Lit Pics: Drawing from Great Literature

Lit Pics Drawing from Great Literature Part educational tool part abstract art Lit Pics features than sketches inspired by classical literature allowing the reader a chance to guess which classic is represented

  • Title: Lit Pics: Drawing from Great Literature
  • Author: Dawn DeAnna Wilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Part educational tool, part abstract art, Lit Pics features than 20 sketches inspired by classical literature, allowing the reader a chance to guess which classic is represented.

    One thought on “Lit Pics: Drawing from Great Literature”

    1. i love the concept behind this book. there are 20 illustrations inspired by the classics and one is tasked to guess the title of the book. it was fun guessing the titles based on the hints provided. some are quite familiar and i think i did pretty well considering that i have not read some of these classics yet. i also think that this would make a great instructional tool. if i were an English teacher, i would take advantage of this book to introduce the classics to my students.

    2. I did horribly with this book, lol! You have to be well versed with the classics and I'm not that well versed with them. I had a few of the titles right butI would love to read some of the ones mentioned in this book but I am so far behind in my reading. It is a great book for traveling and a car game for the college student or hight school student in my opinion.

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