Udu Niisiis laskub hommikul p rast tugevat tormi Long Lake i j rvele Maine is USAs ebaloomulikult tihe udu mida p rastpoole taibatakse seostada lisalajase s jav eobjektiga ige peatselt selgub et udus l

  • Title: Udu
  • Author: Stephen King Silver Sära
  • ISBN: 9789949420803
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Niisiis laskub hommikul p rast tugevat tormi Long Lake i j rvele Maine is, USAs ebaloomulikult tihe udu, mida p rastpoole taibatakse seostada lisalajase s jav eobjektiga ige peatselt selgub, et udus luuravad pisut n ljasev itu elukad, keda ei tohiks k ll olla mujal kui halbades unen gudes

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    1. David and his son Billy go out to get grocery store to get supplies after a bad storm has hit town. Before leaving David had noticed a thick mist forming, and started to feel an apprehension building. Figuring it was nothing David and Billy went for supplies but end up sequestered inside the grocery store after someone comes in screaming about the things in the mist. The town is near a military base, where rumor has it nuclear testing is being conducted, and everyone in the store becomes unsure [...]

    2. My 100th read book this year. And also, a damn good one. King surely knows how to write characters you want to strangle, and then feel happy about it. Even though I really liked the book I need to say one thing. Since I've seen the movie before I read the book, I gotta say that, even though ending of the book was interesting, ending of the movie was done so much better and it literally left me speechless.But never mind that, I couldn't give this book any less than 5 stars, because I honestly thi [...]

    3. I don't know, I liked the movie more than the book on this one. Although, when I had the book on tape a million years ago it about scared me to death with all of the sound effects! I think I would like to get a narrated version of it again! It's been a really long time since I saw the movie but I just remember that it freaked me clean out and the book . . . not so much. I'm not sure if it was because the things in the mist were more surreal seeing them than imagining them. I don't know, who care [...]

    4. I used to fantasize about a zombie apocalypse after watching The Walking Dead. I used to fantasize about winning the Hunger Games after watching the movies/reading the books. I used to fantasize about alien invasions after watching alien movies.*Now I’m glad none of that happened because I wouldn’t have survived even an hour. Thanks, but no thanks.*Though I can’t deny, the novel has a certain appeal. What would I do? So I fantasized again. I imagined myself being there, alone or with certa [...]

    5. 3.5 Misty StarsThe Mist was my first read by Stephen King. Well I loved the writing. It keeps you read it uninterrupted. Even though the idea of it wasn’t new, it was something that I watched on movies, but the writing is in such a a way that I couldn’t get enough of it! but I hated its ending! I really didn’t expect the author ends it like that! And by that I meant so open!The story is about a man, named David, that after a hurricane with his son and his neighbor goes to a supermarket and [...]

    6. Starting off this year's October (horror month) with a classic author for when you want to shiver: Stephen King.I already know the story because I watched the movie adaptation many moons ago so I knew I would like it.The story is that after a massive storm the titular mist closes in on a community in Maine, but it is no ordinary mist and with it come unspeakable horrors, trapping a number of people in a supermarket.Stephen King managed to make the supermarket very chilly and claustrophic, giving [...]

    7. Μια περίεργη ομίχλη σκεπάζει το χτυπημένο από όλα τα κακά του κόσμου Μέην και οι κάτοικοί του δέχονται επίθεση από «χαριτωμένα» όντα όπως τεράστιες αράχνες, έντομα με μέγεθος Γκοτζίλα, χταπόδια της στεριάς και άλλα νηστίσιμα τερατάκια.Ωραίο βιβλίο, πέρασε ευχάριστα η ώρα.

    8. I saw the movie; I hated the movie. Just now getting to the novella, I'm relieved that it's better and isn't cursed with the horrible celluloid ending.One of the best perks is I didn't have to listen to as much detaield spiel from that religious woman, who goes down as one of the most annoying characters in horror movie history.The characters are fine - child is cute and convincing, the MC strong enough although he does distract himself with carnal cravings, and there's the fun disbonding groups [...]

