YouTube. Amazing rescue crew.

    23. A stay-up-late-because-it's-exciting-and-gripping kind of read. A good choice for kids who love/crave adventure and "drama in real life" stories. This one is pretty unbelievable. Nice section of photographs and an epilogue round it out.

    24. It seems trite to say this but I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! I felt like I needed to stand up to read a good portion of this book because it was so intense. It is amazing what the human body and spirit can endure and this refers to the rescued as well as the rescuers. A truly amazing book.

    25. I was hooked just a few pages in. I read the entire book straight through. The author does an amazing job of painting the picture of what it was like for all the people involved. It's books like these that years later I wonder if it was a book or a movie that I remember.

    26. Truly one of the most amazing books I have ever read. A true story so intense I could not put it down. The courage of these men and those that rescued them brought tears to my eyes over and over again.

    27. A well told but not widely known story of survival against incredible odds. The book is quite intense as it details the heroism of a Coast Guard crew battling 70 foot+ waves and hurricane force winds in an attempt to rescue three sailors. This is America's finest doing the seemingly impossible.

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