Teem rgid On Tee Ajar nnu Maantee mis ulatub l bi k igi aegade ja ajastute Loomisest kuni universumi l puni pidevalt suunda muutes haruteid kasvatades ja kaotades Ainult teatud inimesed ja teatud autod saava

  • Title: Teemärgid
  • Author: Roger Zelazny Juhan Habicht Lauri Heinsalu
  • ISBN: 9789949420889
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On Tee Ajar nnu Maantee, mis ulatub l bi k igi aegade ja ajastute Loomisest kuni universumi l puni, pidevalt suunda muutes, haruteid kasvatades ja kaotades Ainult teatud inimesed ja teatud autod saavad seda m da liikuda Arvatakse, et tee l id mingid m stilised draakonid, kelle kohta keegi midagi l hemat ei tea Maanteel k ib vilgas tegevus, selle rea on s gi ja jooOn Tee Ajar nnu Maantee, mis ulatub l bi k igi aegade ja ajastute Loomisest kuni universumi l puni, pidevalt suunda muutes, haruteid kasvatades ja kaotades Ainult teatud inimesed ja teatud autod saavad seda m da liikuda Arvatakse, et tee l id mingid m stilised draakonid, kelle kohta keegi midagi l hemat ei tea Maanteel k ib vilgas tegevus, selle rea on s gi ja joomakohad, neidki peavad v ljaspool aega elavad inimesed n it aega ra eksinud ristir tel, kes esiklaaside pesemisega elatusraha teenib On markii de Sade, tulnukate taparobot, mis rikki l inud ja igavusest savipotte voolib, implantiga juhitav Tyrannosaurus Rex, k nelevad raamatarvutid ja m riaad palgam rtsukaid

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    1. Review updated on February 6, 2018.It is a very rare occasion when I include one of the cover images in my review. Once in a blue moon such a perfect one comes that I cannot resist. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you Roadmarks:I said it before and I keep saying this, but half of the fun in reading any book written by Zelazny is to figure out what is going on; I will try to avoid big spoilers, so please forgive me if you think the plot outline I give below is too sketchy. I have to walk a fi [...]

    2. 3.5 stars. Full review first posted on Fantasy Literature: Roadmarks is a fragmented, experimental type of SF novel, tied together by a Road (with a capital R) that leads to all times and places and alternative timestreams in our world’s history, for those who know how to navigate it (a certain German named Adolph briefly pops up in an early chapter, eternally searching for the timeline where he won). The other constant is the character of Red Dorakeen, who has been traveling the Road for year [...]

    3. Actual rating: 3.3999999 stars.➘ A Soon to Be Seasoned Newbs Zelaznian Buddy Read (StBSNZBR™) with Evgeny, aka the Malevolent Instigator and Cunning Culprit (MIaCC™), Choko, aka My Dearest of Wives (MDoW™) and Tadiana, aka the Stealthy Buddy Reader (SBR™).I am currently feeling a little uninspired, a teensy little bit sluggish, a tad lethargic, and kinda sorta narcoleptic, too. Don't say I didn't warn you and stuff.What do the Marquis de Sade, a Road, a Tyrannosaurus rex, Babylon, The [...]

    4. *** 4.65 ***A Buddy Read with the Roger Zelazny Newbies Group, where people like me are in the process of discovering his greatness!!! Wow! This is only the second book by this author I have picked up and I know I love him already! He is smart, he is quirky, he is subtly eloquent, and he has a river of imagination Or a never ending rode of it with potential for infinite possibilities:) Just like the Rode he is writing about in the Roadmarks, published first in 1979. The Road is a place some are [...]

    5. "I foresaw this reaction. I can't convince someone else of the existence of a version of reality that is temporarily my subjective vision."is "Reality" what you make it? I guess it depends on who you ask and how their reality is working for themere's a man named Red who travels down the Road. the Road can lead to all places, all times. the man has a goal but he's not sure what that goal is. unfortunately for Red, someone is out to get him and they've hired 10 assassins to get the job done. but i [...]

    6. We are on the Road. It traverses time - Time past. Time to come, Time that could have been and Time that might yet be. It goes on forever, so far as I know, and no one knows all of its turnings. If the man you seek is the death driven man I once accompanied, we may find him somewhere along it, for his was the traveler's blood that allows a man to take these routes. I wonder how they managed, back in the seventies, to write such wide ranging and far reaching adventures in less than 200 pages, fil [...]

    7. How to describe this book, especially without spoilers? [looooong pause, crickets chirp in the background, the sun comes up, the crickets get bored and fall asleep; a few small snores break the silence]The story opens with a very short chapter numbered Tw0. It’s followed by chapter One (equally short). It proceeds to continue this way, alternating “Two” and “One” as it follows seemingly random people doing random things in who-knows-where kinds of places (the Twos), and a guy named Red [...]

