Jade Island

Jade Island This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell continues the spectacular story that began with Amber Beach sweeping us back in

  • Title: Jade Island
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380789876 9780380789870.New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell continues the spectacular story that began with Amber Beach, sweeping us back into the magnificent, high risk world of the gem trade in this extraordinary new novel JADE ISLANDWild and restless, Kyle Donovan has freed himself from the constraints of his fThis is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 0380789876 9780380789870.New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Lowell continues the spectacular story that began with Amber Beach, sweeping us back into the magnificent, high risk world of the gem trade in this extraordinary new novel JADE ISLANDWild and restless, Kyle Donovan has freed himself from the constraints of his family s high powered gem trading empire to rove the world as a treasure hunter Now the president of Donovan Internation has given Kyle an assignment with explosive ramifications A case he must take.When one of China s legendary cultural treasures is stolen, Lianne Blakely, a mysterious and beautiful jade expert, is accused of the theft It s Kyle s job to get to the bottom of what could be a potential disaster for the Donovans as well as Lianne.But Kyle finds himself irresistibly drawn to the exotic beauty and captivated by her fierce claim of innocence Soon they are in dangerous pursuit of the real thief, drawn deeper into the perils of spiraling power plays, and linked by a passion as powerful as the lore of the ancient culture and as enduring as the splendour of the treasured jade.

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    1. I grabbed this book off my bookshelf because I needed a "J" book for my A to Z challenge. I did not know it was part of a series, in fact I do not think I have ever read a book by this author before. Well, let me tell you, I am definitely going to look for the others in the Donovan Series. This took me back to the romantic, suspense, mysteries that I used to read and love a few years ago. This book had a little of everything. It is the story of Lianne Blakely and Kyle Donovan. Lianne is the daug [...]

    2. I started reading Elizabeth Lowell's books, mainly because I was interested in jewels. Face it, how many girls don't like pretty stones?Then I realized that every single one of them is the same: a stubborn woman who needs to be protected, some macho man that can't keep his hands off her (and that is extremely unprofessional for any bodyguard), and some sort of jewel that lots of people want and are willing to kill for?Read one book and you've read them all. Good for summer reading - sort of like [...]

    3. Author: Elizabeth LowellFirst published: 1998Length: 5145 kindle locations, 372 pagesSetting: Contemporary, SeattleSex: Infrequent, hand wavy.Hero: Gem specialist (buying/trading).Heroine: Illegitimate daughter of powerful Chinese/Hong Kong family. Jade specialist.Trigger: (view spoiler)[Torture by Hero on BadGuy. (hide spoiler)]Lots of Chinese and Jade history plus Chinese art."'Not just any feet. Golden lilies were the culmination of a lifetime of pain. When a girl was four or five, her toes w [...]

    4. I love all the research--not only into Jade but into Chinese culture. I'm glad Kyle got to be the hero. I was so-so about Lianne I wish she would have stuck up for herself.

    5. 3.5 starsWhile I liked Jade Island and its characters a bit better than I liked the first book, this one isn't without some flaws that I couldn't overlook. Writing style is smooth and detailed, but the narrative did a bit of unnecessary meandering. There were at least two or three scenes in the book that made me wish we could just move on with the story since the present subject didn't mean anything to me, nor did it add to the main conflict.Again, like the first book, I mainly love the interact [...]

    6. All Lianne ever wanted was to be a part of her father's family. Since her father is Chinese and her mother had her out of wedlock she isn't recognized as being worthy of family. She has worked with her grandfather becoming an expert on Jade even while not being considered family. Now she is fighting for her freedom. Someone is stealing Jade from the Tang family and she is the one being blamed.

    7. 3.5/5 (B-)Review: The story was quite interesting, although very complicated and confusing. It was also very technical about the jade and so, it lost me a bit. Although the story was interesting, I have to admit I was more interested in the relationships between Lianne and her family as well as Lianne and Kyle. Even so, I had difficulty to get involved in the story and care because I found the writing a bit cold as I mentionned earlier.Characters - I loved Lianne's character. A really complex ch [...]

