Caroline's Waterloo (The Best of Betty Neels)

Caroline s Waterloo The Best of Betty Neels Caroline had never imagined that anyone would want to marry her But Professor Radinck Thoe van Erckelens did propose to her and she accepted What Radinck wanted in a wife was a convenient hostess Caro

  • Title: Caroline's Waterloo (The Best of Betty Neels)
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373811175
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Caroline had never imagined that anyone would want to marry her But Professor Radinck Thoe van Erckelens did propose to her and she accepted What Radinck wanted in a wife was a convenient hostess Caroline had to decide whether to settle for that, or set about changing Radinck s feelings for her.

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    1. I am definitely in the minority on this one. One of the reasons I read Betty Neels is I absolutely love her heroes. They are smart, caring, handsome, dashing and always suited up in armor ready to play the knight.However, not this one. He fell way below the mark. He was so not worthy of the heroine. I kept scratching my head trying to figure out why she ever fell in love with him. I think the lowest point for me came when she rescued the pregnant donkey. One day, Caroline was out walking close t [...]

    2. Our heroine is a nice quiet girl, an orphan with no looks to speak of, but with plenty of friends. Her only relative is an aunt whom she no longer sees since she remarried a man who didn't like Caroline.Caro, as her friends call her, is on holiday in the Netherlands on a biking/camping trip with three girlfriends, other nurses from the hospital. They have a bicycle accident in which Caro cuts her leg and hits her head, rendering her unable to travel home. The accident just happened to occur near [...]

    3. Oh my, Betty is in top form in this one--mousy British Nurse--check, aloof, Rich Dutch Doctor--check. And her best plot device--Marriage of Convenience--double check!Caroline and several fellow nurses are on a bicycle holiday in Holland, when they have a nasty smash-up and Caroline is seriously injured (concussion and a nasty gash on her leg). Fortunately, the crash occurred at the gates of the manor belonging to our RDD. Caroline is borne into the house for medical treatment. Rather than shippi [...]

    4. A lovely marriage of convenience between a Dutch doctor with a tragic past and a lonely young English woman.Caro disturbed Radinck more than he liked, even though he informed her that she was not to be a disturbing influence on his life after their marriage.It is lovely to see the cool, withdrawn Doctor drawn out of his shell by Caro who is beloved by all his servants and even adopts a pregnant donkey from some travelling folk.

    5. I enjoyed this book like all of Betty Neel's books but the male character Radinck I didn't particularly like as he was cruel almost throughout the book to the female character Caroline and Caroline I did like despite her not speaking up but I did like her calming nature though and I would have liked her to have left him for real and have him grovelling and apologising and the ending was too short and wasn't satisfactory.

    6. Completely baffled by the title of this book. Normally, when something is described as "a waterloo," it's a bad thing -- a defeat. But since Betty Neels wrote this there's really no chance that things will end badly for the main character. The main character's cat is named Waterloo, but the story is not about the cat. What does that leave? Perhaps the publisher was having an off day.

    7. Not one of my favorites. He was just too cruel too often for me. Arrogance I expect from Betty's men but not this.

    8. Sweet story about how a plain, gentle girl brings love back into a cold, controlled man's life. Injured while on holiday in Holland Caroline is brought by her friends to a doctor's house where he unhappily assumes care of her. Feeling unwanted Caroline leaves as soon as she can resuming her hospital life in England in her small bedsitter along with her faithful cat Waterloo. Much to her surprise Professor van Erekelens comes to the hospital to see her. Much to his surprise the quiet calmness of [...]

    9. I actually enjoyed this book. I was not sure how I would like it in the beginning. I mean the hero was really a lot to take in. He epitomized the Katy Perry song Hot and Cold. But I loved the fact that Caroline did what she set out to do and she did it with such aplomb and gentleness.In my opinion, I think that Mrs. Neels wanted us to see a hero that needed someone who wasn't willing to give up on him. And Caroline did that-I mean he was really really mean to her and she loved him through it all [...]

    10. **General Betty Neels review** i just love Betty Neels! I am a romantic at heart, I can't help it! if you like a good old-fashioned romance, set in England or Holland, with a Cinderella feel, you can't go wrong with this author. all of her books are very similar, yet i can't seem to dislike any of them. i first started reading Betty Neels because they were on my grandmother's shelf, then she sent a box of them for my birthday last year. such fun! Try one and see if you like it.

    11. We get to see Tiele and Becky from A Promise of Happiness here!Radinck was like the Grouch, a reclusive doctor who shunned all serious relationships with women and entertainment ever since his ex wife left him for another man and died.An injured Caroline was taken to his house to heal and convalesce. They hardly ever spent time together; when they did it was fir him to be curt and she being an unwanted orphan, always hated being an unwelcome guest. So this made their relationship very antagonist [...]

    12. “Trampas de amor” de Betty Neels pudiera le pondría 6 estrellas 🌟 pero como no puedo me conformo con decir que Betty con este libro supero todas mis expectativas. Este novela es grande.Se superó a ella misma y amé cada líneas sinopsis de cada novela de Betty a menudo no nos dicen mucho,apenas si anticipan lo que podríamos o no encontrarta novela tiene como protagonista a Caroline Tripp o Caro una joven huérfana de profesión enfermera” menuda,callada y tímida”.Su contraparte ma [...]

    13. I was probably 13 or 14, dying with a cold and desperate for ANYTHING to read. I rummaged through a box of books my mum had, and came across this bad boy. I *sobbed*. I became a Betty Neels fan for life. This was over 20 years ago, and her books are still my go-to when I have nothing else on the go, or I just need some comfort reading.

    14. At first I feared this story -- with its two orphaned protagonists and remotely situated house -- might prove a bit claustrophobic, but Neels makes good use of the household staff and a growing set of the couple's acquaintances. She gets some particularly nice scenes from Caroline's piano playing and singing with the former.Unlike many of her stories, the central conflict comes not from external events, but internal struggles. Even among her stories with irascible doctors, Radinck must be one of [...]

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