    8. Okay. I liked this one but I'm not exactly sure what actually happened.The Road is a highway (or system of connected highways) that connects the future, the past, what might have been, and what still may be. Red Dorakeen is traveling the Road in his blue pickup,searching for something but not precisely sure what. He remembers being an old man and aging in reverse (Take that, Benjamin Button!), along with his experiences with a woman named Leila with a similar affliction. A black decade has been [...]

    9. Apr2014 Review (ebook):Can't find an ebook version on here & not sure where this one came from. Oh well, I've got a paperback copy here & have given away a dozen more, so I guess this bit of 'piracy' is OK. The publisher should port this to ebook format ASAP. I keep a few old favorites on my device for those times when I need to start a new book during lunch or have a particularly rough day & need a comfort read. This is definitely one. I like it better each time I read it, too. It m [...]

    10. Popsugar Challenge 2016: (#36) Un viaje por carretera.Caminante no hay caminose hace camino al andar(Antonio Machado)Donde sabemos que: -hay un camino-el tiempo no es lineal- Zelazny parece que andaba en la misma fiesta fumandose lo mismo que ese señor de la autopista galáctica (publicaron el mismo año)-O sea igual te dejan marcando ocupado o como sea con muchas interrogantes-O sea que Zelazny debe estarse riéndose de todos los giles que todavia estan tratando de hallarle un sentido más pro [...]

    11. Another book I read years ago and wore out. I wish I could find a copy of this one. What a fanciful take on time travel and existence. I suppose it was (again) back in the 70s that I read this one the first time. Even though I have a couple of good used book stores I frequent, i never see it. That's a good recommendation in itself, no one lets go of it.

    12. I could start this review by talking about how Zelazny’s creativity never ceases to amaze me, but I’m pretty sure I say that in all of my Zelazny book reviews. So I won’t say it here.(But know that I’m thinking it. I’m thinking it hard.)This book is one of those that will suck you in with its solid 1-2 punch of premise + cover art: time is represented by a highway where exits can take you to various historical moments spanning over past and future centuries.Now, look at the cover of th [...]

    13. Este libro es una ida de olla, y como tal me lo he tomado, porque ha llegado un momento en la historia en el que no me estaba enterando de lo que me estaban contando. Supongo que Zelazny sí tenía bien claro en su cabeza lo que estaba contando (o noxd) pero yo directamente me he liado.La forma propuesta de viajar en el tiempo me ha gustado mucho: Esa carretera con gente yendo y viniendo, con gasolineras, bares e incluso hostales, y todos esos caminos y senderos que llevan o bien al pasado, o al [...]

    14. I mean it: spoiler city ahead.This is one of Zelazny's more cryptic works and I seem to like it more each time I read it. It's structured in a way that requires attention in order to gain comprehension and I wonder if it influenced the structure of Use of Weapons? Reading it twice makes it all pretty clear if one doesn't quite get it first time round. THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN CURTAILED IN PROTEST AT ' CENSORSHIP POLICYSee the complete review here:arbieroooklikes/post/33

    15. Amazing book, playing with time in a very clever way. When the first chapter was titled TWO I looked to see if my book was damaged! Thankfully Jim's review cleared that up. I loved how time was consistent in the ONE chapters and the character of Red has all the Zelazny trademarks. Loved the references to famous poets and the Marquis de Sade was a hoot and a holler. I read this in a single day and encourage anyone to do the same, it will help keep track of the characters. After I finished I immed [...]

    16. Already sadly half-forgotten, Roger Zelazny was one of the best science fiction/fantasy writers in the generation that came after the golden era greats like Asimov, Heinlein, Wyndham and Clarke. He often wrote in a science fiction - fantasy crossover known unimaginatively as science fantasy, which seems to have almost disappeared as a genre - and why it can be so good is demonstrated masterfully his short novel Roadmarks. It's science fantasy in that it operates like science fiction, with logica [...]

    17. For whatever reason, most of my favorite books tend to gravitate towards the darker side of things. The top shelf of my bookcase displays names like Cormac McCarthy, Clive Barker, C.S. Friedman, Toni Morrison, and Richard Price. Roger Zelazny's "Roadmarks" is one of the few 'good-times' reads to make it into that vaunted company. Yet the book indisputably stands as one of my favorites of all time. Thinking back on it now, it might not be inconsequential that I first read the book when I was 20 y [...]

    18. Amber in miniature. We have a gifted caste who can traverse the multiverse, but the multiverse is smaller -- world history plus some alt-history forks; the talent is inherited, but the dynastics are reduced to a single father-son deal. Characters diffidently want to kill each other for no very clearly defined reason, and abruptly stop wanting to kill each other and make equally diffident alliances; nobody really has anything resembling an emotional history. 20th-century American idiom, attitudes [...]