    9. As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion? The Mist is a novella mainly about survival and it is a terrifying one at that. Because how do one fight off something like the mist and the creatures that came with it?David and his young son Billy happened to be one of a few survivors holing up in a supermarket with more than 80 other people. For his son [...]

    10. Una novela bastante corta de Stephen King que me gustó muchísimo, super entretenida y en algunos momentos incluso me llegué a asustar.Las primeras hojas son un poco lentas pero una vez que llegan al supermercado todo se vuelve un hermoso caos Me gustó mucho el final personalmente, sé que hay gente que no le gusta pero a mi shi

    11. I feel like reading Stephen King is a rite of passage that I somehow completely missed out on. Which is strange. I operate artistically in bizarro fiction, which itself is on the fringes of horror. There are certainly elements of horror in my books to be sure. And with good reason. I love horror movies, horror shows, haunted houses. I spent a good portion of my childhood reading “true story” accounts of ghosts and aliens and wendigos and sasquatches. I obsessed over TV shows like In Search O [...]

    12. Υπάρχει ΚΑΤΙ στην ομίχλη! Υπάρχει ΚΑΤΙ ΜΕΣΑ στην ομίχλη! Κάτι που έφερε μαζί της, κρύβοντάς το στα κατάλευκα πέπλα της, κάτι που διαχέεται απειλητικά στο δυτικό Μαίην, σκορπώντας τρόμο, θάνατο και απόγνωση."Είναι ο Θάνατος! Είναι ο Θάνατος!" Η θεοφοβούμενη κα Carmody παραληρεί: "Ό [...]

    13. The Mist is so much more than just horror. It's a short story and yet, like its fantastic 2007 feature film, it's probably one of the best studies of how humans act when all the little comforts of everyday life are ripped away from them. To quote Ollie from the book, "as a species we're fundamentally insane. Throw us all into a room together and we start picking sides and dreaming up ways to kill one another." Indeed, the biggest threat to David Drayton and his small group of friends trapped in [...]

    14. Već nakon par stranica , King uspjeva stvoriti jednu mračnu atmosferu koja traje sve do kraja. Opasnost koja vreba vani zbog magle ( a i samim tim i sa čudovištima koji se nalaze vani ) najbolje je prikazana u scenama koji se dešavaju u supermarktetu gdje se strah tih ljudi doslovno može osjetiti.Vrhunac mi je onaj monstrum koji je veliki kao dinosaurus ( Cthulhu inspiracija ? ).Eh sad , kraj knjige mi je bio dobar jako dobar čak. I tu moram uporedit ovaj kraj , sa onim krajem u filmu koj [...]

    15. 21W.758 - based on first 20 pages, if I didn't have to read this I'd've already returned it to the freaking librarymittedly only 25% into it:So this is my first King novel. I've read one short story by him which I liked.Does he always foreshadow with a sledgehammer? And is it him being all snark-snark-me-big-strong-man-protect-small-hot-wife, or is it the narrator? Because I can't tell, but I know I want to punch the narrator any time he says anything about his wife or any other women - it's all [...]

    16. Kako je prošlo dovoljno vremena da sećanje na film izbledi, a u susret seriji koja treba da startuje uskoro, učinilo mi se zgodnim da ponovim gradivo.Na početku priče upoznajemo se sa članovima porodice Drajton dan pred oluju koja je pogodila Dugo jezero u Mejnu. Jutro nakon oluje, Dejvid sa sinom Bilijem i komšijom Nortonom odlazi u lokalni supermarket, ne znajući da više nikada neće videti svoju suprugu. Pre nego što su se odvezli kolima, Dejvid primećuje gustu maglu kako se spušt [...]

    17. Άμα είσαι μεγάλος συγγραφέας, μπορείς ακόμα και σε ένα βιβλιαράκι των 236 σελίδων να δείξεις την αξία σου!!! Ο Βασιλιάς γράφει μια δυστοπική ιστορία που ενώ φαντάζει απλή, εντούτοις καταφέρνει να περάσει τα μηνύματά του σχετικά με την καταστροφή του περιβάλλοντος και τις συν [...]