    8. The second of Elizabeth Lowell's Donovans series, Jade Island, continues the adventures of the jewel-loving Donovan family. This time around the camera's on brother Kyle, the brother who'd gone missing in Amber Beach and who now gets his own time in the spotlight. He's being eyed by the powerful Tang family as their way in to doing business with the Donovans--and the Tangs intend to have their unacknowledged relation Lianne Blakely try to seduce Kyle to get their in to the Donovans assured. Mean [...]

    9. Every time I come back to a book I've read in the 90's I'm overwhelmed by the feeling that there are no popular romance's authors like these. Lowell has a certain style of writing that can be found in all of her books. Of course, those of us who bought this kind of books were expecting this. Maybe it was the familiarity we found in the writing and characters of an author that made us come back, even if it felt like the books were all the same. We kept buying and reading till we couldn't stand it [...]

    10. Jade Island is the second in Elizabeth Lowell’s gem series. I remember absolutely enjoying most parts of the first one called Pearl Cove, featuring Hannah McGarry and Archer Donovan. The backdrop and suspense was better in Pearl Cove than here in Jade Island, where we encounter another of the Donovan brothers, Kyle - more wild and reckless than his older brother Archer. Kyle Donovan has freed himself from the constraints of his family's high-powered gem-trading empire to rove the world as a tr [...]

    11. I enjoyed this re-read more than I thought I would I always remember Pearl Cove the most (as it was the first book by Lowell that I read and I've read it probably three times more than this one) and as the most enjoyable with the others being roughly on par. However this re-read has shown me that this book is easily as good as the Pearl Cove I remember.The mingling of the cultures is interesting, I have no idea how true to life they are so I take it with a pinch of salt, but regardless interesti [...]

    12. 3.5 stars #2 in the Donovan Consulting series and I really liked it but there are a couple of things that kept it from being 4 stars. Lianne is the illegitimate daughter of a Chinese/American businessman and has never been acknowledged. She is a jade expert and hopes to win acceptance from his family through assisting them with jade trades with another company. Little does she know that she has been targeted to be the fall guy in an international conspiracy involving China and a centuries old ja [...]

    13. Once again, I managed to inadvertently pick up a romance book, thinking it was a crime/suspense type of a deal. Clearly, I need to get better at reading the blurbs! Or, in this case, reading between the lines of the blurbs - apparently "on an island surrounded by sharks" wasn't meant to be interpreted literally!! It was pretty much what you'd expect from a trashy romantic suspense book. There's a stubborn girl who ends up getting in over her head, and she has to be saved by this super-strong guy [...]

    14. The romance in this book, and this series, is much richer than in most romantic suspense stories. Mystery and suspicion invokes the plot for these players in the world of art. Some priceless jade pieces belonging to a wealthy Chinese man go missing, and the prime suspect is his illegitimate biracial daughter, who has grown up bearing the brunt of her parents' illicit behavior. The bias does not seem too heavy in relativity to other romance novels, because Lianne inhabits the world of the wealthy [...]

    15. This is my favorite IR novel featuring an mixed White/Asian woman. Often with such novels, the heroine's race is just used as a quick description to make her appear more "exotic". However, this novel does a superlative job of making her background an integral part of the story both from the angle of being seen as Asian in a white society, but even more as being seen as "white" within her Asian family. The action is suspenseful, the characters multidimensional, and the romance very well developed [...]

    16. I needed some light, fun, sexy summer reading, and this series is definitely fitting the bill. Just finished this second one, and while the formula made this one a bit predictable, I am thoroughly enjoying the misadventures of the Donovan clan. Detailed descriptions of the history and cultural significance of the gems (amber in the first novel, jade in this one) add an interesting dimension to each story. I have to say I am also particularly enjoying her descriptions of the Pacific Northwest and [...]