    19. I devoured this book in an evening, relishing every last morsel. I think the correct adjective to describe it is ‘lysergic’. Hallucinogenic drugs are never mentioned, but every page is like acid-impregnated blotting paper. The flashbacks commence on page three and never let up.The plot, which is mostly just an excuse for the settings and set pieces, is a road movie played out along a highway that runs between the Jurassic and the thirtieth century. Specially gifted people and machines can tr [...]

    20. Holy crap, y'all. Zelazny has a way of completely breaking my brain in all the best ways possible.The Road is, roughly, a means of traveling through time -- not just the time that has happened and will happened, but also the time that might have happened or might yet happen. Not everyone can find it. Red is one of those who can. When we meet him, he's running guns to the Greeks at Marathon in an effort to open up an exit on The Road that has closed, to rekindle a lost possibility. Or maybe even [...]

    21. Imeline! Kiire ja terav tekst, täiesti üheselt dialoogipõhine ilma liigsete kirjeldusteta, jättes sel moel absoluutselt kõik su oma fantaasia hooleks. See kirjeldamatus annab loole veel oma vindi ajatust (minu silme ees oli ajastud ja võimalikke reaalsusi ühendav Tee ikka jupikese kabedam pildil kujutatust ning kordades-kordades uhkem esmatrüki kaanele joonistatust).Sci-Fi ja Fantasy täiesti Zelaznylikult segapudruke keeratud ning siis kõrvetavkuumalt lugejale ette söödetud. Ja ikka [...]

    22. This novel is one of Zelazny's weirdest and hardest to follow. It's a deceptively quick read but it's kind of easy for the whole thing to go whooshing by without making any sense. A closer read reveals a lot of subtlety. It kinda requires Cliff's Notes, or several readings, to make sense of. It's got some utterly visionary concepts in it, and I liked the characters well enough, but overall I was left feeling like it was a little empty compared to his earlier work. It doesn't quite come together [...]

    23. The inside cover says that Zelazny started writing when he was twelve. Did he write this one when he was twelve? Because it has all the hallmarks of it. Cardboard characters, gratuitous Hitler, killer monks, Dei ex machina, dragons, a really tortured metaphor for time travel, and lots of cigars. Have I complained about Zelazny's obsession with smoking yet? It was even a plot point in the isle of the dead, something about the material that pipes are made out of. Of all the incredibly jarring garb [...]

    24. Доживях да не ми хареса нещо на Роджър Зелазни, един от фаворитите ми.Даже не мога да повярвам, че същият автор е писал Хрониките, Господарят-демон, Една нощ през самотният октомври и още големи шедьоври.Давам му тройка, само защотовсе пак е Зелазни!

    25. An interesting conceptual novel about the structure and accessibility of time, which the author matched well with the structure of the chapters and narrative. There were some characters I expected more from, howeverch that when the book ended, I was kind of like, "Oh, well, um, okay." This is one of those novels where it seems like the author had an interesting idea, didn't really feel motivated enough to write a big novel, but decided it was worth some time to at least get the idea out there. Y [...]

    26. I liked this quite a bit, butI coulda done without the dragons. In fact I could have done without the last 20 or so pages to be honest. I really loved the concept of the highway system, but I think it could have been expanded upon and taken in a different direction. There was just SO much that I loved about the novel that I can actually forgive it though believe it or not. There were a LOT of very memorable characters and moments in this book. Like an "ultimate weapon" robot who retired and now [...]

    27. This is a strange story of a magic highway. This road runs through time, grom way back when to way far future. Somehow certain special people get to travel from one time to another time, stop off, play around, get back on and go to somewhen else. Red Dorakeen is driving an old, rusty Dodge truck along this highway with his trusty companion, 'Flowers of Evil' (aka Flowers), a self aware computer disguised as a book. The chapter are numbered ' One' and 'Two.' There must be some sort of order for [...]

    28. Zelanzy attempts to blend sci-fi with fantasy with mixed results in this novel. Red Dorakeen is a time-traveller whose ultimate destination is unknown even to himself. The method of time travel takes place via "The Road", which acts as link between the past, present and future. The road exists in almost another dimension unto itself, where each exit corresponds to a major time period. The secondary characters that populate this book include a couple of sentient computers disguised as volumes of [...]

    29. 1982 grade B2017 grade B+/A-Roadmarks is sort of a time travel story, but that is only a mechanical means of writing about the characters. There are no regular chapters. Instead it is told from two timeline POVs switching back and forth each “chapter.” One timeline pretty much follows the main character and pretty much in order. The other one is where the variety comes in, bouncing around the timeline and adding characters each time. I actually made a list of the names of the characters as t [...]

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