    18. Vėl grįžtu į King’o karalystę. Nors tikrai baugina tas jo pasaulis, bet pasiilgstu to šiurpo, mistikos ir įtampos, kurią autorius taip meistriškai kuria. Pasigirsiu dar ir tuo, jog šiandien eisiu į kino teatrą žiūrėti pagal jo knygą „Tas“ sukurto filmo! Tiesa, 1990 metais viena itin sėkminga ekranizacija jau buvo, tad iš naujosios nieko mažiau nesitikiu. Įdomus faktas – knygoje, klounas Penivaisas pasirodo ir žudo žmones kas 27erius metus. Pirmoji ekranizacija buvo [...]

    19. BEWARE.The creatures.ofE MIST.Anyway, we all know that this was originally a short story in . A story of men fucking with nature/forces beyond their knowledge, and basically causing the world to go to hell in a handbasket. There is blood, gore, death, guts, entrails, and terror. Typical Mr. King fun.However, the ending of the movie version actually works better for me in this case. If you haven't seen it or read the book do not click on the spoiler link.(view spoiler)[I mean seriously, what the [...]

    20. Well that was fun to listen. If you have already read the book I suggest giving this a try. It's pretty short and pretty fun to listen to on a short ride (like I did).

    21. The Mist is a great monster story. The whole plot mostly takes place inside the supermarket (at least the largest horror one). After a nasty storm a strange mist appears. And the things in it.People escaped the mist and what is lurking in it and now they either have to wait for it to pass or to do something horrible. It isn't surprising, then, that you get a couple of stereotypical characters (an old crazy doom-sayer, a lawyer who is full of himself, a unassuming good guy and so on). The protago [...]

    22. A fascinating and tormenting tale. What caused the mist? What was it made of? Did the 4 people who made it out of the supermarket survive? There are no answers to these questions which might possibly leave an opening for a sequel?

    23. My slow and steady quest to read everything Stephen King continues! I finished this in two days & then made the mistake of not writing my review immediately, so this is going to be a little disjointed.This seems to be one of King's most well-known novellas, and deservedly so: it's tense and claustrophobic, almost Lovecraftian in nature, and plays well into the best sides of horror in that the mist obscures. The most frightening things are the unseen, after all: that childlike fear of the dar [...]

    24. I read this book as a teenager, as a young adult, and now as a woman in her 30s. This story definitely holds up. I remember the first time I read "The Mist" (in the Skeleton Crew collection) that I was floored by how well King captured how human beings end up turning on each other in a crisis. This whole book is pretty much an adult "Lord of the Flies."Told in the first person, David Drayton tells how the Mist came to their little corner of the world. After a huge summer thunderstorm leaves them [...]

    25. When a writer doesn't explain the origins of his/her story's horror elements, I think of it as a bit of a cop-out. Here too, things were left unexplained, but it somehow gave a creepier feel to the story. So I will grudgingly admit, when done properly, unexplained horror does work. But then again, this was written by you-know-who. (view spoiler)[ The ending here is a bit different from the movie, and although the movie's ending was shocking and more tragic, I liked this one better. Too many poss [...]

    26. Let's play spot how many brand names Stephen King can name!: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Sears, Hallmark, McCulloch chainsaws (which, by the way, as King points out, costs only $79.95 and works better than the more expensive brands), Mobil, Texaco, Exxon, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz Light, Budweiser, Busch beer, Lancers wine, Ripple wine, Parliament cigarettes, One Step at a Time filters, Fisher snow plows, Yamaha, Cadillac, Jeep, Chevy, Cricket Lighters, Jell-O, Texas Instruments, Beefaroni, Snowy bleach, [...]

    27. The reason it gets 3 stars has nothing to do with the story, maybe a bit with the writing which just didn’t click for me. Mostly it has to do with the fact that reading this for the first time in 2017 is a bit underwhelming. It just feels too familiar and predictable, mostly because Stephen King has already influenced so much of the horror genre that reading some of his older works today doesn’t have the same impact. It is a bit unfair, but I always rate my books by how much I enjoyed readin [...]

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