    17. While I did really enjoy the story line and the characters, this one was kind of a miss for me. I did enjoy learning about the Chinese culture, and jade, some of the missteps were in the family dynamics While I understand Johnny wanting a good life for his illegitimate daughter, him telling his daughter that she needs to "meet" Kyle and it is the utmost importance, then at the end to find that he only asked her to do that to make sure she was settled in life?? Then the instance when he and Anna [...]

    18. The impression reading this book is that American men do not have affairs. While not all do, her holier-than-thou attitude is a turn off. In the olden days in China, a mistress is a sign of wealth. And the mistress or second (or whatever number) wife would often live in the same household. In Mao's era, just a hint that someone has a mistress could get the person sacked or even inprisioned. Like her other novels, this one is poorly researched. And like her other novels, this couple too mistakes [...]

    19. (Mystery 1998) Second in a series (Amber Beach is the first) about the Donavan family. I have not read the first. Kyle Donavan uses his manly ways to help Lianne Blakely, illegitimate daughter of Son #4 of the Tang family, who has been set up for stealing jade from her grandfather, leader of the Tangs. The story is somewhat predictable but still enjoyable, although the testosterone does get almost overwhelming at times. I appreciated the education in the use of jade in China, its relevance, and [...]

    20. This sequel is defintely better than the original mostly because stuff actually happens. The story and the background are great. The reader learns about the detailed relationships within Chinese society and they actually learn about the stone that is in the title. Lianne's relationship with the Chinese part of her family may seem odd to American readers, but it pays off in the end. The Donovan family comes off looking better than they did in Amber Beach, although I have to admit that the chemist [...]

    21. I read this book back in high school. Safe to say, it's been a decade. Horror of horrors. However, with that being said, this book held up remarkably well. Rereading this book was a delight. The mix of American and Chinese Culture, focus of Jade, plus the Donovan Clan was wonderful. Lianne and Kyle were fantastic! I loved it! And I will read it again. I actually tossed my well read paperback edition of this into the donate pile and bought this on my Kindle. Boy am I glad I made that executive de [...]

    22. This was my first Elizabeth Lowell book, historical or contemporary, and it remains my favorite. Lianne and Kyle were fun to read, the jade market was intriguing and the different characters that make up the story were fascinating. I particularly loved the Chinese vs. American family dynamic. I read this before reading Amber Beach, before understanding why Kyle's character had changed, but that doesn't detract. Lianne is wonderful, and my favorite Lowell heroine. I reread this book often.

    23. Second in the Donovan series, this is the story of the fourth Donovan son who meets up with an expert in the Chinese Jade trade. Is their meeting intentional or set up? The two of them help solve a mystery of missing jade pieces from the largest family in the jade arena among suspense and romance. Another quick, easy read.

    24. This book always makes me hungry, especially in this one scene when the two main characters first interact and are munching on some appetizers from this Asian Fusion restaurant. I keep thinking, "Man that sounds so good." It was interesting to read about the Asian culture from an outsider's point of view.

    25. The purple of the cover is not justified in any way by the story's plot. ;) Other than that, good read. A lot more focus on romance than its prequel, Amber Beach. I very much enjoy how these novels, my first foray into reading Elizabeth Lowell, are more about the mystery/thriller and the focus on the precious commodity of choice than about getting the hero and heroine together.

    26. I think I liked this book so much when I first read it because the lead is Asian. Hundreds of romance novels later, it's still the only Asian lead in a romance I've ever seen. The characters are sharp and amusing. It's one fourth romance, one fourth drama/mystery/action, one half "Everything you never knew about Jaded don't really need to know"

    27. This book is very typical of Elizabeth Lowell's Donovan family books - a young woman in need of protection, a Donovan family male (in this case Kyle) who signs on to protect her and prove her innocence, a lot of steamy bedroom scenes, and a lesson in Chinese jewels (in this case jade). This will be the last Lowell book I will read for a while as they have all become way too predictable.

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