The Heart of Lies

The Heart of Lies Don t be fooled online dating can be murder When one of Emily s BFFs meets a handsome and wealthy man online this sassy Private Investigator can t help but be suspicious With the help of the hot new

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  • Title: The Heart of Lies
  • Author: Debra Burroughs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Don t be fooled, online dating can be murder When one of Emily s BFFs meets a handsome and wealthy man online, this sassy Private Investigator can t help but be suspicious With the help of the hot new police detective and her close circle of friends, can Emily stop the cyber hunk from breaking her friend s heart or worse

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    1. I am the author of this book, so I don't want to say too much that would make it sound like I'm pumping up my own work. The Paradise Valley Mystery series has been a lot of fun to write and the reviews tell me it's a lot of fun to read, as well. Readers seem especially drawn to the characters, which feel like people they would like to be friends with. I've even had people tell me they missed the characters when the book was done, which puts a smile on my face and makes me feel like I did my job. [...]

    2. I totally loved this book,I mean such close friendships between friends.Emily,Maggie,Isabel and Camille have that kind of hold-onto friendship that can never be broken.Especially when they found out ans suspected that Lucas Wakefield just didn't seem right,the efforts they pulled to at least find some background investigation and clearing her son's name from the murder he was almost implicated on.I would love to read the next story on this series.

    3. Paradise Valley has its third murder within a year after twenty years of being murder free. Emily Parker the new private investigator in town gets in the middle of this one too, after solving the second one. Maggie one of her best friends meets a man on an Internet dating site, he moves to town and starts a development company to promote a new ski resort and golf course near Paradise Valley in the near by mountains.A whirlwind romance, a fraudulent scheme, conning Maggie's brother Sully, the may [...]

    4. Three women who love each other dearly, their friendship important and satisfying come together in this exciting story to solve a mystery and learn more about the people they trust. When one of their group finds her dream man, our heroine, Emily, hates to learn that this guy might not be the person he’s showing to the world, but a whole different character and not someone she’d want one of her best friends to end up with. Meanwhile there’s still a mystery surrounding her own husband’s de [...]

    5. The characters are well developed in this story about a very likeable scam artist who has mastered the art of persuasion Emily's friend is in the thick of it when her fiance gets murdered and her son is implicated. At the same time, Emily is trying to sort out her own mystery - that of who her now deceased husband really was and who of her friends his note is warning her about. Quick read, keeps your interest.

    6. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    7. A must read mystery series. I felt like I was right there as I read this series. Loved the characters, and the strong willed nature of the main character. One of my favorites for sure.

    8. Kept me wanting moreThis book was fantastic! Debra was able to thread three story lines together and make it feel like real life. Complicated relationships, murder, mistrust, friendship, and love all flow seamlessly and made me not want to put down the book. The Paradise Valley series is a must read!

    9. Following on from Scent of Lies Emily finds herself investigating yet another murder in the once peaceful Paradise Valley. This time it's closer to home - the victim being the fiance of one of her best friends Maggie.Now whilst I really enjoyed this story I saw the storyline coming a mile away - but actually it was a good thing as I wanted to see how Deborah would make everything transpire. There were a few bits I got wrong and didn't guess the murderer in this until the last moment (I had that [...]

    10. Cute. Installment number 2 in the Paradise Valley mystery series. A lighthearted change of scenery for me.

    11. Debra BurroughsThe books I have read so far are Paradise Series 1 & 2. Getting ready to start 3. Praise to Ms. Burroughs for her wonderful writing. Her books are entertaining, easy to read, grab your attention from the very start & u just keep turning pages because I am so involved with the characters I need to keep on reading so I know what happens! The only thing is I seem to not get as much sleep sand then I try to figure out the story until I can pick it up again. I have read The Lak [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit different than other female Private "I" books. A set of 4 friends are determined to find out who killed one of their fiances.Although it was predictable with just a small series of action the dialogue kept this story entertaining. The characters were very well written and likable. The killer was so generic that the book just swallowed her up, which is what I am thinking that the author wanted.This book is a no brainier, fun read.

    13. I'm enjoying this series. It is usually a fun way to spend the afternoon -- in Paradise Valley. I had one problem with this book. There is a woman in her mid-sixties and the author defines her as the "old woman". Really -- 65 isn't considered old anymore! The author made her sound decrepit. Other than that little nit picking, I'm enjoying the series.

    14. Very enjoyable light romantic mystery.Emily has taken over his husband's private investigation business offically and her relationship with Collin is warming up. The first book was good but each story seems to be getting better and better.Don't expect a thriller but do expect in interesting mystery well presented with good characters.

    15. This is the second of the Paradise Valley mystery stories by Debra Burroughs & tho I like the characters the story line was way too predictable. It was very disappointing that it was so easy to figure out who the killer was. What was more interesting was the ongoing mystery of who killed Emily's husband Evan.

    16. Great MysteryLove this series! Well written with excellent plot twists. At first I thought this one would be more boring and too easy to predict but I found myself pleasantly surprised. There were more than enough twists and turns to keep me engaged. Such fun to read!

    17. I obtained the first three books of this Paradise Valley Mystery series, in a box set. They are okay - very light read. Had to finish to see what happened but probably will not pursue other books in this series, or this author. Not bad - just not my thing.

    18. Wonderful sequel following Emily Parker as she investigates another murder in Paradise Valley which surrounds her best friend and son!! Loved seeing how Colin and Emily's relationship progresses too! Excellent story!!! Loved it!!


    20. #2 in the Paradise Valley mysteries series.Emily is still working as a private detective in a small town where nothing much happens.Her friend, Maggie, finds a guy she wants to marry, but he just doesn't seem to be on the up and up. Her and Isabele start to check him out,

    21. Perfect blend of mystery~\romanceGiving this book 5 stars is an easy choice. The story is intrinsically written where it keeps you fastened to the characters waiting for the next chance to take a few minutes to find out more and more of the story.

    22. This is an interesting book. I'm enjoying reading the series. It has some murder, romance, and suspense. I recommend this book.

    23. I love this series and read it all in three days. I appreciated the well-developed characters and the story line. Highly recommended reading. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommend.

    24. OkAlthough the plot was good it's been done many times before. The writing wasn't tight, the verbiage simplistic. But then again--its better than what I could write

    25. Solid, pretty fast moving mystery.I enjoyed the book. Any author who can keep a. stery moving without the use of foul language and OR gratuitous sex has my vote. Well done!

    26. Heart of liesI liked it , it kept you wondering until the last page. I would recommend it to others especially if you read the first book in the series.

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